The Virus Spreads Through Thoughts

283.01If I allow an unkind thought about others to come out and be expressed and heard, I give it an opportunity to manifest itself. As long as it is inside me, I can still suppress it, forbid these thoughts to come out of me, that is, make a restriction on my inherent egoistic nature.

A negative thought about our neighbor is like an action. But I can catch and stop a thought without letting it manifest and hurting others. A thought initiates an action even if it is not a material one. If I allow an unkind thought to flow and act freely without trying to control and suppress it, I am harming my neighbor and committing a bad action in the world.

We live in a world of thoughts. A thought is an action. Therefore, by allowing unkind thoughts to come out of me and believing that this is not bad, I act maliciously and thereby determine what is happening in reality. Our entire world, every person will have to check himself and find out how he influences others. This will require deep inner work and a lot of effort from everyone.

Man must change the direction of his thoughts about others from negative to positive. And then, in this positive attitude toward others, he will feel an additional force of nature that he did not feel before.

By changing our thoughts from negative to positive, we will save ourselves from the coronavirus and redeem the entire world from the epidemic and other problems. After all, this is how we bring ourselves in line with nature so that all its degrees: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human will be in harmony, in good thoughts, mutually complementing each other.

All that prevents this is our evil nature, our egoism. Therefore, we need to turn this egoistic attitude toward others into a good one. To do this, we need to work in groups so that we attract the good force concealed in nature and make it reveal itself. We demand that this good force, good relations, and unity be manifested between us in the group.

If we allow our egoistic thoughts to rule over us and we do not connect, then the coronavirus will spread more and more. We will not have any remedy for this disease because the coronavirus is a display of our bad relations with each other. We just call it a virus.

There will be many more such “viruses” that appear as a result of our evil thoughts, and we will suffer a lot. Six months ago, there was still hope that the epidemic would gradually subside. Now, however, we see that it will only get worse and worse until we say: “Enough!”

Our corruption manifests itself in the form of a virus because the human body is filled with viruses. Viruses are information blocks that are in constant communication with each other at all levels of the body. We call them viruses, but in fact, we cannot exist without them. Each virus is a very complex entity, and we do not even understand a  millionth part of the way it works. We do not know how our body functions.

When such ruptures are revealed in the form of viruses, they can only be corrected by a force that is higher than them. And above the virus is thought. Viruses are carriers that transmit thoughts; they transmit data and information to different parts of the body and to the brain. Since our thoughts and desires operate at very high egoistic levels, they manifest themselves in such dangerous viruses.

If we want to calm them down and bring them into balance, there is the wisdom of Kabbalah for this. Balance is restored by restriction, screen, and reflected light. You need to balance all the forces that activate these viruses so that they fall under the restriction and screen. Then all the viruses that cause the disease today will turn into beneficial ones.
From the Writers Meeting 10/15/20

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