Subtle Units Of Measuring Thought

294.2All viruses are the result of our bad thoughts. But there are no instruments capable of measuring this connection because it is higher than ordinary material perception.

There are many laboratories and studies trying to grasp the connection between the spiritual and the material, but this is impossible. Our good or evil thoughts belong to the human level since they are based on our egoism, the evil principle.

Tell me, what device can be used to measure a person’s egoism, and where should it be connected? Of course, not to the material body because it is only a biological machine that carries out orders. To the heart? But the heart is just a pump that can be replaced with an artificial one. Maybe to the brain? Also no.

Where can a person’s thoughts be extracted from in order to pass them through the device and see which thoughts are good and which are not and need to be corrected? Is it possible? You can build a cardiogram, measure frequencies, electrical processes in the body, but it is impossible to assess their essence. After all, it does not belong to matter. Therefore, science is not able to approach this.

As a student, we had classes at the Human Brain Institute in St. Petersburg. Then I heard from the head of the department, who was a famous scientist, that we do not know where the thoughts and desires of a person are.

Scientists try to trace this connection, but it leads out of the brain into a sphere that we are not able to perceive. There, outside of man, are all our thoughts and desires. The human brain is a modem that connects the spiritual space, where all our thoughts soar, with human sensations.

In our world, it is customary to identify a person with his animal body. But by studying Kabbalah, we build a spiritual Partzuf, ascend to faith above knowledge. It is no longer material. The science of Kabbalah connects a person with his true essence as if separating him from the material body and attaching him to the soul. Therefore, the physical world disappears from our sensations because it is imaginary.

When we reach such a connection between us that we begin to reveal spiritual phenomena, then we will open the book The Study of the Ten Sefirot and we will be able to feel everything that is written there and read it like a musician reads a musical score.
From KabTV’s “Writers Meeting” 10/15/20

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