Transition From World To World

537We are all in a state of exile, which is an exile from the perception and knowledge of the Creator, the upper, spiritual world. There are only two states: exile and redemption.

Being in a state where the Creator is concealed, we find ourselves in reality as it appears to us now, that is, temporary and changing under the influence of the laws of nature.

But there is a spiritual reality that we can ascend to. There are other times and definitions active there, and we find ourselves above time, motion, and space.

How can we pass from this world, from the material reality perceived by the physical senses, to the spiritual reality? To do this, you need to develop spiritual sense organs that perceive the spiritual world.

Even while in the animal body, while still living in this world, we can experience spiritual reality along with material reality. In the end, the material reality will melt away and we will all enter the spiritual world.

How can we achieve liberation from our egoism, which now holds us in the feeling of this world only? According to the Creator’s program, egoism gives us various problems and troubles in order to force us to rise and leave this world. After all, if we always felt good in it, we would remain in these small egoistic desires forever.

The Creator wants us to develop, and therefore awakens suffering in us with various problems, forcing us to think about changing our state. He also points us in the direction of change, awakening egoistic relationships between us that lead us to understand the need to rise to a different perception of the world, to a reality above our reason.

The transition from world to world depends on whether a person perceives reality personally, individually, feeling the world as we see it today. Through personal perception, it is impossible to feel the world differently. Or a person begins to connect with others and perceives reality from this connection.

One begins to think not about himself, but about what is good for the group, for the ten, or even for the whole of humanity. He identifies himself with others, outside of himself, and perceives reality through them. This will already be a spiritual perception of reality because he rises above his egoism, the desire to receive, which is called a body, to another perception in the global desire between him and others, which is called a soul.

That is how he gets a new perception of reality. Therefore, the transition from the physical perception of reality to the spiritual one is an ascent from feeling within a person personally to the global sensation of the group, from the sensation of I to WE. The greater this WE, the stronger the sense of spiritual reality, eternal, perfect, and independent of the personal perception of an individual.

This will be a new, true perception of the only existing reality. We now live in an imaginary reality and our entire world is an illusion that arises in our material sense organs due to egoistic desires that pull everything to themselves. This reality exists only in our imagination.

When we ascend from the material world to the spiritual world, we feel as if we are waking up from a dream. We are now in a dream and must wake up.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/20, “Bereshit

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