Just Like Fish – A New Song

This song by Arcadi Duchin is based on today’s Daily Lesson:

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Lyrics translation:

Just Like Fish

A big desire consumes a small one,

It’s simple, just like with fish.

You are controlled by your desires

Just like a puppet.

If you take a detached look at life,

It won’t seem logical.

Even though we are very advanced animals,

We are still slaves to the desire.

The thought is the force of progress

From one state to the next.

Love is the only way out –

Out of yourself and into others.

You are shifting inside a force field,

A field of forces that depict a picture inside your senses.

This is inanimate, this is vegetative and this is human;

But it is all your desire, broken into parts.

This drives us crazy and we just can’t understand

That everything around us is non-existent.

There is just a point from which you can see

That you are the whole world.

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