Cocktail Of Opinions

962.6We exist in a system called human society. There are many flaws in this system. It simply devours itself in its egoism. But this is what we have and there is no other state. The Creator, who placed us in mankind among eight billion people, shows us everything in this form.

We get what we deserve: in the family, in society, in schools, universities, at work, on the street, in relations between people, in wars between countries. All this is the result of our broken vessel, our properties.

We need to accept this as a given and see how to improve this system, how we can contribute to this through clarifications. According to Kabbalah, we live in the era of the final correction, in the so-called last generation. Therefore, we need to see ourselves connected with all the systems revealed to us in the world.

You cannot separate yourself from the public. We must be connected with all of reality, and although we do not share people’s corporeal view of life, we live together with them in this world. Therefore, we need to be connected with them in a correct way as much as possible and influence them as effectively as possible in order to change their attitude to life.

If there is a pandemic of a disease spreading all over the world and there is only one remedy for it, then I have to use it according to the doctors’ instructions. There are many other factors behind vaccination: medical lobbies, politics, money. The opinions of doctors, the interests of businessmen and politicians are all mixed in this cocktail. And this is why we find ourselves in such a confusing situation; the entire world is in bewilderment.

However, there is nothing to do because our nature should have already been more corrected, but it is corrupted and we pay for this with our suffering, misunderstanding, delusions, and in the end—with our lives.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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