Which Will Prevail—Human Egoism Or Love

962.1Question: There is a term “vaccine nationalism.” It is when a vaccine is developed exclusively for one’s own without common agreement to create a vaccine for everyone. Everything is kept secret, and all is done not for the sake of people’s speedy recovery, but for political or national interests. This is what is happening in the world right now.

If you think about it, why can’t we gather the greatest human minds together and have the whole world work for them so that they can create a vaccine as quickly as possible? Everyone would work for their benefit, helping them and thinking about their success. For example, lock everyone up at Oxford so that the focus would be on them. Clearly, the vaccine would have been produced a hundred times faster than it is now.

So why, even in times of such danger like we are facing now, can we not come together and make this decision?

Answer: Everyone wants to take advantage of this moment. We are talking about billions of dollars, Nobel Prizes, all the honor, power, everything you could want. Who would give that up?

Question: This means that health is not even considered here. The vaccine, in principle, is created not even for people to be healthy but in order to show off?

Answer: Only for that! Who cares about health?! What can we expect from people if God (the Creator) turned Himself inside out and made us opposite to Him? There are no boundaries here.

Question: What if everyone felt the danger that each one of us could get this virus and that we would be on our deathbed tomorrow. Now go and make a decision whether to gather all the minds for the vaccine to be ready tomorrow. Would people make this decision in such a situation?

Answer: No.

Question: This is unbelievable! I will die tomorrow. But if I make this decision now, then I and everyone else will live. And even in this circumstance would I still not make the decision to combine the efforts with the rest of the world and develop the vaccine together?

Answer: Well, in general, we see that the world is facing the threat of a thermonuclear war and other problems and nothing can be resolved. On the contrary, they think of how to use it before others in order to suppress, kill, and destroy others.

Human egoism is boundless, equal in magnitude to the Creator’s love for people. And that is why you cannot do anything about it.

Question: So, these two forces are in opposition to each other? Egoism and the Creator with His love.

Answer: Yes. That is why there is no limit to our hatred for each other.

Question: How do we get out of this?

Answer: I don’t know. I talk about it all, I try to convey and explain this to everyone as much as I can. But the fact is that people do not consider it, do not take it in, and I really do not see the future as bright as others do. I think that after this virus there will be major problems. We will be squeezed.

Question: Squeezed against the wall with no way out?

Answer: Yes. But anyway, somewhere, somehow, we will come to the realization that we have no other choice, and it will come with great suffering unless we decide to do something with ourselves before that. Therefore, I think that at some point, we will decide that we have to change ourselves.

Question: What is this “hole” in us that needs to be punctured so that we realize that the evil of nature exists in us?

Answer: It is the pericardium, the sac surrounding the heart. We need to make a hole in it so that a drop of light would enter. It will do the rest.

It will corrode the egoism, make it soft, malleable, receptive, and willing to realize what it is, what is happening with it and with others as well. Otherwise, it would be very difficult.

Question: So, thoughts about others appear only if this drop of light penetrates the person?

Answer: Yes.

Question: I did not quite understand: what is this place in the heart?

Answer: Our heart is enclosed in a shell. And this shell is so hard, so heavy.

Question: That is, the light will pierce it a little bit and enter it. And then the work will begin. Your personal task is to help the light make this hole in a person. What does it mean for you?

Answer: A hole is a lack (Hissaron). When a person feels that he absolutely must have the quality of bestowal, the quality of love, enter his heart because otherwise he does not feel others, and he cannot do anything about it even though he would like to, he cannot. And this feeling of hitting a wall (I cannot do anything!) will cause this opening to appear.

Question: Is this feeling of hitting a wall a joyful or a terrible one?

Answer: It is a feeling of dire need. It is a prayer and a cry, and the appeal to others with calls of urgency, cries.

Question: Does every person have to come to this? Or maybe a team, a small group to begin with?

Answer: I don’t think that everyone has to. At least a group like our group, our team.

Question: What will attract the rest of humanity to it?

Answer: They will see that there is something happening in this group that suddenly reached out to the Creator and managed to attract Him to itself.

Question: Will this group start radiating hope for all of humanity?

Answer: Yes, and everyone will see that.

The group is Israel, which has an inner connection with the Creator through which they understand that they are obliged to bring the quality of bestowal and love to the world.

Question: Is this the hole that will be made?

Answer: I think this is what we will do.

Question: Do you have this confidence?

Answer: Confidence, I cannot say. There is such hope and some inner feeling that this is possible, that the Creator will do it to us.

Question: It is still all Him, one way or another. Do you think that sufficient effort has been almost made for it to happen any time now?

Answer: Effort is all the qualitative and quantitative years, and in general, everything that humanity has done up to this day. It is all adding up.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/7/20

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