How To Avoid Civil War In America?

448.8Question: There was a notion that on the evening of November 3rd civil war was anticipated to break out in the US. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon predicted the Democrats would refuse to recognize Trump, as they had previously stated, and will take to the streets starting discord; after which the social networks will kick in, and so on and so forth. Complete civil disobedience. The Democrats would incite this war.

People were stocking up on guns; those who do not know how to shoot, are learning to. People are buying canned goods and leaving big cities so as to not be there during any riots.

If it were possible to turn around Trump’s way of thinking in face of the current situation, what do you think the message should be with which he addresses the American people? What would you say in his place?

Answer: I would tell them, “We are Americans! All of us! We are all part of the same nation. There is no difference between us. Let’s stop playing black-and-white, Latinos or Europeans, anything at all! Let’s address each other as Americans!

And anyone who will try to cause a biased attitude among us will have us all express our hatred toward them. Let’s make this correction between us now that all the people would feel that they are treated equally by everyone!”

And then we can vote for an idea that doesn’t relate to color or any such things. And the idea is rather simple: All people want to live freely and confidently, without undue pressure, and to prepare a good future for their children.

This is, in fact, what should concern all people, the government, and all of humanity. What else can we do? We must make our lives and the lives of our children pleasant and convenient. This is within our power.

We will not be able to adhere to all the alleged freedoms that exist in America, though. We will not be able to allow a person to earn freely according to the current framework of laws, nor to let a poor person fall into a state that he can no longer rise from.

We must educate the population first and foremost. The problem of educating the masses is the most important one. America can set an example to the whole world and then the whole world will realize that in this lies its greatness.

Question: Knowing that there are two parties that hate each other, what should Trump speak of now?

Answer: “I propose unification, a truce, and a general program for improving the country. For us to gather together and start deciding: What is not working between us? There are no Democrats or Republicans. There is only a single nation, a single government.”
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/12/20

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