The World’s Common Problem

Laitman_421.01Question: Today the United States of America are split practically in half—into those who support super-liberal values, i.e., Democrats, and those who support a conservative approach and outlook on life, i.e., Republicans. And this is no longer just a political split. It divides friends, families, cities, and states.

It is a really dangerous process. The collapse of America will lead to global changes because there will be a big rearrangement of the power of influence on Earth, and it is not clear how and in what direction this will move.

How do you see the situation on Earth in this case?

Answer: I see only one problem in the whole world, the problem of human upbringing. If we take care of our own upbringing, which nature demands from us, in order to change ourselves into an integral society, then everything will be fine.

If not, then for sure we will go through tremendous suffering, which Kabbalists describe as third and fourth world wars. And we will be forced to come to the understanding that we need to change the human regardless. There are no other options!

In America’s current state there is only one way—the intensive re-education of the whole society, which they have never done, and on which all resources must be thrown. Everything!

Both whites and blacks, and any other Americans, must pass through a very serious conversion. If they don’t do this, the whole world will feel bad. In fact, this is the problem not only for America, but also for Europe, Russia, and the whole world in general. The whole world needs integral education.

Question: In recent decades, America has assumed the role of regulator, a superpower, a kind of gendarme, and has become a center for the development of the latest technologies.

On the one hand, the United States is experiencing terrible riots and destruction in cities, and at the same time, they launch the most advanced spacecraft made by a private company. Explain how it all fits together? Is there any hope in this that people can change?

Answer: No. This is the same egoism. Everything is completely natural.

Question: What can you say about China, which somehow stands out against this background and behaves differently?

Answer: The fact is that now a different time is coming. If Americans really stop trading with China and the other countries also gradually curtail their trade with them, then China will turn into an ordinary country. And all their grandiose plans, as it happened once in Russia, will be safely buried. The most important thing in China is its ideology, which is not viable, I think.
From KabTV’s “Today’s International Situation” 6/18/20

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