Finish Line Or Penalty Circle?

750.03Evolution will certainly lead us to equivalence of form with the Creator, voluntarily or through suffering; there are only two ways. At first, the whole world develops unconsciously, only due to the forces of nature. But starting from a certain stage of development, a person breaks away from his animal existence and develops a person in himself, a spiritual form similar to the Creator.

Such people can attract an upper force to themselves and accelerate their development, and through themselves, as through an open channel, transmit this power of development to everyone else. As a result, all evil will turn into good, but we must contribute to this by becoming active participants in this process.

We are at the finish line of the process of development, and therefore it is worth taking an active part in it, so that we are not thrown back. Otherwise, there is a danger that it will turn out like in a child’s game when a player each time moves a few steps forward, but after the next roll of the dice suddenly is sent back almost to the very start of the game.

If we want to avoid such a return to the penalty circle of evolution, we should observe the laws of nature, the laws of the Creator, and try to unite more and more and connect with the upper force. And then more and more light will flow through us into the world.

The world is not to blame for anything, everything depends on the part of “Israel” who strive for the Creator, those who connect all the nations, this whole circle with the Creator through a line, a direct channel.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/18/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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