The Doctor’s Right To Heal

294.2The Creator gave doctors the right to heal. But since medicine is faulty, and a doctor is just an ordinary earthly egoist, there is reason to doubt vaccination. However, whatever happens, we need to be closer to life. The pandemic will teach us the right attitude: if there is a vaccine, then we must get vaccinated and follow the generally accepted approach.

I am not analyzing the situation in different countries and regarding different vaccines, but now that a new wave of the pandemic is rising, let’s take this seriously. I receive letters from different countries of the world telling me about the serious troubles caused by Covid in our students’ families, and mainly those who have not been vaccinated.

The waves of the pandemic will be coming one after another, and let’s think about how to protect ourselves. This disease will not leave us easily until we start participating in deeper and deeper internal corrections between us. After all, we are in the era of the last generation, and the Creator wants to see that humanity is starting to unite.

If we do not want to do this in a good way, then at least through suffering and blows we will still begin to unite due to hopelessness and we will reveal our dependence on each other. We do not feel this direction and this goal yet, but we will soon discover that the pandemic is designed to unite us and show our mutual dependence on each other.

I do not consider particular cases, but I look at the situation in general from the point of view of the Creator, who certainly has a program and a purpose for this. We too should approach this according to the laws of the method of correction.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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