Flame Of Love From The Fire Of Hate

571.03Love is the greatest measure of connection there can possibly be between two opposite things. We are constantly growing, each one in their egoism, and we must make corrections upon it in order to reach connection in spite of our egoism.

It turns out that within me I am becoming more and more egoistic and as if distancing myself from others. But at the same time, I must build such an attitude that brings me closer to everyone, so that all my egoism turns into bestowal.

Within me, I become an increasingly crude egoist, but on the outside, I add restriction, screen, and reflected light, and the forces of unification to such a degree of connection that I come to love. The fire of hate burns inside, and the flame of love burns outside. This is called the depth of desire—restriction, screen, and reflected light—which are leading to connection and adhesion.

This is how it inverts from the inside out. And a person feels the difference between all these states, attains from this the depth of creation, the matter of creation, and the Creator who created this entire process, this system from outside inward and in a person from within outward.

We should try to see the Creator behind every friend who is concealed behind him. After all, the Creator conceals Himself in such a way; He has no image, no opportunity to reveal Himself. This is why He builds such a special envelope and projects Himself through it, through humanity, through the universe, through all the phenomena of this world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/21, “Advance By Overcoming”

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