Joshua—The Disciple Of Moses

740.02Question: In the first chapter of the Book of Joshua, it is said that the Creator says to Joshua, son of Nun: “Just be strong and very courageous to observe and do in accordance with all of the Torah that Moses My servant has commanded you. Do not stray there from right or left, in order that you succeed wherever you go.”

The people add: “Only be strong and have courage, only that the Lord your God be with you as He was with Moses.” What does this mean?

Answer: Moses led the people of Israel to the Jordan River, but he remained on the other side of the river.

Everything that is written in Kabbalistic sources must be perceived allegorically, in a spiritual form. Crossing the Jordan River means crossing the border into the land of Israel. The land of Israel is the feeling of the Creator in an explicit and brief form.

After crossing the border, the people are led forward by Joshua, not Moses. Joshua is a warrior. Moses is a teacher who spent the main period of preparation with the people.

He took the people who were in the slavery of egoism, led them through the desert, the detachment from the ego, tore them away from it, raised them above egoism, and gave them the opportunity to continue the path of exaltation further and further, higher and higher.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/11/21

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