Will Borders Between Countries Disappear?

laitman_271Question: Is it possible that people will remove the borders between countries and nations?

Answer: Of course. These borders give nothing. When necessary, millions of people move from one country to another, fly and drive. Time passes and borders change their transparency. They do not matter much today. The world is approaching the state when it will have one language, one thought, and one movement.

If there were no egoistic rulers in the countries, the world would have become more integrated a long time ago. Only the principle of “divide and conquer” helps to maintain borders and create various laws and barriers between countries.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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Two Trends In The Life Of The Jewish Diaspora, Part 7

laitman_933The Jews Are the Heart in the General Organism of Humanity

Remark: For 3,000 years Jews have not been in spiritual unity and all that unites them is only anti-Semitism, pogroms, escape from suffering.

We do not understand what it means to be one community. There is no example.

My Reply: This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and explains to us what to do. A huge internal revolution must take place in each person and in the entire nation in order to achieve the condition of unity over all problems: “love your neighbor as yourself.” Love covers all problems. We must do this.

The whole world is waiting for this example and the opportunity to do the same. Subconsciously, people want this; otherwise, humanity cannot continue to exist.

Look at what is happening today. We have already reached a state where the entire globe and the entire cosmos, which are one system, are in a state of imbalance. And this is precisely because of man, because of the Jews.

As a result, it will be clear that all the problems arise because of them. A hurricane, a tsunami, an earthquake, a volcano, a drought or, the opposite, a deluge—the Jews are to blame for everything because they do not bring the world to balance.

Remark: I think this is hard for people to accept.

My Reply: We need to quickly explain that all this is true! But what are we going to do about it?

Therefore, there are two problems before the anti-Semites: destroy the Jews and there will be no evil in the world, or make them work properly and the world will move toward perfection. But they cannot be destroyed because the world is conceived as a perfect system, and the secret of this perfection is in the Jews.

So, the only thing that is needed—for all anti-Semites, for all haters, for all people on earth in general—is to put pressure on the Jewish people to unite. Then the good laws of nature will spread through them into our world.

Question: It turns out that Jews are an important organ in the general body of humanity?

Answer: It is said that it is the heart.

Question So they are no better or worse than others, but they are an organ that must distribute blood throughout the body?

Answer: They must distribute the “right blood”Let’s hope we can do it.

For more on this topic, read my books Like a Bundle of Reeds: why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour, and The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.

From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel,” 7/29/19

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Two Forces Arising From One

laitman_562.02Question: There are two forces in nature. One of them is the force of bestowal, which develops us and builds integrated systems. The other is the force of rejection, which differentiates everything, and thanks to it there is diversity in nature. This is the force of receiving, absorbing oneself.

But Kabbalah says that there is only one force: “There is none else besides Him.” How do these two forces combine with it?

Answer: In the universe, there is one single force that directs all nature to unity, which is the goal of its development. But coming to this unity consists of lots of various movements, sometimes opposite to each other when it seems to us that they all are directed not toward unity and complementation, but in completely opposite directions. This is because we do not see the general picture of nature.

Remark: However, these two forces manifest themselves in our world. For example, in Chinese philosophy, it is yin and yang. In the Abrahamic religions, these are the forces of good and evil, which are already manifested at the level of society. And in co-evolution, this is natural selection. That is, they are present everywhere.

My Comment: Yes. But complementing each other, they still lead everything to a single integrated system.

Nature is constantly striving for a balance of these forces. But the fact is that both forces manifest in a person as the property of bestowal and the property of receiving and are absolutely unequal. The property of receiving is close to us, familiar, and desirable, but we are completely insensitive to the property of bestowal. Indeed, in order to give, everyone must feel the neighbor, but we do not feel the other.

Therefore, nature, created a feeling of only ourselves in us, of our “I”,  and seemed to have torn off the other half from us, a concern for what is outside of me. Therefore, I cannot come to balance using my natural qualities. On the contrary, the more I develop selfishly with only one force to receive, acquire, and seize, the more my participation in nature is defective.

Question: Does the unity of nature lie in the unity of opposites?

Answer: Yes. We will have to come to a state where we clearly realize that we are composed of two opposite properties and they must be balanced in the so-called middle line of our behavior.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/16/20

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On The Border Between Desired And Fulfilled

Laitman_095Question: Egoism is our nature, our essence. Throughout the entire history of the development of humanity, our desires, that is, our egoism, has constantly grown.

It is enough to recall Pushkin’s fairy tale about the golden fish [similar to Grimm’s “The Fisherman and His Wife”], which illustrates the growth of desires and the immediate emptying after their fulfillment. What is the reason that nature constantly brings us to this state?

Answer: This is for us to want to catch a golden fish and use it a thousand percent because this is how egoism is developing in us.

Egoism, the hidden force of nature, pushes the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels and, mainly, humans, to the maximum fulfillment. However, in principle, it is impossible to achieve.

Question: Does it mean that fulfillment and the subsequent emptying of desires cause the development of greater desires in us? Is there some kind of limit to them?

Answer: Desires are limitless. Why should they be limited? If I want ten grams of some kind of pleasure and receive it, I am in a state of limitlessness, infinity.

Question: The fulfillment of our desires, which is achieved through many efforts, is felt only for a short time, and then disappears. Especially when it comes to basic desires: food, sex, and family. Why?

Answer: This is in order for us to go further and achieve more. There is a constant development of our desires. This is not just a repetition of the same desires since they  change slightly.

We feel greater desire all the time, and then greater emptiness, which is followed by an even greater desire for pleasure and even greater emptiness, and so on.

Question: The higher the quality of pleasure, the longer it lasts. Let us say that the pleasure of eating a meal lasts for a fairly short time. The pleasure of fame, for example, from winning a competition or from performing a concert, lasts, as psychologists say, even for a few weeks. What will it lead us to in the end?

Answer: To the fact that we will want a lot and then we will finally realize that the desire by itself does not fulfill us because the pleasure that comes and fills the desire immediately leaves it empty.

Question: Yet, the pleasure of communicating with friends fulfills much more than from eating a meal or shopping. On the other hand, we see a lot of lonely people. Why don’t people sit in circles and communicate with each other?

Answer: We cannot feel enjoyment all the time from the same fulfillment. No way. The nature of pleasure is determined only by the difference between what we desire and what we feel.

Therefore, there must be a constant renewal of the desire and, accordingly, a constant renewal of its fulfillment. Only in the case of the dynamic development of both desire and fulfillment and their constant complementing each other will we feel pleasure.

In fact, desires and fulfillments are purely mechanical data. It is their change, when you are on the border between what you want and what you are fulfilled with, that gives you a sense of pleasure.

Question: So we are arranged in such a way that we can enjoy only for a few moments?

Answer: Only for a moment!
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era,” 4/23/20

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Yearning For Connection

945Question: Is it necessary to have a framework in order to attain the Creator?

Answer: Yes, a framework is vital. They refer to Tzimtzum, Masach, and different restrictions that we impose upon ourselves in order to feel the Creator because we do not feel anything that has no boundaries.

When we are in a group and we tie ourselves to the friends, we reach a state in which we can feel through which connections and ties we can attain the Creator.

Question: What is the connection and the barrier between the Creator and us made of?

Answer: This connection is made of the resistance to egoism. The forces of yearning for connection with the friends and the Creator need to be greater than the forces of yearning for personal pleasure, and they are what builds the restriction inside us so that we can feel the Creator.

Question: With which desires can we feel the connection between the Creator and us?

Answer: With a desire that is aimed at the friends. Subconsciously I reject the Creator by my negative attitude to the friends. I get closer to feeling the Creator when I want to get closer to the friends.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/19

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Energy Vampires

Laitman_632.1Question: Each of us has energy. It is like fuel for us. How can a person distinguish between animal and spiritual energy?

Answer: It does not matter whether it is spiritual or animal. Through his attitude, a person divides this energy into spiritual and corporeal forms.

Question: How can we use energy constructively?

Answer: We need to expand the connections between all parts of the universe.

Comment: There is an expression, “you are wasting yourself on the wrong person,” that is, you are wasting your energy on the wrong person.

My Response: I do not know why one would expend energy on a person at all, whether the right or wrong one. I spend energy on my beloved self. I spend it in order to achieve the most perfect state in the world.

And if the perfect state is that I emanate from myself so that I can connect others and try to bring people to unity, equality, and to such rapprochement that they will discover a single field, a single force, that connects them, then I do this.

Comment: We are surrounded by people who possess certain qualities that interfere with this connection. Researchers advise removing such people from one’s life.

My Response: On which basis will I sort them if I myself am an egoist?

Question: How can we help a person see that everything that he sees outside of himself is actually inside of him? For example, there are people who like to complain. They come to tell us about their troubles and arouse our compassion. And, by this, they devour our energy. How can we work with such people?

Answer: Are you complaining? Do you feel bad? Here is a book for you; you will find the answer in it. And I hand him a beginning book on Kabbalah.

If a person feels bad, it is very good! It means that he can achieve truth, dig it out for himself, and fix his life so that he feels good. But, for this, he himself must work. Here are the instructions, go ahead!

Comment: Another category of people is debtors. Nowadays, it is impossible to live without borrowing from someone, either money or things. But you must always remember that debt must be repaid.

There are people who forget about it and do not return. And this forms a negative state, negative energy.

My Response: A person generally believes that everyone owes him!

Question: Who can a person owe? And in general, is it good or bad to be in debt?

Answer: I believe that I owe the whole world. To be honest, I owe the whole world my absolute correct participation in everything, all over the world!

If the world is not corrected, then I am to blame! And I have to dig out more and more to find out where my participation in the world is, so that I can see the world as corrected? How should I correct myself in order to see the world as complete?

Question: And how should you correct yourself?

Answer: For bestowal, for love. And then I will see everyone corrected. How does a mother see her child? He is perfect. That is all. Perfect. Nothing to add.

If I develop love for this world, then I will see it as perfect.

Comment: There are deceivers. It is said that one must always keep his promises. And if a man deceived you once, then again, and again, soon, he simply overwhelm you with an insidious and unscrupulous lie.

My Response: But he, perhaps, does not know about this at all. I promise nothing to anyone, but for some reason they come to me with complaints anyway.

So it is best for us not to complain to anyone. Do you have any accusations, any misunderstandings? Turn them to yourself. And start seriously working on them.

Question: Is lying a good quality?

Answer: It depends to whom and about what one lies. It is good to lie to yourself. If any quality exists in nature, it is necessary. The only problem is how to use it correctly.

Therefore, come to us, study, and you will see that there are no bad qualities in nature. Everything is good if only it is used correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 1/14/20

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How Can You Cope With The Feeling Of Jealousy?

laitman_559Question: How can you cope with the feeling of jealousy? What is it?

Answer: It depends at what level.

If this is animalistic jealousy when you are jealous of one person’s attention to another and feel that the other is taking away the attention of the object of your interest that you want to be directed at you, that is one thing. This is the jealousy of our world and we must somehow work with it.

However, it is better if you start working on attaining the Creator and this will obscure everything else. Then you will not have any problems with jealousy or anything else because working with the Creator, when you are yearning for Him and He begins His manipulations, wishing to attract you to Him is much more intense in feelings, in depth, and in possibilities than any other earthly sensations.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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New Life 1236 – The Fear Of Returning To The Old Routine

New Life 1236 – The Fear Of Returning To The Old Routine
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi

The long disconnection from our old routines has led to changes in our attitudes to life. We are not the same people we used to be. We are living in a new era. Until now, we fought with each other like kids, but it’s time to grow up. We need to limit humanity’s engagement in unnecessary matters and warm up the atmosphere between us. The workplace needs to be turned into a place of challenge and adventure and pay must be disconnected from work. A new, positive routine will require that everyone has their basic needs met and people will work in areas that humanity really needs. In such a society, people will feel a sense of balance and will be free from destructive competition. We need to develop the right ecological conduct, which includes a humane attitude toward the air between us and what we fill it with. If we each know that we leave our homes in order to learn how to live a balanced life, we will have nothing to fear. If we don’t want to learn how to live a balanced life, the blows will continue and force us. Evolution doesn’t stop.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1236 – The Fear Of Returning To The Old Routine,” 5/12/20

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The Era Of Women Is Coming

laitman_294.3The coronavirus epidemic showed us how important the home and the family, which are the center of our lives, and the role of the woman on whom it all rests are. The coronavirus united us.

On one hand, it laid bare the contradictions that exist between us in the modern world. Nevertheless, it showed all men that the woman is the central point of our whole life, and therefore, we must try to build around the female part, the Malchut, the new reality of the post-coronavirus era.

Baal HaSulam writes in the book Ohr Bahir:

Ima [mother] comes from the word Omenet [nursing] and rearing, since the drop comes from the father, and the mother nurses and rears the drop, and divides into parts and organs, flesh and skin. All this work and multiplication is only from the mother, for the father gave her only a tiny drop, and with her craftsmanship, she fashioned it into a complete human being. It is for this craftsmanship that she is called “mother.”

A mother has a truly unique mission. Indeed, a drop of semen actually comes from the Creator and does not require a lot of work from the father. The mother divides it and distributes it into organs, and it grows until out of this drop a person develops who is the result of the work of the mother’s body.

This is how it works in physical bodies. But also in the building of the soul where the father and the mother participate together, most of the work falls to the mother. Everything comes from the paternal drop but thanks to the maternal work.

Pregnancy begins with a drop of the father’s semen, but the mother grows the fetus, gives birth, and then feeds him, cares for him, and takes care until he becomes old enough to live independently.

This is why all mothers, all the women of the world, should perceive the process we are undergoing today as an opportunity for humanity to be born like a fetus on a new spiritual level. If all women unite together, they will be able to raise humanity through labor pains. This is difficult work, but it is women who will be able to give birth to a new humanity and direct it to fulfill its mission.

The whole development of mankind is divided into two stages. Until today, men have ruled the world and it has been a time of wars, problems, conflicts, the power of money and violence. Women were almost invisible through the whole history of mankind, the path of violence and wars.

But now comes the time when it is the mother, the woman, who must take on the role of the educator of the world in its future form. This is the era of women, and therefore, she must know how to unite with other women for the sake of correcting the world. It may be difficult, but there is no way out. This must be done.

All women, the whole Malchut, are obligated to unite, and thanks to this unity give birth to a new humanity. But this is only possible provided that women can unite despite their reluctance, can step on their egoism and rise above it by faith above reason. Women will demand men and the whole world to unite to establish the right connections between all and thus lead the world to correction.

On the corporeal level, it is the woman who brings up and raises a new generation. And also in the spiritual system, only a woman is able to strengthen, give birth, and raise a new humanity.

No one but a woman can fulfill this role. As the mother develops the fetus, gives birth, grows, educates, and shapes a future person, so must women, united together, fulfill their role as mothers of all mankind.

The image of a unified woman should become the central force in the world. In this way we can save humanity and give birth to it in a new form. After women unite and come to one common, strong opinion, they will be able to demand everything from men, and the Creator will be on their side. Thus, women will be able to defeat everyone and establish the right order of human development.

But this is only possible after unification. The whole problem is that there is no unity between women, and therefore, no one perceives them as a serious force and or accepts their demands. Demanding spiritual advancement is possible only if you have spiritual strength, and spiritual strength is in unity.

Unite at least a little and see the power you have. Then you will demand and receive everything you desire. The Creator will do it. There are no obstacles on your path: as soon as you women begin to unite, the Creator will take care of you.
From a lesson “The Role of Women in the New World,” 5/9/20

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Integral Technology—Connecting Into Ten

laitman_942Question: What does it take to understand integrality? Does this require some kind of integral technology?

Answer: Yes. This integral technology is found in Kabbalah. It is called connecting in the ten.

Connecting into the ten teaches us how we can create a mini group that is similar to the entire humanity, the entire universe. And within this connection, separately between ten men or ten women, like in the laboratory, we can examine all the laws and functions of general nature, both animalistic—egoistic and spiritual—altruistic.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/19/20

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