Energy Vampires

Laitman_632.1Question: Each of us has energy. It is like fuel for us. How can a person distinguish between animal and spiritual energy?

Answer: It does not matter whether it is spiritual or animal. Through his attitude, a person divides this energy into spiritual and corporeal forms.

Question: How can we use energy constructively?

Answer: We need to expand the connections between all parts of the universe.

Comment: There is an expression, “you are wasting yourself on the wrong person,” that is, you are wasting your energy on the wrong person.

My Response: I do not know why one would expend energy on a person at all, whether the right or wrong one. I spend energy on my beloved self. I spend it in order to achieve the most perfect state in the world.

And if the perfect state is that I emanate from myself so that I can connect others and try to bring people to unity, equality, and to such rapprochement that they will discover a single field, a single force, that connects them, then I do this.

Comment: We are surrounded by people who possess certain qualities that interfere with this connection. Researchers advise removing such people from one’s life.

My Response: On which basis will I sort them if I myself am an egoist?

Question: How can we help a person see that everything that he sees outside of himself is actually inside of him? For example, there are people who like to complain. They come to tell us about their troubles and arouse our compassion. And, by this, they devour our energy. How can we work with such people?

Answer: Are you complaining? Do you feel bad? Here is a book for you; you will find the answer in it. And I hand him a beginning book on Kabbalah.

If a person feels bad, it is very good! It means that he can achieve truth, dig it out for himself, and fix his life so that he feels good. But, for this, he himself must work. Here are the instructions, go ahead!

Comment: Another category of people is debtors. Nowadays, it is impossible to live without borrowing from someone, either money or things. But you must always remember that debt must be repaid.

There are people who forget about it and do not return. And this forms a negative state, negative energy.

My Response: A person generally believes that everyone owes him!

Question: Who can a person owe? And in general, is it good or bad to be in debt?

Answer: I believe that I owe the whole world. To be honest, I owe the whole world my absolute correct participation in everything, all over the world!

If the world is not corrected, then I am to blame! And I have to dig out more and more to find out where my participation in the world is, so that I can see the world as corrected? How should I correct myself in order to see the world as complete?

Question: And how should you correct yourself?

Answer: For bestowal, for love. And then I will see everyone corrected. How does a mother see her child? He is perfect. That is all. Perfect. Nothing to add.

If I develop love for this world, then I will see it as perfect.

Comment: There are deceivers. It is said that one must always keep his promises. And if a man deceived you once, then again, and again, soon, he simply overwhelm you with an insidious and unscrupulous lie.

My Response: But he, perhaps, does not know about this at all. I promise nothing to anyone, but for some reason they come to me with complaints anyway.

So it is best for us not to complain to anyone. Do you have any accusations, any misunderstandings? Turn them to yourself. And start seriously working on them.

Question: Is lying a good quality?

Answer: It depends to whom and about what one lies. It is good to lie to yourself. If any quality exists in nature, it is necessary. The only problem is how to use it correctly.

Therefore, come to us, study, and you will see that there are no bad qualities in nature. Everything is good if only it is used correctly.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 1/14/20

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