How Can We Neutralize The Coronavirus?

629.4Question: You say that if we begin to take others into our consideration, take their desires into account, then this will neutralize the virus?

Answer: No, I don’t suggest you do it now because you cannot get rid of your selfish intentions. You would apply, as it seems to you, a different, supposedly unselfish attitude toward others, but you cannot get out of egoism in any way, it is your nature.

There is a method of getting out of egoism, rising above it. A special science deals with it, the science of Kabbalah. But this is not given to an ordinary person, this must be learned.

If you are thinking about how to get out of yourself, rise above yourself, and begin to feel a different nature, meaning the upper world, then you need to seriously begin to engage in Kabbalah. Visit our website and take an interest in how it is done.

As soon as we really begin to get closer, not physically, not by selfish attraction for the benefit of our beloved self, but for the benefit of others, outside our own interests and, perhaps, even to our own detriment, then all negative phenomena in our world will immediately disappear because they are the product of our egoistic relationships.
From KabTV’s “Coronavirus Changes Reality,” 3/19/19

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Two Meters Of Neutral Zone

232.09The whole reality of this world needs to be incorporated in our relations with the upper force of nature. But in today’s reality there are many voids. After all, what is coronavirus?

The virus shows that instead of the connection between us, there are empty areas that need to be filled with the right relationships. And revealing these gaps between us allows us to see that it is impossible to relate through them, because through this corrupted connection we transmit the virus to one another.

The virus revealed huge gaps between us that need to be filled with friendly relations. And if we cannot build such bridges of connection, it is better not to go there at all and sit at home.

The distance between people is desire, and the virus reveals new desires, new qualities, new relationships that need to be established between us. If through this two meter distance from each other we connect in a new way by becoming as one person with one heart, then the Creator will be revealed between us.

The virus shows empty spaces that need to be filled with a good attitude. And then we will achieve a new connection, more similar to the system of Adam HaRishon. All parts of this common system will begin to work together, in unison, in mutual understanding. Instead of imposing on the other what is good for me, I will give him what is good for him.

And then the distance between us will begin disappearing and the world will start connecting precisely through these gaps between us. All parts of reality will unite and form a new, corrected system of Adam HaRishon, within which the Creator will appear, and organize and fulfill our connections. This is not a distance of two meters, but desires filled with the revelation of the upper force.

It will take time to understand this and begin to implement it, but it will happen, and the whole world will talk about it. We just have not yet begun to close these gaps between us with right, good, kind-hearted relationships. But as soon as this happens, the world will immediately see that this is the solution and cure for the coronavirus, that this is a new reality, and that the world should be exactly like this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/7/20

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New Home Where There Is Room For Everyone

laitman_961.2Currently nature is performing a great change in us, which covers the whole world. We can understand it more or less, but there is no doubt that we are facing the program of the Creator, the program of global nature, which, as we see for the first time in history, affects all of humanity without exception.

Through this action, which is called coronavirus, nature wants to arrange the entire population of the Earth, all of humanity, in one group.

The virus is preparing us for changes leading to connection so that everyone from the smallest to the greatest will know the upper force of nature and all nations will gather in one common house of prayer, that is, everyone will connect in one common desire, mutual connection, which is called the house of the Creator.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us understand how we go through this process and how we need to adapt ourselves to a new life, a new approach. So far, we still perceive life egotistically, each one individually. However, the new approach requires us to gradually move to a common perception, integral and mutual, in order not to feel the difference between myself and the others.

Today we all feel the egoistic world we live in, the egoistic attitude to life. In the new world, everyone will feel the others from within, and then our perception of the world will change dramatically; instead of the corporeal world, we will feel a spiritual, eternal, and perfect world full of light.

We are at the very threshold of a new world, the entrance to a new state, a new reality which must be revealed within the connection between us, mutual, unlimited, and egoism-free relationships. The upper governance wants us to open this door, enter a new world, and lead all of humanity to a new existence, to the purpose of creation, to the goal of our life, to the upper force of nature.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson, 4/4/20

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Coronavirus Drives Us Off The Treadmill

760.4Is there a connection between corporeal events happening in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic and our internal changes?

We all start off in this world in the animate state; at first there is nothing spiritual in us. But suddenly this virus comes and helps us. I am not talking about the suffering that accompanies this process, but only about the spiritual consequences. In this life it is impossible to gain without paying.

Let us now look only at the spiritual gain. With the help of the virus, we distanced ourselves from our previous life, which was a race for all the possible pleasures artificially invented by us.
We set these made-up goals for ourselves in this world and kept competing for who would reach them first. This allowed us to be proud and fill our egoism more and more, and to buy things we do not need, only to brag about it to others.

Such was our life, but the virus came and in a matter of a few weeks cleared the entire globe of consumerism, of all the garbage. It ordered us to go home and think about how we live our lives. Do we want to continue this way and return to the competition and useless race.

Do we want to continue to fill our days, from birth to death, with different games just to avoid thinking about the meaning of life? Or are we now thinking about the meaning of our lives? What is worth living for?

First and foremost, coronavirus educates us, makes us into new people. We did not think about it before. We just looked at others and did everything in order not to be worse than our neighbors. And we spent our whole lives in pursuit of this. Egoism constantly sought to make me prosperous and successful so that I would not be embarrassed when comparing myself to others.

But the virus is destroying the entire basis of egoism. We are no longer concerned with it today. Look at the help we received, a spiritual blow! Now the question is how are we going to use this lesson?
The virus stops us and drives us off the treadmill. Before the pandemic, we had already begun to fear that the world was heading into an abyss. We lived in anticipation of an imminent crisis, environmental disaster, or third world war, which would kill us all.

But now we see that we can come to a completely different way of life. Life can be filled with other things, as it is written: “You will see your world in this life.”

If we begin to move away from egoism toward bestowal, then we gradually move our desires to the other side of reality, we cross the horizon, go beyond egoism, beyond the border of this world.

Thus, we advance toward eternal peace. We do not need to die; we will put our egoistic desire to death, and we will not need to experience physical death. We will change the body as if changing an old shirt. Throw an old shirt in the wash, put on a new one and begin to live anew. So the reincarnations cycle one after another. Desires are renewed in me, and each time I renew my life. There is nothing to be afraid of.

We now understand the essence of this world and of the upper world. In fact, they differ only in desire. If I change my desire from receiving to bestowal, then I am already moving from world to world, crossing the border between this material life and the spiritual, which is called material death.
We kill our desire to enjoy and become free. I am freed from my egoistic desire and now exist in bestowal.

Two months ago, it was impossible to talk about such things. Everyone thought about a thousand life problems, about their business. And now the virus has sent everyone on vacation to think about spiritual life. It raises us to another level and makes us think about eternity, about the meaning of life. Coronavirus is a spiritual force that enters us and elevates us from the degree of material death to the degree of spiritual eternity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/2/20, Selected Highlights

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The Old World Is Dead, Long Live The New World!

laitman_531.02The coronavirus is a force that awakens humanity to perform a full audit.

Our entire egoistic development, the whole evolution of man from the time when he left the cave, climbed down from the trees, and became different from a monkey happened only inside egoism. And now, for the first time in history, we are changing the course of our evolution.

The egoistic method has exhausted itself; it brought us to Egypt and made us complete slaves of the desire to enjoy. And now, humanity must shift its intention toward bestowal, that is, it must leave Egypt for the land of Israel.

We are now at a turning point before complete transformation. This is a historical moment; for the first time there is a spiritual revolution in humanity. We need to work in order to attract the light that returns to the source (the reforming light) that will change the face of humanity. We must be that group, that instrument that pulls on this thread, thanks to which all of humanity will begin to advance.

There may not be so many of us aspiring to the Creator. But the main thing is to establish the foundation of connection, as it is said: “Open for Me an opening like the tip of a needle, and I will open for you the upper gates.” Nothing more is required. From the side of humanity, it is necessary to open for the Creator in the entire space between us only a tiny hole, like a prick with the end of a needle, and through it all kinds of connections will begin to open and develop, and we will enter the spiritual system of bestowal.

We will not return to the past. The old world is dead; it does not exist! We will come to a new world, and we will be new people. Of course, this will happen not at once but in stages. As it is described in the story of the Exodus from Egypt, many times Moses went to Pharaoh and returned. This is not an easy process, but it has already begun. And it will not stop until the coronavirus turns into a real crown, Keter, and brings us to connection with the Creator in multiple forms on all levels. He will definitely do it.

Therefore, we need to appreciate the time we are in. Humanity is unable to perceive this because it does not consider this process in the scale of the whole of history, from the creation of the world to the end of its development. But we see that everything unfolds as described in the Kabbalistic books.

A hundred years ago, Baal HaSulam wrote that we were entering the days of the Messiah, that is, the time when a huge pulling spiritual force begins to act on and advance us.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/3/20

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Jump Into The Group Like Into The Final Sea

laitman_595.01How can you continue to study if the feeling of fulfillment is lost? Continue without feeling! This is what the Creator shows me:“Can you do something without feeling or not? Ahh, so you can’t work without compensation; that is, you work for Pharaoh and not for Me? Then do not turn to Me, go to Pharaoh!”

We must try to get out of the kingdom of Pharaoh with the help of a group. Go inside the unity of friends so that they will drag you forward. Philosophize less and join the group, trustingly, like a child nullifying himself before adults. And then you will be able to grow correctly.

The exodus from Egypt is not an escape from one place to another, but an escape from selfish desire. Each of us comes out of our egoism and is included in the desire of the group. When I join the group, it means that I have left Egypt and crossed the Red Sea, Yam Suf (Final Sea).

Therefore, if you have studied for twenty years and now you can no longer continue, then you are directly in front of the Final Sea and you have no choice but to jump inside the group. It necessarily exists, even if no one feels it. And when you jump into this unity and clutch for your friends, it will be considered that you crossed the Final Sea.

It is very important to move from your individual desire to the general desire of the group. I do not see its true condition, the spiritual picture. Jumping inside, you will find that you have something to hold on to. But you are obliged to jump into this sea, and the moment you jump, you will find what to grab onto, like a baby clinging to his mother. This is called the exodus from Egypt, from our egoism, into the Sinai Desert.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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The Passover Holiday From Different Points Of View

laitman_249.03Question: What is the difference between the Kabbalistic explanation of our world and the Passover holiday from the ordinary opinions?

Answer: There are several levels of explanation of existence, its creation, development, goal, and the human’s task in it. For example, we can say the Passover holiday is:

  1. the historical period of slavery of the people in Egypt,
  2. about the “slavery” of man in his egoism, Egypt, Pharaoh,
  3. about the development of creation, desire, under the influence of the Creator, light, and its absence, under the influence of darkness, Egypt, Pharaoh.

At different levels you can also say it is about:

  1. the mechanical performance of rituals, which are commonly called commandments,
  2. the psychological fulfillment of the instruction “love your neighbor as yourself,” as a general(klal) instruction of the Creator, which includes all other instructions, as stated in the Torah: “Love your neighbor is the general law of the Torah,”
  3. the Kabbalistic effect of the upper light on the worlds and through them on the souls that go through the stages of their spiritual development, correction.


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Passover Means The End Of Pharaoh’s Power

laitman_961.2Passover marks the exodus from our egoism, the rule of the earthly, material nature, our Pharaoh. Pharaoh owns the whole person one hundred percent, except for one thought, the only point in the heart that connects us with the Creator.

We need to turn to the Creator through this point and ask Him to pull us beyond this end of the rope from the power of the Pharaoh.

The coronavirus pandemic, the home quarantine, the extreme conditions experienced by an individual today, this is precisely the period before the exodus from Egypt, and we are preparing to leave Egyptian slavery, to get out of the power of the desire to enjoy, which separates us, to unification.

When we begin to feel our unity, it means that we left Egypt and came to the land of Israel, to a desire directed straight to the Creator, Isra-el (Yashar-Kel).

Egypt is our current state where everyone is inside their egoism. But there is the land of Israel, a desire directed straight to the Creator. The transition from Egypt to the land of Israel, from one desire to another, is called the exodus from Egypt and consists of several actions.

Let’s hope that we will make this transition soon and that our desire will be directed to the Creator inside the vessel, which is called the soul, so we will be worthy to see, feel, and live in another stage of life— on the highest land.

Each of us wants to get out of Egypt, out of our egoism, to leave the old approach to life, which forces us to think and care only about ourselves. After all, this is my nature, I was born with it and live with it. But the point in the heart that awakens in me calls me to abandon selfishness.

First, I want to leave one world and enter another simply because I can make things better for myself. But then I begin to understand that the transition from one world to another, from Egypt to the land of Israel, is an ascent from one level to another.

Egypt means caring for oneself and Israel means caring for the Creator, giving Him pleasure. And in order for me to really go to the Creator and not turn everything back to my side, the Creator gives me a sign: If I think about others, then I am directed toward the Creator.

The Creator deliberately broke the desire He created into many parts to show us how each of us thinks only of ourselves. But if I want to aspire to the Creator, I must think about others, and through the thought of them I will come to the thought of the Creator.

Then we will become like the Creator, similar to Him: The Creator thinks of me one hundred percent, and I, too, in some percentage of my desires, think of Him. To this extent, I reveal the Creator and feel Him, draw closer to Him, and unite, and a connection arises between us.

To the extent of my connection with humanity, with society, I direct myself to the Creator and feel Him. This is the whole process of exiting Egypt. On this path we go through many changes, checkpoints, which the Torah talks about.

The methodology of the science of Kabbalah consists of guiding a person through all these stages from his primordial, basic egoism to the likeness of the Creator one hundred percent, which is called the end of correction.

We are already moving along this path. Indeed, in the beginning we did not understand at all that we were in the grip of egoism, our desire to enjoy. But gradually we moved forward and today we already feel that the group is a means of achieving the Creator, and egoism, which is called Pharaoh, dominates us.

We must escape from it, which is called the exodus from Egypt, to turn our egoism into bestowal with the help of the light that reforms, the Torah.

When desire turns from receiving to bestowal, it means my transitioning from Egypt to the land of Israel. And along the way there are many changes, intermediate stations.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/31/20, “Pesach (Passover)

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All Come Out Of Egypt

laitman_213This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we will not be able to hold the Passover Seder with a thousand guests like we have in previous years. I hope this is very similar to the state of the people of Israel when they left Egypt, which was also in darkness and while disconnected from each other.

They understood that they needed to connect, but they still did not find the strength in themselves for this. And we are in the same state and I really hope that because everyone is sitting in their corner, each will feel that an upper force has divided us and crushed us. We are far apart and do not feel each other.

The virus acts to explain to us who we really are so that we can rise above this virus with the help of the upper force. The Creator will unite and correct us, and we will break ahead to the free land, free from our egoistic desire. There we will unite all together with the Creator in one merger: Israel, the Torah and the Creator are one. Let’s hope this happens.

The external world and internal properties are becoming closer to each other: men, women, children—all come out of Egypt. I really hope that we will do it tonight. Prepare yourself internally for the exodus.

And it doesn’t matter what we have on the table, the main thing is in our hearts: how much we want to get out of our egoism, rise above it, and join what we pulled out of Egypt so we will collect our bright soul. I wish you a happy Passover, that is, a great way out of selfishness together.
From the 2nd part of the Dily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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Why Doesn’t Kabbalah Study Brain Functions?

laitman_220Question: There are neurosciences that study the way we think. They say that the person builds a certain model of reality, that is, what is obvious to him. If he needs to buy milk, for example, he knows what store to go to and goes there automatically.

Why is this level of thinking not explained in Kabbalah, that is, what happens in the brain? Baal HaSulam says that there are five senses, data input which is somehow processed and creates our internal perspective. This program exists above the desire. Why is it not explained?

Answer: This program exists below the desire and belongs to the subconscious.

Kabbalah does not engage in the functioning of the brain as a calculator, nor in muscle memory, nor in any memory mechanisms. It only deals with the soul.

Our desire is called a soul. It is not in our corporeal body and it is not in our head.

The Creator created the desire. It can be egoistic, that is, directed only at loving one’s self, or it can change within us, with the help of the Creator, into an altruistic desire, that is, in bestowal and love of others. There is no other way.

In parallel to shifting the vector of the desire: from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of others,” we begin to feel the upper world, and only then do we understand how everything works, where the operating signals come from, and so on.

Everything else related to matter, the brain, etc., is not studied in Kabbalah because it does not interest us. We are only interested in the pure desire that is not part of any form of matter. This is how we explore it and master it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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