The Daily Cleanup In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it so important to celebrate Passover and observe its conditions?

Answer: This Jewish holiday is not for commemorating a certain day in history. Rather, every single day you have to feel as if you come out of Egypt all over again.

Coming out of exile is not an ancient event that will never happen again. Every day you have to rise above your egoism that much more and unite with others through bonds of goodness.

On Passover what we celebrate is the fact that we have this opportunity. No nation besides Israel has the opportunity to rise above its egoism, to unite and start to really feel how we rise above our nature.

Question: So the holidays are a reminder of sorts?

Answer: The holidays are a program by which we need to work day in and day out. It all depends on what level a person is on. We are always moving through special inner states called Passover, Sukkoth, Shavuot, Tu BiShvat, the 9th of Av, and so on.

Question: Why is there a tradition that is passed on from one generation to the next of holding the festive Passover meal, when fathers tell their sons about the exodus from the slavery of Egypt?

Answer: It’s because we need to learn—and teach others—about the order of coming out of Egypt, or the order in which we rise above our egoism and unite with others, eventually achieving mutual guarantee and unity around Mount Sinai (the mountain of mutual hatred). The father has to teach his son the right way of uniting with others.

Both father and son (my state yesterday and my state today) are inside of me every day. Everything happens inside the person and inside the nation.

Question: What would you tell a modern person who doesn’t see anything else in this world other than himself and his cell phone? How would you tell him about the connection between people, about different types of relationships? What kind of new life can you promise him?

Answer: It’s universal harmony, a connection between people that’s similar to a perfectly coordinated football team or even the mafia, which is linked by close-knit bonds. This connection always makes a person feel confident, happy, give him a good sense of unity and mutual inclusion in the desires of others. He can reach unity of such magnitude that from within, he will know everything that others know.

Because we are all inside one system, the knowledge and sensations of the whole world can flow between us without any limitation. Scientists are revealing that our brain is a modem connecting us to the common information repository that’s in the air.

Question: Why are children today not as happy?

Answer: It’s because they have reached a level of egoism that cannot find fulfillment. In the past, if a family had a room to live in, this was enough for them to be happy. But today every person needs a separate apartment and a car to drive around in all by himself. We are always isolating ourselves and every person is closed off inside of him.

No one feels happy, and the reason for that is our isolation. Happiness can only be felt when you feel how energy, strength, and warmth flow inside of our connection with one another.

Solitude is Egyptian slavery and it’s worthwhile to come out of it.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 3/15/15

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