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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 25:25 – 25:27: If your brother becomes destitute and sells some of his inherited property, his redeemer who is related to him shall come forth and redeem his brother’s sale. And if a man does not have a redeemer, but he gains enough means to afford its redemption, he shall calculate the years for which the land has been sold, and return the remainder to the man to whom he sold it, and [then] he may return to his inheritance. 

The land should return to its original owners and one shouldn’t make an effort to attain it. It shouldn’t be taken back by force, but rather returned according to agreements that take all the details into account.

Basically, this isn’t about a piece of land, but about a person and his desire. It is hard to understand what renting out the desire means. Do I let my desire to someone and he works on it? What do I gain from that? How can he pay me?

For example, there are people who can correct my desire on the spiritual level of agricultural work, and there are those who own the land and can benefit from it by renting out their desires to others so that they will work and receive the crop.

In order to understand the meaning of renting out my desires to someone, we have to think about how people should relate to one another in order to attain correction together. How do they buy and sell? How do they connect and incorporate into one another in order to attain the jubilee?

Comment: If we say that nothing is mine, I aim at the jubilee anyway. I have one goal, which is to reach the Temple, Bina, and I ignore the fact that the road to it is dirty and that drunks are lying on the sidewalk, for example, since I am headed towards the goal.

Answer: No, you will not reach it if you don’t look to the sides, since reaching Bina means being incorporated in everyone and bringing them to correction on your back. So where is your attribute of bestowal? On what basis do you cultivate, arrange, and raise it? After all, it isn’t a walk towards Bina, but creating it inside you. It doesn’t exist externally to you.

Question: Does that mean that I can ascend only if I include everything inside me and process it?

Answer: Of course! Everything inside you should be organized in such a way that you are led to the attribute of Bina. This means that internally, you have reached a state that you have raised inside you and doesn’t exist on the outside in any form or place since the whole world is inside you. Therefore, you cannot ignore the drunks and the dirt and not correct them. It is very easy to do it mutually. The main thing is to attain mutuality.

The first level is the most difficult. Afterwards, everything becomes much easier and simpler, and at the same time much more difficult. It is because the higher the level a person is on, the greater his desire and the interruptions he encounters. On the one hand, he already has an inner guide book that helps him understands and find his way around, but at the same time, there is greater confusion and bigger problems.

Question: What is the meaning of renting out my land or selling my land?

Answer: It means to cling to others so that together with these people, who seem to be strangers, I can correct the land, since otherwise I cannot correct it by myself.

It is only by connecting to another person that I can correct the still nature part of my desire, which is the land, and then we can both become temporary owners of that land. In order to do so, we have to accept each other’s desires as common desires and thus cultivate the land (the earth). This means that everything is aimed at love of others, at connection with others, until we become one common whole. All the laws of the Torah aim towards this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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