The Passover Holiday From Different Points Of View

laitman_249.03Question: What is the difference between the Kabbalistic explanation of our world and the Passover holiday from the ordinary opinions?

Answer: There are several levels of explanation of existence, its creation, development, goal, and the human’s task in it. For example, we can say the Passover holiday is:

  1. the historical period of slavery of the people in Egypt,
  2. about the “slavery” of man in his egoism, Egypt, Pharaoh,
  3. about the development of creation, desire, under the influence of the Creator, light, and its absence, under the influence of darkness, Egypt, Pharaoh.

At different levels you can also say it is about:

  1. the mechanical performance of rituals, which are commonly called commandments,
  2. the psychological fulfillment of the instruction “love your neighbor as yourself,” as a general(klal) instruction of the Creator, which includes all other instructions, as stated in the Torah: “Love your neighbor is the general law of the Torah,”
  3. the Kabbalistic effect of the upper light on the worlds and through them on the souls that go through the stages of their spiritual development, correction.


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