Contending With Every Threat

laitman_600_02Opinion (Aristarh Rabinovich): “A year or two ago a political revolution developed in the communications media about the involvement of the police in many ‘scandals’ regarding the use of unnecessary force, sexual harassment, excessive violence and so forth. And so naïve people believe all of these slanders, and as a result, the population is beginning to support the ‘revolutionaries’ who are destroying the nation. A few months of riots in the streets and there will be no nation.

“And suddenly it became Israel’s turn. As if on command, in the Israeli news appeared about ‘police lawlessness.’ They had seen that it was not okay to apply pressure on Israel from the outside. Shooting attacks only consolidate the society against an external enemy. So the United States went in another direction: the United States is preparing a diplomatic coup in Israel, dividing and splitting the society through national disputes and differences. The Americans very much need to oust the rebellious Netanyahu, who is leading Israel towards independence from the United States.”

My Comment: I think that whether this is correct or not, we can stand against any threat and win only if we are united. When we unite, the unique power of unity appears among us, the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light), the Upper Light, which shields us and transforms enemies into friends. Everything depends on us!

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You Cannot Take A Vacation From Yourself

Laitman_407_01The method of Kabbalah allows us to really achieve a harmonious, balanced state. With its help, we find contentment, not in lowering ourselves from the human to the animate level like during a vacation.

Usually, a person goes on vacation to think about nothing, to disconnect from daily news, that is, to separate himself from human society with its problems.

He doesn’t worry about food or family concerns—only about what to bring pleasure to his physical body: to sunbathe on the beach, swim in the sea, then to have dinner, after dinner a little nap, in the evening to sit in a coffee shop to talk, drink beer or wine, to dance—everything is quiet, serene. The next day is the same thing; a person lowers himself to the level of an animal.

He does not advance anywhere this way, but acts just to benefit his body with comfortable bodily sensations. Nothing but this concerns him. This is the same degree as that of a cat basking in the sun that behaves in the same way.

It is good to relax like this if a person is capable of it. But we are approaching such forms of development of the world where a person cannot be satisfied with this.

On the other hand, life will become so difficult that we will not be able to afford to go on vacation. The crisis will intensify. The times when people took time off and traveled around the globe will be over. All the hotels around the world will be empty.

The process of evolution, which is controlled by one egoistic force, will lead us to the full realization of evil. We will see that we are at the mercy of the evil force and can do nothing about it. We have all the potential to turn this world into paradise, but there is one evil ruler who does not let us live happily.

Hotels and beaches will become empty. Everything seems to be arranged for our pleasure, but we will not be able to enjoy this; we will have neither the desire nor money for this. Thus, we will become aware of the need to reveal the positive force, which will balance the evil.

All over the world there will be increasing tension, conflicts between countries, clashes, revolutions, murders, violence, and terror. The globe will shake so much as if it has gone mad. Why do we need all this, what for? No one will have an answer. The evil force will rule over us in everything.

Gradually, we will realize that we must reveal the positive force. For this, we will need the wisdom of Kabbalah that allows the Creator to be revealed by created beings in this world. We will not be able to accomplish this without it.

Meanwhile, the upper management hides the force of good from us and reveals the evil, egoistic force more. This will continue until we demand from it to reveal the good force. Then people will be drawn to Kabbalah and will feel the need for it. They will have the patience and desire to grasp this science because without it our life will become worse than death.

If we turn to the wisdom of Kabbalah, then with its help we begin to reveal the positive force of nature, which is manifested in our connection with each other. This happens very fast, like a miracle. As soon as we try to unite as a group, we will immediately reveal the power of good that is able to balance the force of evil.

We feel that a good force is added to our lives. And having two forces can bring order to our lives. It’s impossible to cancel or reduce one force at the expense of another, but it is always possible to arrange them to remain in equilibrium between these two forces and advance.

This is the practical application of the wisdom of Kabbalah that we need to learn.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/18/14

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Only A Unity Day, Part 2—There Are No Options Without Unity

laitman_947Question: Recently Israel celebrated Unity Day. The government announced it and people went out to the streets, sat in circles and discussed the current state of the nation. These discussion circles took place in universities, various organizations, and city squares. It seems that we are working in the right direction, so what is the problem?

Answer: The problem is that unity shouldn’t last only one day. Unity has to be our constant state. We need true internal unity when people feel close to one another and warmly connected. We will have to work hard on our egoism, but without that we will not be able to live as a nation, even without the international boycott. We can live in this land only if we fulfill our true essence as the nation of Israel.

If we give in to external pressure and accept the demands imposed on us, the outcome is predetermined. After all, those who initiate them basically want to destroy the state and the nation and send us in every which way and take over the space that will be vacated here. Taking this into account, Unity Day is certainly better than nothing at all, but it can also have negative implications if it confuses people and leads them to believe that they have already done it and that there is no need to unite further, after all, they spent a whole day on it.

On the other hand, we have simply polished our pride for the time being by demonstrating a noble initiative. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any unity and I don’t feel that our nation is soldered into one whole. On the contrary, people are submerged in alienation, distancing from one another, hating each other. We don’t need one day in a year but a whole education system that deals with that. We need to regard our divided state as a national problem. We should use all the media channels to guide the nation in the right direction and to show people how to actually unite.

Even if we don’t have any spiritual aspirations, we are trying to resemble the spiritual world through our unity. But first and foremost, people must understand that we will not survive if we are not united.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.28.15

Writings of Rabash “Rungs of the Ladder,” “Purpose of Society-2”

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Youth And Beauty Of The Soul

laitman_537Question: Why are so many people concerned lately about their appearance that they are willing to spend so much money to look younger and more beautiful?

Answer: In the old days, people did not give much importance to appearance. However, in today’s world, it has become very important because we are developing in our egoism and it increasingly binds us to the physical, material life.

Our ego wants to become similar in this material life to the spiritual world. Egoism is developing so much that it promises to provide us with the best life, to extend it endlessly to give us enjoyment and to look attractive, young, and strong in the eyes of others.

The general process of evolution, according to the program inherent in us, leads us so that we rise to the new degree of development, the spiritual one, and begin to live in the form of forces, spiritual qualities, not physical bodies, experiencing life only through the body.

To move to a higher level of existence, we first must make sure that we do not expect anything good from our bodily life. It can be neither eternal nor happy, and all its acquisitions are worthless.

Therefore, we must go through all kinds of states—the pursuit of wealth, honor, power, knowledge, and external beauty—to disclose the complete insignificance of these desires, that they bring no fulfillment. It is impossible to reach full and eternal contentment with life through them.

This is a time when we seemingly chase eternal life. In other words, we are trying to keep eternal youth. But as a result of this race and much wasted effort, we are to understand that this goal has no real value.

It is impossible to achieve either eternal life or true inner fulfillment in this way. The desire to look young and beautiful is given to us so that having been disappointed in it we would choose a higher goal.

This higher goal is really eternal. By reaching it we begin to live not in our physical bodies but in desires, aspirations, and intentions.

The desire to preserve eternal youth is just a certain stage of our development. After that, there will be the fashion to freeze one’s bodies, hoping to revive them in the future when more advanced technologies will emerge. But even in this approach we are destined to become disillusioned and realize that this is not the solution.

All of these efforts are intended to lead us to the fact that there is no choice; we must rise to the next level of existence, that is, to make the transition from life in the body to life within the soul. All our life is pushing us toward this goal.

All our life values—food, sex, family, money, honor, knowledge ,and all the fulfillments of this world—are designed to disappoint us and aim us to the only direction, which is to lead us from existence in the physical body to life in the soul.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/6/15

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The Right Means To Fight The Boycott

laitman_937I am sure that all of our efforts in dissemination under the conditions of the growing external threat will spur the Israeli nation to find out what nature demands of us and why the entire world regards the Jews in such a negative manner.

People will feel that what’s important isn’t merely to escape their problems but to know the reason for them. But only the wisdom of Kabbalah can explain the reason for all the evil, and it also can provide the means for its correction.

There is no other method to overcome evil except the internal connection and unity of the Israeli nation. A person shouldn’t simply hear that, but should feel it in his heart. We must spread this message to every individual and to the entire nation, uniting everyone together. Then, all the sanctions and boycotting of Israel will come to an end, otherwise the whole world will engage in just that.

People will not be able to understand why everyone picks on us and focuses on us, although there are so many other problems in Japan, in China, conflicts between India and Pakistan, between Russia and the Ukraine, Europe is falling apart and cannot sustain the common European market, and there is a terrible crisis in the US. The entire world will be in a crisis, but at the same time, everyone will focus on Israel and blame it. Infinite conventions, assemblies and congresses all over the world will deal only with the issue of Israel as if it were the greatest problem for everyone.

Indeed, the upper forces and the upper providence focus all the nations in the world in this direction against Israel, and soon they will not let us breathe. It will not be a mere boycott anymore, but a real blockade. And this can only be opposed by the connection and unity between us.

The moment the nation of Israel connects and unites, everything suddenly will quiet down. The moment we cease to unite and disconnect, the problems immediately will restart. This is how our world advances, by continuous ascents and descents from one level to the next, until we attain the correction.

This process is described in allegorical language by the prophets as wars in which one side is winning and then the other, but eventually the outcome depends only on the connection of the Jewish people in the land of Israel that will bring about a change in the entire world. Thanks to that, the Jewish people will be the first to get close to the upper force, and then the entire world will follow them.

All of this will unfold right before our very eyes. Therefore, it is so important to disseminate the method of correction among the Jews in America, all over the world, and especially in Israel. Everyone must know why and how everything happens.

The major work will take place in Israel in order to connect and unite the nation and explain our special role to the people. This connection is the remedy for all the problems in Israel and in the entire world. The only problem is that we are distant from the Creator, from the upper force that created us. By connecting, we get closer to Him so we should do anything that is in our power!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/15, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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The Wisdom For The Existence Of The Jewish People

laitman_232_06The system created by our father Abraham constantly developed above the growing egoism in each of his students. They were called Hebrews (Ivrim), from the word “Ever,” “over” (passage).

A Hebrew is one who crosses the border of the egoism, of hatred, mutual rejection, and enters into the highest altruistic connection with people who have risen above their egos.

This is what Abraham taught his disciples. He explained to them how to rise above the ego and use it to continue to ascend, because it is only thanks to the ever-ascending ego that we can build our state above it and thus climb step-by-step until we begin to feel the hidden altruistic forces of nature.

The egoistic force is in us, whereas we need to discover and develop the altruistic force within us. Then we begin to work in balancing them with each other. When we cultivate altruism together with the growing ego, we constantly advance, as if on two legs, and then we can explore the surrounding expanse.

Thus was born the wisdom of Kabbalah, telling the story of the world order, based on the interaction of two opposing forces. A person using these two forces becomes the third line. This is the wisdom of the Jewish people. Such techniques are found with no one else.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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Light From The Depth Of The Well

laitman_424_02As it is written in The Book of Zohar: When a Cohen stood up below, he spread his hands, all the sacred Sefirot above were awakened and corrected to be blessed and receive Light from the depth of the well of Bina that constantly comes down to them. And the blessings don’t stop; they come down and turn into sources for all the worlds.

A Cohen (priest) is the upper part of the spiritual structure called a Partzuf. When he stands up and spreads his hands, his blessing comes down from above to Malchut. In this way, she is awakened below, and then all the characteristics of Malchut ascend from below to above with bestowal and love. They ascend to the upper worlds.

All of the Sefirot from Bina to Malchut are called a “well.” The more that Malchut is connected to Bina, this well is alive and flowing. Otherwise, it is just a pit without any water. If the well is full of water, but it is covered with a stone, it means you must carry out particular conditions to open it and draw water from it.

In the Torah, the meeting of the patriarchs with their future wives almost always happened next to a well. If the woman accepted water from the hands of the man, this meant that she was appropriate for him because water is the connection between Malchut and Bina. In this way, by means of the upper and lower waters, mutual interaction took place between them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/28/15

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