The Wisdom For The Existence Of The Jewish People

laitman_232_06The system created by our father Abraham constantly developed above the growing egoism in each of his students. They were called Hebrews (Ivrim), from the word “Ever,” “over” (passage).

A Hebrew is one who crosses the border of the egoism, of hatred, mutual rejection, and enters into the highest altruistic connection with people who have risen above their egos.

This is what Abraham taught his disciples. He explained to them how to rise above the ego and use it to continue to ascend, because it is only thanks to the ever-ascending ego that we can build our state above it and thus climb step-by-step until we begin to feel the hidden altruistic forces of nature.

The egoistic force is in us, whereas we need to discover and develop the altruistic force within us. Then we begin to work in balancing them with each other. When we cultivate altruism together with the growing ego, we constantly advance, as if on two legs, and then we can explore the surrounding expanse.

Thus was born the wisdom of Kabbalah, telling the story of the world order, based on the interaction of two opposing forces. A person using these two forces becomes the third line. This is the wisdom of the Jewish people. Such techniques are found with no one else.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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