The Right Means To Fight The Boycott

laitman_937I am sure that all of our efforts in dissemination under the conditions of the growing external threat will spur the Israeli nation to find out what nature demands of us and why the entire world regards the Jews in such a negative manner.

People will feel that what’s important isn’t merely to escape their problems but to know the reason for them. But only the wisdom of Kabbalah can explain the reason for all the evil, and it also can provide the means for its correction.

There is no other method to overcome evil except the internal connection and unity of the Israeli nation. A person shouldn’t simply hear that, but should feel it in his heart. We must spread this message to every individual and to the entire nation, uniting everyone together. Then, all the sanctions and boycotting of Israel will come to an end, otherwise the whole world will engage in just that.

People will not be able to understand why everyone picks on us and focuses on us, although there are so many other problems in Japan, in China, conflicts between India and Pakistan, between Russia and the Ukraine, Europe is falling apart and cannot sustain the common European market, and there is a terrible crisis in the US. The entire world will be in a crisis, but at the same time, everyone will focus on Israel and blame it. Infinite conventions, assemblies and congresses all over the world will deal only with the issue of Israel as if it were the greatest problem for everyone.

Indeed, the upper forces and the upper providence focus all the nations in the world in this direction against Israel, and soon they will not let us breathe. It will not be a mere boycott anymore, but a real blockade. And this can only be opposed by the connection and unity between us.

The moment the nation of Israel connects and unites, everything suddenly will quiet down. The moment we cease to unite and disconnect, the problems immediately will restart. This is how our world advances, by continuous ascents and descents from one level to the next, until we attain the correction.

This process is described in allegorical language by the prophets as wars in which one side is winning and then the other, but eventually the outcome depends only on the connection of the Jewish people in the land of Israel that will bring about a change in the entire world. Thanks to that, the Jewish people will be the first to get close to the upper force, and then the entire world will follow them.

All of this will unfold right before our very eyes. Therefore, it is so important to disseminate the method of correction among the Jews in America, all over the world, and especially in Israel. Everyone must know why and how everything happens.

The major work will take place in Israel in order to connect and unite the nation and explain our special role to the people. This connection is the remedy for all the problems in Israel and in the entire world. The only problem is that we are distant from the Creator, from the upper force that created us. By connecting, we get closer to Him so we should do anything that is in our power!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/15, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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