Abraham’s Method—The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

From “Who Are You, People of Israel”:

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to unearth nature’s positive force and balance our egos.  It argues that it is predefined in nature’s plan that in the end, all parts of nature, including human society, will achieve unity.

Israel Means Straight to the Creator

Abraham’s disciples called themselves Yisrael (Israel) after their desire to go Yashar El (straight to God, the Creator). That is, they wished to discover nature’s force of unity so as to balance the ego that stood between them. Through their unity, they found themselves immersed in the force of unity, the upper force.

Israel called the state of connection to nature’s upper force that they had discovered “the upper world.” They also learned that in the process of human development, the rest of the Babylonians—who followed Nimrod’s advice, dispersed throughout the world, and have become today’s humanity—would also have to achieve unity. That contradiction between the people of Israel, which formed through unity, and the rest of humanity, which formed as a result of separation, is felt even today.

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