Genuine Peace Rather Than A Temporary Calm

laitman_572_03Question: Is it possible to achieve the same harmonious balanced state to which the study of Kabbalah leads just by going on vacation to rest?

Answer: As long as a person is not sufficiently developed he can simply go on vacation and be satisfied. He travels away from the city, leaving his job, competition, disconnecting from news, and calms down.

But we are talking about people who become aware that they are dominated by the evil egoistic force. Here, a vacation will not help because a person feels that he cannot rest peacefully. He cannot get rid of the thought that his empty life is slipping by, which will end without any benefit.

A person becomes desperate that he cannot realize himself in life. He cannot lie in a deck chair by the pool or the sea and enjoy. Egoism, the desire to enjoy, is burning in him, not letting him rest. He does not see where he could fulfill himself. His life is empty.

We see that today this mood is very common judging by the quantity of drugs and antidepressants humanity consumes. Everyone suffers, but many already have come to the realization we must get out of this dead end.

Here, you can explain that there is a solution, not just a sedative suppressing the evil force temporarily and letting our animal body rest like a cat who basks in the sun and thinks of nothing.

The method of Kabbalah allows us to reveal the positive force of nature and establish balance between the two forces, negative and positive, combining the plus and minus in oneself. When the plus and minus come into balance, then between them we discover the spiritual world, a higher dimension, our next state, the future world.

Then, we see ourselves not in this world lying on the beach under the sun by the sea, not surrounded by material objects like stones, plants, animals, and people, but existing in the field of forces that govern our world. We rise to the level of these forces, and there find the source of happiness and fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/18/14

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  1. until minus and plus supposingly come to balance what does method of kabbalah do to their brain?

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