How To Get Rid Of Chronic Fatigue?

559Question: In recent decades, many have developed chronic fatigue syndrome even after long rest and sleep. The causes of the disease are still unknown, and accordingly, there is no effective treatment. A number of researchers believe that viruses are the triggers of this disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes enormous damage to people and the economy. In Britain alone, it affects 250,000 people and costs the economy billions of pounds.

People are literally bedridden in their place of residence in bed, and do not know what to do about it. Where do they get the strength to live?

Answer: This problem arises on purpose, so that we find the real meaning of life and not waste it on trifles.

Therefore, we feel that we have no reason to live without a purpose. Everyone can have their own, but we must find it. Our evolution is to develop egoism in us, which requires fulfillment. And there is no filling, we must look for it ourselves. Therefore, it turns out that on one hand, we are so selfish, and on the other hand, so empty. Thus the problem appears.

Along with the growth of egoism, we need to constantly look for something to fill it with, and something creative, really respected. Therefore, we should not feed people with sedatives. Apathy, detachment, and all kinds of problems today are very common in the world precisely because of the growth of egoism, and we, people, cannot give it the right saturation.

Selfishness requires only one thing from us: Give me the meaning of life! Otherwise, why should I live? This is the problem. We must find the meaning of life and offer it to everyone. Let everyone find it, not in the little things that make us forget our troubles but do not fill us.

I think that humanity will find the meaning of life. I personally found it. But I cannot offer this to everyone. Whoever wishes, I invite you.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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The Pursuit Of Excellence

592.01Question: Perfectionism, as a rule, manifests in three forms: when a person demands perfection only from himself, when he demands perfection in everything and from everyone around him, and when he feels pressure from society for him to be perfect. Experts note that in quarantine, in these new conditions, a person constantly makes mistakes, and perfectionism or an aspiration for it can, on the contrary, harm him, literally bring him to a nervous breakdown.

To be a perfectionist now, is it good or bad?

Answer: I believe that a person should not limit himself. If he has a desire for something, he needs to realize it. You should not try to make yourself simpler, thinking that then it will be supposedly better. No.

Find your favorite thing to do, occupy yourself with it, try to add some greater note of interest in your work, invest yourself, and you’ll see that life begins to acquire additional colors. You can raise yourself on a very different tonality of life. It all depends only on you.

So, don’t look at this pandemic. It pushes you toward something new and you have to figure out what it is, as if the Creator, nature, asks you a riddle and you solve it.

And you will see that there could not be anything bad in the world. Everything is going only increasingly up toward education, upbringing, development. This is how we will move forward. In every case that nature presents us, on the contrary, I see an opportunity for something new.

Question: And if I want the maximum in every moment, is that good?

Answer: Why not? It is a human desire contrary to an animal. I want to live to the maximum, and it doesn’t matter to me whether there is a pandemic or not. I want to realize myself as much as possible in any condition that I receive from nature, I don’t have another opportunity and will not have it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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I Am Used To Hugging Everyone

962.3Question: A resident of the UK wrote in one of the social networks, “I think people should always hug each other. I love hugging people but I have not been able to do it for seven weeks. Being stuck alone in a small enclosed space without even being able to go outside is terrible! I have to put a lot of effort into maintaining my mental balance. Until last Thursday, I somehow was holding on, but then it got really bad.”

He is one of nine million Brits who admit that even in normal life outside of quarantine, they constantly feel lonely. How can we be alone but not be lonely?

Answer: He should get married, have children, a family, or at least pets. This is everything that a person needs in general. I know that some people during the pandemic began to take care of flowers and grow greenery. Others, on the contrary, spend more time with animals and so on. What can I tell him? Get married so you have someone to hug.

Question: In principle, can the immediate environment that a person forms save him from such problems?

Answer: Of course. What does it mean that he is used to hugging everyone? Did he stand in the middle of the street and hug people, especially considering he is British? It does not look like it. You can’t go anywhere, so find a partner and hug him or her.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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Who Should Run The Virtual Community?

961.2Question: How do you think the virtual community should be managed and by whom?

Answer: It should be a special spiritual organ that will regulate all properties, all types and forms of our communication. It should be above everything else and represent a cohort of great Kabbalistic thinkers who could give commands to the world, and the world would understand that it is desirable to listen to them.

Question: What about those horizontal connections that we have today are no longer working?

Answer: Those laws that are being established today in connection between everyone are purely selfish, purely forceful laws.

Question: Could a virtual world government be created in the future?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/7/20

281.02Question: Do you like to meet new people?

Answer: More or less.

Question: What do you think is the most disgusting feeling?

Answer: The most disgusting feeling is when a person refuses to accept another person’s position.

Question: Why is gossip the force that destroys relations between people?

Answer: It is because people are made of pure egoism that is absolutely stiff.

Question: What are you proud of?

Answer: I have nothing to be proud of in particular, perhaps the fact that I can sometimes ascend above myself.

Question: Who are the people living today that you respect and why?

Answer: I respect all the people who are looking for the right way of life, what it comes down to, the goal it is leading us to, and for what purpose. It is as if a person pushes a heavy cart his whole life, trying to find a meaning.

Question: Do you respect your students?

Answer: Yes, I respect the attribute that nature has given them of wanting to attain the goal of life.

Question: Do you respect yourself?

Answer: Only what I was given by nature as an opportunity to develop.

Question: Do you display your emotions openly or do you restrain yourself?

Answer: Neither, I simply act the way I am.

Question: How do you protect yourself from the great respect that you receive from others?

Answer: I don’t feel it.

Question: Which feeling of the whole spectrum of emotions and feelings that you have prevents you from uniting?

Answer: Not feeling the greatness of the Creator on high levels. I really want to attain this feeling, but I don’t have it yet. This prevents me from advancing.

Question: What is the main attribute that helps you attain your goal in life?

Answer: Persistence in attaining the goal. Whatever happens I advance toward it.

Question: Shame is the most hated feeling for a person. Can you recommend how to control this feeling?

Answer: Accept it.

Question: How should one respond to the expression of love and respect from other people?

Answer: He should try to lower it by humility, since it prevents a person from advancing. A person does not need to be
too emotional about the good or evil around him, for him, or for his sake.

Question: What is friendship for you?

Answer: Friendship is a feeling of connecting to others in order to attain the goal of life.

Question: What are you willing to do for a friend?

Answer: To work with him toward attaining this goal.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Nature’s Reaction To Human Relationships

294.2Question: A norm becomes truly moral only when the requirement contained within it is realized by the person as an internal command to himself. Under what conditions does this happen?

Answer: In order for a person to reach such a level, he must be raised, shown that it works this way, and then from what actually exists around him, he will see that he cannot act otherwise. We must achieve this state.

Now, we are moving toward the realization that our interactions, whether good or evil, have tremendous impact on the whole of nature. It is not even necessary that our they are expressed in some kind of mechanical action since human thoughts also affect our states to a large extent.

Comment: Indeed, today, when we are in quarantine, we see how fragmented society is. There are the more selfish strata of society and the less so, the former observing the rules of quarantine and the latter not.

On the one hand, we understand that without mutual guarantee we will not be able to cope with the pandemic. On the other hand, nobody wants to give in. There is no general culture or general education.

My Response: Because we do not see an obvious interaction or an explicit reaction from nature to our bad relationships.

Comment: We do see! People are dying! This is already clearly visible.

My Response: But I do not see this in personal examples. I don’t see that if I scold someone then, the next day, I die, myself. Therefore, we must come to such a development that a person feels that his evil attitude toward another kills both himself and his opponent.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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Social Networks As A Place To Express Emotions

962.8Question: If before a person was overwhelmed with some positive or negative emotions and could share them with several friends, today he or she can share them with millions of people. Does this opportunity develop us as people?

Answer: No, this is nonsense like what happens in kindergarten. What does a person share? What emotions do others get from him or her? How do they react to this? All of this is at a primitive level and does not mean anything. After all, what guides each of us is just everyday egoism.

Question: It is becoming increasingly difficult to express one’s thoughts and emotions verbally, especially for the younger generation. In addition, many are embarrassed by spelling illiteracy, so people use emoticons, likes, and other symbols. Do you think we are going back to cave times or is this some kind of development?

Answer: I think it’s a good thing. These are not cave times.

In cave times, there were no restrictions on the transmission of information except for technical ones. Today, there is a restriction on the transfer of information because the information itself simply does not exist; it is very flat. Therefore, it fits into emoticons without any problems.

The degradation is not due to the emoticons but by itself. Emoticons are the by-product of this degradation.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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Moral Conventions And Laws Of Nature

125Question: Social norms can be divided into several types. There are ethical standards such as giving up your seat to the elderly on public transportation. There are legal regulations such as the prohibition of smoking in public places. There are religious norms regarding the fulfillment of some types of commandments. There are political norms pertaining to establishing certain laws. There are also aesthetic standards, etc.

You often say that love for one’s friend is a law of nature. What is the difference between moral conventions and laws of nature?

Answer: Moral conventions are the laws of human behavior at a given moment. If, in the past, harsh methods of communication were considered proper, even to the point of treating each other cruelly, later these norms changed and became softer, and then even more friendly and so on.

As egoism grew, man kept developing a code of moral norms in order to co-exist with each other more correctly. Thus, we arrived at our present state. In principle, this is the same egoism that governs us and dictates all the norms of our interconnection.

Question: So if norms keep changing throughout history, they cannot be attributed to the laws of nature? After all, if it is a law of nature, it should not change.

Answer: Over time, our egoism changes and we change along with it and establish new laws accordingly.

Question: Who determines whether love for one’s friend is a law or not?

Answer: We don’t define anything. We can only uncover this law of nature and reveal that it exists. In the measure that we recognize how universal it is, we begin to apply it in our lives.

Love of friends is nevertheless a law. It is above us. Therefore, the level of our development dictates how much we want to implement it.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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Preparation Of Egoism For Future Changes

294.2Question: Why has it taken humanity such a long time to get to equitable conditions and equality of all before the law? Also, although it is not spiritual equality, do you still see some progress in this?

Answer: Yes, I do see some progress. It has taken humanity such a long time to get to the current state because we work with egoism. At the lower stages of its development, egoism is really impenetrable. It has taken thousands of years to somehow prepare it for future changes.

We do not yet feel these changes, but soon they will begin to manifest themselves. We will see how at different stages of human development, at different historical stages, we were preparing ourselves for these changes. We can get through them.

The fact that everything has been distributed in such a way over time only indicates that nature understands who it is dealing with and knows how to do everything according to the law of its intrinsic development.

It is necessary to gradually bring egoism to an awareness of the need for ethical, moral, and eventually spiritual changes.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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Everything Stems From Egoism

959Question: There are two main principles of virtual communities.

First: free horizontal connection, everyone can communicate with everyone without an intermediary.

Second: an opportunity for everyone to find their own place, that is, to become a completely different person, not like in reality.

Do you think these principles will help a person in personal or spiritual development? After all, today we have the opportunity to communicate with everyone, and I can communicate with millions.

Answer: On the one hand, this certainly is a good thing. But the point is how we use it. You are talking about technical capabilities. But what do they contain? That is the problem.

Question: The Internet allows a person to act as if from a distance, without being physically present in society, and make some contacts, interactions, communication. Is this a manifestation of the growing egoism?

Answer: Everything stems from egoism, there is nothing else here. We must understand that we cannot escape from ourselves, from our nature. As soon as we start to correct it systematically, we will naturally come to a qualitatively new type of connection between us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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