Nature’s Reaction To Human Relationships

294.2Question: A norm becomes truly moral only when the requirement contained within it is realized by the person as an internal command to himself. Under what conditions does this happen?

Answer: In order for a person to reach such a level, he must be raised, shown that it works this way, and then from what actually exists around him, he will see that he cannot act otherwise. We must achieve this state.

Now, we are moving toward the realization that our interactions, whether good or evil, have tremendous impact on the whole of nature. It is not even necessary that our they are expressed in some kind of mechanical action since human thoughts also affect our states to a large extent.

Comment: Indeed, today, when we are in quarantine, we see how fragmented society is. There are the more selfish strata of society and the less so, the former observing the rules of quarantine and the latter not.

On the one hand, we understand that without mutual guarantee we will not be able to cope with the pandemic. On the other hand, nobody wants to give in. There is no general culture or general education.

My Response: Because we do not see an obvious interaction or an explicit reaction from nature to our bad relationships.

Comment: We do see! People are dying! This is already clearly visible.

My Response: But I do not see this in personal examples. I don’t see that if I scold someone then, the next day, I die, myself. Therefore, we must come to such a development that a person feels that his evil attitude toward another kills both himself and his opponent.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/9/20

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