Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 8/7/20

281.02Question: Do you like to meet new people?

Answer: More or less.

Question: What do you think is the most disgusting feeling?

Answer: The most disgusting feeling is when a person refuses to accept another person’s position.

Question: Why is gossip the force that destroys relations between people?

Answer: It is because people are made of pure egoism that is absolutely stiff.

Question: What are you proud of?

Answer: I have nothing to be proud of in particular, perhaps the fact that I can sometimes ascend above myself.

Question: Who are the people living today that you respect and why?

Answer: I respect all the people who are looking for the right way of life, what it comes down to, the goal it is leading us to, and for what purpose. It is as if a person pushes a heavy cart his whole life, trying to find a meaning.

Question: Do you respect your students?

Answer: Yes, I respect the attribute that nature has given them of wanting to attain the goal of life.

Question: Do you respect yourself?

Answer: Only what I was given by nature as an opportunity to develop.

Question: Do you display your emotions openly or do you restrain yourself?

Answer: Neither, I simply act the way I am.

Question: How do you protect yourself from the great respect that you receive from others?

Answer: I don’t feel it.

Question: Which feeling of the whole spectrum of emotions and feelings that you have prevents you from uniting?

Answer: Not feeling the greatness of the Creator on high levels. I really want to attain this feeling, but I don’t have it yet. This prevents me from advancing.

Question: What is the main attribute that helps you attain your goal in life?

Answer: Persistence in attaining the goal. Whatever happens I advance toward it.

Question: Shame is the most hated feeling for a person. Can you recommend how to control this feeling?

Answer: Accept it.

Question: How should one respond to the expression of love and respect from other people?

Answer: He should try to lower it by humility, since it prevents a person from advancing. A person does not need to be
too emotional about the good or evil around him, for him, or for his sake.

Question: What is friendship for you?

Answer: Friendship is a feeling of connecting to others in order to attain the goal of life.

Question: What are you willing to do for a friend?

Answer: To work with him toward attaining this goal.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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