Social Networks As A Place To Express Emotions

962.8Question: If before a person was overwhelmed with some positive or negative emotions and could share them with several friends, today he or she can share them with millions of people. Does this opportunity develop us as people?

Answer: No, this is nonsense like what happens in kindergarten. What does a person share? What emotions do others get from him or her? How do they react to this? All of this is at a primitive level and does not mean anything. After all, what guides each of us is just everyday egoism.

Question: It is becoming increasingly difficult to express one’s thoughts and emotions verbally, especially for the younger generation. In addition, many are embarrassed by spelling illiteracy, so people use emoticons, likes, and other symbols. Do you think we are going back to cave times or is this some kind of development?

Answer: I think it’s a good thing. These are not cave times.

In cave times, there were no restrictions on the transmission of information except for technical ones. Today, there is a restriction on the transfer of information because the information itself simply does not exist; it is very flat. Therefore, it fits into emoticons without any problems.

The degradation is not due to the emoticons but by itself. Emoticons are the by-product of this degradation.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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