The Pursuit Of Excellence

592.01Question: Perfectionism, as a rule, manifests in three forms: when a person demands perfection only from himself, when he demands perfection in everything and from everyone around him, and when he feels pressure from society for him to be perfect. Experts note that in quarantine, in these new conditions, a person constantly makes mistakes, and perfectionism or an aspiration for it can, on the contrary, harm him, literally bring him to a nervous breakdown.

To be a perfectionist now, is it good or bad?

Answer: I believe that a person should not limit himself. If he has a desire for something, he needs to realize it. You should not try to make yourself simpler, thinking that then it will be supposedly better. No.

Find your favorite thing to do, occupy yourself with it, try to add some greater note of interest in your work, invest yourself, and you’ll see that life begins to acquire additional colors. You can raise yourself on a very different tonality of life. It all depends only on you.

So, don’t look at this pandemic. It pushes you toward something new and you have to figure out what it is, as if the Creator, nature, asks you a riddle and you solve it.

And you will see that there could not be anything bad in the world. Everything is going only increasingly up toward education, upbringing, development. This is how we will move forward. In every case that nature presents us, on the contrary, I see an opportunity for something new.

Question: And if I want the maximum in every moment, is that good?

Answer: Why not? It is a human desire contrary to an animal. I want to live to the maximum, and it doesn’t matter to me whether there is a pandemic or not. I want to realize myself as much as possible in any condition that I receive from nature, I don’t have another opportunity and will not have it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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