How To Get Rid Of Chronic Fatigue?

559Question: In recent decades, many have developed chronic fatigue syndrome even after long rest and sleep. The causes of the disease are still unknown, and accordingly, there is no effective treatment. A number of researchers believe that viruses are the triggers of this disease.

Chronic fatigue syndrome causes enormous damage to people and the economy. In Britain alone, it affects 250,000 people and costs the economy billions of pounds.

People are literally bedridden in their place of residence in bed, and do not know what to do about it. Where do they get the strength to live?

Answer: This problem arises on purpose, so that we find the real meaning of life and not waste it on trifles.

Therefore, we feel that we have no reason to live without a purpose. Everyone can have their own, but we must find it. Our evolution is to develop egoism in us, which requires fulfillment. And there is no filling, we must look for it ourselves. Therefore, it turns out that on one hand, we are so selfish, and on the other hand, so empty. Thus the problem appears.

Along with the growth of egoism, we need to constantly look for something to fill it with, and something creative, really respected. Therefore, we should not feed people with sedatives. Apathy, detachment, and all kinds of problems today are very common in the world precisely because of the growth of egoism, and we, people, cannot give it the right saturation.

Selfishness requires only one thing from us: Give me the meaning of life! Otherwise, why should I live? This is the problem. We must find the meaning of life and offer it to everyone. Let everyone find it, not in the little things that make us forget our troubles but do not fill us.

I think that humanity will find the meaning of life. I personally found it. But I cannot offer this to everyone. Whoever wishes, I invite you.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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