I Am Used To Hugging Everyone

962.3Question: A resident of the UK wrote in one of the social networks, “I think people should always hug each other. I love hugging people but I have not been able to do it for seven weeks. Being stuck alone in a small enclosed space without even being able to go outside is terrible! I have to put a lot of effort into maintaining my mental balance. Until last Thursday, I somehow was holding on, but then it got really bad.”

He is one of nine million Brits who admit that even in normal life outside of quarantine, they constantly feel lonely. How can we be alone but not be lonely?

Answer: He should get married, have children, a family, or at least pets. This is everything that a person needs in general. I know that some people during the pandemic began to take care of flowers and grow greenery. Others, on the contrary, spend more time with animals and so on. What can I tell him? Get married so you have someone to hug.

Question: In principle, can the immediate environment that a person forms save him from such problems?

Answer: Of course. What does it mean that he is used to hugging everyone? Did he stand in the middle of the street and hug people, especially considering he is British? It does not look like it. You can’t go anywhere, so find a partner and hug him or her.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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