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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/16/19, Part 2

laitman_281.02Question: How can you understand that the soul was born and is developing?

Answer: The fact is that you get a very vivid sensation, a filling, awareness of its existence, which leaves no doubt that it has happened and is happening.

Question: Is it possible to develop too fast? Is there a recommended time limit?

Answer: There is no limit, develop as quickly as possible.

Question: Can I study Kabbalah on my own?

Answer: No, I do not recommend that. You will get confused and will not understand anything.

Question: How many people are aware of these things in life?

Answer: There are very few. But in terms of quality, they are much higher and more accomplished than others; they overshadow everyone else.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/16/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/16/19, Part 1

laitman_961.1Question: What is independent spiritual life?

Answer: It is the ability to analyze and examine all of your states and choose which one of them is the best and most correct one.

Question: What does it mean to take responsibility for my actions if the Creator manages everything? According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, is it my responsibility to understand and analyze what the Creator is doing with me?

Answer: You are responsible for your actions within the framework of the freedom of choice given to you as if the Creator were in your place.

Question: Who are the spiritual father and mother of the soul?

Answer: The spiritual father and mother are systems in the spiritual world, which are also called Aba ve Ima (father and mother). The two systems give birth to my soul and I exist under their management.

Question: When is the pursuit of knowledge corporeal and when is it spiritual?

Answer: It all depends on why you seek knowledge. If you strive to know how to connect with others and help them attain adhesion with the Creator, it is spiritual. If it is the opposite, it is physical.

Question: Is there a law in nature that good states help to forget the bad states?

Answer: In principle, yes. But not in Kabbalah. In Kabbalah, everything is connected and ultimately you begin to comprehend this as one good, general, and integral. Moreover, there is nothing bad. If you practice Kabbalah, you fall and rise over and over again, and all of your descents are considered ascents. There is nothing negative.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 6/16/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 5/12/19

laitman_281.02Question: You have been on the path of correction for so many years. Can you say that you are a free person?

Answer: I don’t know if there is a free person in our world in the sense that you are asking the question. In fact, freedom as we understand it doesn’t exist. It is possible only when you know what the truth is and can act for the sake of it.

Question: To the degree that I become like the Creator, do I become free?

Answer: Without a doubt, because the influence of the Creator on us is the characteristic of bestowal. If you acquire it, then you understand the Creator and the Creator understands you. To this degree you become free from both your egoism and the influence of the environment.

Question: Does a degree of freedom exists as a state of freedom against the violence and coercion by the desires of another person or group of people?

Answer: No, we almost always are affected by other people. The whole question is which society I should situate myself in. If I put myself in a society that is advancing toward the right goal, submit to it, and obey it, then this is how I attain that goal. That is how we must realize our freedom.

Question: What is the difference between freedom of choice and freewill?

Answer: Freewill consists of choosing how to behave. Freedom of choice is the choice itself.

Question: From the point of view of Kabbalah, how accurate is Hegel’s postulate that “freedom is a conscious necessity”?

Answer: This is purely a small materialistic misconception.

Question: Are all the thoughts, desires and actions I perform generated by the Creator?

Answer: Right now, yes,  but when you begin to acquire a Masach (Screen), then the Creator will not do what He wants within you; instead, you will do what you want with the Creator.

Question: Everyone has his own personality. What is it?

Answer: The personality doesn’t bother us. All the same, you are carrying out your egoistic demands. So it doesn’t matter what your personality is. One person loves to eat, the second one likes to dance, a third wants to sleep. What difference does that make? In every case you are carrying out your desires.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 5/12/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/10/19

laitman_962.3Question: You talk about the education of a single European, a single person. What will be the basis for the upbringing of a new individual? Is Kabbalah the method that you propose? Where is the basis, the concept of your proposed path?

Answer: You just need to open the books of the wisdom of Kabbalah where everything is written, and read them.

Question: Who is the Creator? Something not from this world? So how can one induce Him for anything?

Answer: The Creator is not from this world, that is correct and accurate. He is the highest power of bestowal and love. He can bestow to you only to the degree that you want to instill the properties of bestowal and love in you. If you want to acquire the attitude of love and bestowal toward others, then you must turn to the Creator.

Question: What does the fulfillment of a desire mean?

Answer: The fulfillment of a desire means getting what I want. In our state, all of our desires are egoistic, and therefore, we do not receive their fulfillment. Even if we do get fulfillment, we discover later that we have become even emptier. This teaches us not to want to be fulfilled egotistically.

Question: Could the Jews have awakened without anti-Semitism?

Answer: Certainly not! That is why the Creator urges us to fulfill our destiny by inciting hatred toward Israel.

Question: What should little children of two or three years of age be taught first and foremost?

Answer: At the age of two or three, it is certainly too early to teach them anything. But you can try to teach them to be connected well with others.

Question: How does the Creator respond to your teaching us? Do you feel His response?

Answer: The Creator fully approves of me, He responds very well, and I feel this perfectly. I am not joking! You can do the same and discover it.

Question: I am an artist. Please tell me, why are visual arts necessary and will they be important in the future?

Answer: No, they are not very important and will not be important in the future. This is because people will discover an inner spiritual vision that cannot be expressed in any way but solely and only through our soul.

Question: Why should you care for others if you yourself need love? What I mean is, should I not care about myself first and foremost?

Answer: In this case you will never be able to satisfy yourself and you will never feel love. If you are in need of love, you must love others. Then you will begin to feel love for you.
From KabTV’s “Answers to Questions from Facebook” 3/10/19

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What Causes Anti-Semitism On The Left? (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: What causes anti-Semitism on the left?

Anti-Semitism emerged together with the emergence of the Jewish people in ancient Babylon about 4,000 years ago. Likewise, there are no causes of anti-Semitism specifically coming from the political left or right, as they both stem from the very causes of the phenomenon of anti-Semitism itself.

Hatred toward the Jewish people has been a regularly recurring phenomenon over the course of history, starting in ancient Babylon, and taking place in many additional ways to how it appears from a particular political standpoint.

What happened in ancient Babylon?

It was a time of great social turmoil marked by the shattering of the Tower of Babel, where the Babylonians felt an outburst of the human ego (desires for self-aimed benefit) and stopped understanding each other.

Due to the calling of the time, a Babylonian priest, Abraham, discovered a way of rising above humanity’s divisive inclinations to reveal the single and unified force of nature. He taught and promoted this method of uniting above divisions to whoever was interested.

Abraham called the people who gathered around him, “the people of Israel”: “Israel” from the words “Yashar Kel,” i.e., directed at the unified force of nature, God (according to Gematria, “nature” and “God” are one and the same).

Essentially, Abraham showed people a path to the discovery of the unified single force of nature via exercising relations of “love your neighbor as yourself” and “love will cover all transgressions” in society.

After attaining newfound unity above the social division of the time, the group that gathered around Abraham endured a further outgrowth of the ego over the following 200 years, which ruptured their unification.

This period became known as the “ruin of the Temples.”

The ego that grew in those times once again divided this people, as they failed to overcome it with positive connection.

Their hatred rose so much that Rabbi Akiva, who was the leader of the people of Israel during the ruin of the Second Temple, requested an end to the hatred. No one heard his calling, and consequentially the people of Israel dispersed.

Since their dispersion, the people of Israel have lived through a period of exile.

The people of Israel share no biological connection. They emerged based on an ideological connection as a people who realized “love your friend as yourself” and “love will cover all transgressions” upon the social division of the time. Without holding onto this ideological connection, they feel nothing holding them together.

However, if they are hated by other nations, then they assemble. On the contrary, if they’re not hated by other nations, then they continue dispersing around the world.

Today, the human ego has become overblown to enormous proportions. It stands behind the increasing division and hatred in societies, nations and between nations, and it becomes expressed as an ever-increasing amount of interest groups, parties and factions.

As social division intensifies, the increasing need for unity among the nations of the world becomes expressed as a feeling of hatred toward the people of Israel.

Why does such hatred appear specifically targeted at the people of Israel?

It surfaces naturally and justifiably, because since we once attained the heightened state of unity above division, we innately hold the method to be able to unite and thereby calm down the tensions abounding in the world.

Since we fail to yet realize this method of our unification, then we block unity from spreading to other nations. They feel its lack. The myriad problems and crises bubbling around the planet due to increasing social division further intensify the hatred and blame that fall upon the people of Israel.

Here, too, the people of Israel have an additional problem in that they’re unaware of what they’re not bringing to the world. Therefore, as anti-Semitic sentiment increases, neither anti-Semites nor Jews know how to point out the core reason for the phenomenon.

They point out leftist or rightist political views, from the State of Israel’s oppression of Palestine through to the Jews’ disproportionate influence on governments and the financial sector, in order to justify their hatred. But the hatred itself precedes the reasoning that it dresses.

If we continue developing without providing a method for uniting above the hatred, then we’re headed toward yet another Holocaust that will be not only in Europe, but worldwide.

We have the choice today to replace the goading, negative form of anti-Semitism with a new, positive form of unification above our differences.

By implementing our method to connect ourselves and people around the world, we would start opening up new sensations and perceptions of the reality we’re in, simultaneously bringing about harmony, happiness and peace in the world. If we will fail to do so, we will continue experiencing growing anti-Semitism.

It is my hope that we’ll start realizing the immensely valuable treasure we have in our hands: a method to unite and bring unity to humanity as a whole.

Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/28/19

Laitman_507.04Question: Is the depth of the connection with the Creator determined by recognizing my insignificance?

Answer: The depth of connection with the Creator is not determined only through this parameter. You are basing this assumption on: “For the Lord is high but He sees the lowly, and He chastises the haughty from afar.” (Psalms: 138:6). But what does “lowly” mean? It is not necessary to reduce yourself; rather, it is necessary to elevate the Creator. So, you elevate Him and ascend after Him; this is the most important thing.

Question: We are building a path between the future and the present. Does it depend on our efforts whether this path will be a thief (egoism) or a helper?

Answer: Of course it depends on us. The answer is hidden in the question itself. How must we act so that egoism will disappear? Only to the extent of our unity. The thief, meaning egoism, comes between us and does not make it possible to be completely connected with each other. This is where we begin to lose, falling into its hands.

Question: In military units where people train around the clock, work, and fight, there is always a very strong connection. Do they also have a higher illumination? How is that connection established?

Answer: No, it is nothing like that. There is no reason for them to somehow enter the upper world. They are not building a system of themselves in order to resemble the Creator.

Question: Can there be unconscious merging and attainment of unique states?

Answer: No. Nothing happens by chance.

Question: Sometimes I see that it is not worthwhile to do something in the present because it could cause unpleasantness in the future, but I cannot stop myself. What does a Kabbalist do? How does he stop himself?

Answer: A Kabbalist does not stop anything. In his own way, he does what is necessary to direct the entire world toward correction.

Question: What state are we in when we are asleep?

Answer: You are in a beastly state. There is nothing else.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/28/19

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laitman_963.6Question: How can we influence the friends to improve the connection between us?

Answer: We must show them an example of correct and good connection. That is how we influence them.

Question: If I have a desire that is not fulfilled by the teacher, how and with what can fulfill it? Is it necessary to understand the teacher?

Answer: You can set any goal that you want for yourself, achieve anything you want. However, this achievement must be in the ten, then there will be no limitations and you will not make a mistake. You will reach the teacher, reach the Creator, whatever you want, but it must necessarily be in the ten.

Question: How will I know if my current level of knowledge matches the level of the soul?

Answer: No. Your current level of knowledge still does not match the root of the soul. The root of all souls is in the world of Atzilut, and we are still not even in the worlds of Beria, Yetzira and Assiya. I hope that throughout the coming year we will begin to feel that we are approaching the world of Atzilut.

Question: Are we a bad copy of the Creator or His reverse form?

Answer: We are not a bad copy; rather, we are a completely opposite copy, His completely corrupted copy.

Question: Does a Kabbalist look at this world and at what is happening in it and see streams of energy and intelligence, the thought of the Creator?

Answer: Certainly. He feels the thought of the Creator gradually materializing in our consciousness. We are His thought.

Question: In our world, are we in the center of a gaping void?

Answer: It depends on who is feeling this. But in principle, yes, it is true.

Question: With the help of what tools and principles does the higher intellect manage the world?

Answer: The tool is very simple: light and desire. They are opposite to each other, but the desire has the ability to receive the intention from the light and thus become similar to the light. Then it can approach the light until it reaches a state of being fully merged with it.

Question: Will there be an end to our days? Will it be an event?

Answer: The end of days will be when you rise above our world. Then, in your spiritual Kli you will feel the world without time. This is what is called the end of days.

Question: Why is the goal of creation hidden from, unattainable by, and undesirable to me?

Answer: The goal of creation is not hidden from you; you are hiding it from yourself through your properties. The spiritual goal is above the physical goal. You do not have senses that are identical to it; therefore, it is said that it is hidden. But you are the one who is hiding it. Acquire identical, similar characteristics that are equivalent to those of the Creator, and you will begin to feel spirituality.

Question: If our world does not exist, what is eternity in the words of a Kabbalist?

Answer: Eternity is the world of Ein Sof, which we reach when we rise through the levels of all the worlds. Our world does not even exist. It is an imaginary central point of all the worlds.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 4/21/19

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Think About The Creator

laitman_962.2Question: There are many methods of spiritual advancement that seemingly speak about the same thing but disagree with the methods of attaining the Creator. Should each nation have its own method of attaining the upper force?

Answer: This is true, because attaining the Creator is possible only through annulment and elimination of the egoism that separates a person from the Creator. This work really depends on a person’s nature. The main thorough abolition of one’s egoism is called the method of Israel, which Abraham received. There are methods that he gave as gifts to the seventy nations of the world that at that time lived in ancient Babylon.

It is the same principle: one should annul one’s egoism. With this annulment, a person begins to feel the upper force. Every nation has its own type of egoism, and therefore, the methods of its annulment differ. However, any person can use the method of Kabbalah as the main method that helps everyone. The science of Kabbalah is a wide, reliable path, ready for each and every person. Other nations can use their methods, but there is a difference in the type of spiritual attainment they can reach this way.

It is unnecessary for everyone to study the wisdom of Kabbalah because we study not in order to know, but in order to attract the reforming light. The ego’s annulment is possible in different ways. For example, I know of a case where due to great suffering, a person annulled his ego so much that he received a certain sense of the Creator. The method of Kabbalah is like the main highway. But there are all kinds of paths around it designated for different kinds of souls.1

If I do not think about myself, then I am able to think about the Creator. There cannot be two masters in the world: it is either me or the Creator. I do not care about myself but only about how not to disconnect from the thought that the Creator shapes me at every moment, implementing the thought of creation.

I go to work, take care of the family, think about how to safely cross the road, but at the same time, I want to feel how every moment and every situation has been arranged for me by the Creator. This means not thinking about yourself because I think everything is done by the Creator, not that I arrange everything myself.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/24/19, Questions and Answers with Dr. Michael Laitman

1 Minute 00:00
2 Minute 16:20

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Nature Will Force Us

laitman_767.4In the News (archipreneur): “By 2050, 90% of the world’s largest cities will be exposed to rising seas. The vast majority of coastal cities will be impacted by coastal erosion and flooding, displacing millions of people, while destroying homes and infrastructure. Marc Collins Chen, Co-Founder and CEO of OCEANIX, said humans can live on floating cities in harmony with life below water. …

“As part of UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, floating cities non-profit OCEANIX, the MIT Center for Ocean Engineering, BIG and partners propose a vision for the world’s first resilient and sustainable floating community for 10,000 residents: Oceanix City. …

“Designed as a man-made ecosystem, Oceanix City is anchored in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, channeling flows of energy, water, food and waste to create a blueprint for a modular maritime metropolis.

“Oceanix City is designed to grow, transform and adapt organically over time, evolving from neighborhoods to cities with the possibility of scaling indefinitely. Modular neighborhoods of 2 hectares create thriving self-sustaining communities of up to 300 residents with mixed-use space for living, working and gathering during day and night time.”

Question: In principle, there are more and more such projects. Do you think this is realistic?

Answer: I do not think this is realistic. I do not think it is necessary because there is so much unoccupied space on Earth that 200 billion more people could populate.

The future of humanity seems to be more orderly to me. People will realize that their balance with nature is primarily in their minds and in their attitude toward nature. That must be correct, balanced, and in correspondence with the laws of nature, not the laws of human egoism, which is opposite to all this.

Question: Are you saying that the sea level is rising only because, as you just said, we have a problem in our minds? Do you mean that all we have to do is to switch something in our brains and the sea will retreat?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: This is unbelievable!

My Comment: Why unbelievable? No. We will start to treat nature differently. Our thoughts and our desires are the highest level of influence on it.

Question: Can we measure this?

Answer: No, it is impossible to measure.

Question: So, there is no way to prove this?

Answer: Then there will be a so-called proof by contradiction.

Question: Is it possible to prove by contradiction that at some point, when the water will inevitably advance, that a person will switch something in his brain and the sea will retreat?

Answer: In other words, is there a boundary between human stupidity and human stubbornness? I think that there is. because although the person is a very big, stupid, and stubborn egoist, at the same time, he is nevertheless a sensitive element of nature, and when he is pricked, he screams “Ouch!”

It all depends on the extent of pricking. When everything is taken away from him and life becomes such that it would be better not to live, then he begins to think. However, this is enormous suffering! Enormous! From the Kabbalistic point of view, it is practically unbearable.

Nature will, harshly, precisely in its lawful way, correct a person. It cannot do this in any other way. However, we are given the opportunity to do this ahead of time in a positive way. We will not solve this problem by running from one corner of the globe to another.

In all that relates to ecology and our interaction with nature, we need to listen to scientists. They present expert data that you can neither believe nor disbelieve. This is just information, and we need to act according to it: what should we do to prevent this?

We will then come to the decision that everything depends on a person, on one’s attitude to other people and to nature itself. For this, it is necessary to correct the human nature from egoistic, when one feels nothing but oneself, to altruistic.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/25/19

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/17/19, Part 1

laitman_281.02Question: Will we ultimately have to manage the world ourselves or is it enough to reach the higher management, to agree with it, and merge with it?

Answer: No! We must rise to the level of replacing the Creator in His full control of all of creation, not only in our world but in all the worlds.

Question: Freddy Mercury brought pleasure to 110,000 people in a stadium in England, they sang together with him as a single body. Did he also influence the Creator positively?

Answer: You cannot even think like that because neither Freddy Mercury nor any other famous singer acted with a corrected intention.

Question: Are there intermediaries between the influence of the Creator and a person?

Answer: There are no intermediaries between the Creator and a person. None are needed. As for me, I am not an intermediary. I am a guide.

Question: Can other forces, good or evil, enter into our relationship with the Creator, help or harm?

Answer: No, everything is under the singular control of the Creator.

Question: What did the sin of Adam amount to if he was in spiritual attainment?

Answer: He wanted to bring his entire soul into complete attainment of and full union with the Creator, immediately, all at once.

Question: With knowledge of how the Creator manages the world, can egoism accommodate itself under this management for its own benefit, and as a result of this, distance itself from the Creator?

Answer: No, that will not work. Everything is managed openly and solely through the forces of nature, as it is written, “I am for the Creator and the Creator is for me.” Nothing can be done here. No manipulations will work out.

Question: Why does the Creator hide His perfection, not allowing us to feel unpleasant circumstances as perfect love?

Answer: It is so that we will appreciate this love, this perfection. We must go through all the contradictory situations. There is nothing to be done about it. That is how our world is constructed, because other than the positive power of the Creator, everything else is arranged according to a connection between two forces, positive and negative.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 3/17/19

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