How Can You Evaluate Yourself?

49.04Question: There is such a thing as judgment day (in Hebrew, Yom Kippur). What does a person judge on this day?

Answer: This day is celebrated as a judgment day purely symbolically. On Yom Kippur a person must consider his own actions and be able to evaluate them as sinful. This is given to special individuals and not even in every generation.

And everything else are just theatrical performances from century to century played out among religious Jews.

Question: Your teacher Rabash says that the word “prayer” (“Tefila“) comes from the verb “LeHitpallel” – “to judge oneself.” From the point of view of Kabbalah is prayer judging?

Answer: Yes. A person judges himself and sees that his actions to some extent were absolutely unlawful, wrong. But this manifests itself only to the extent that he receives a certain fraction of the upper light. And in accordance with this light, with its properties, he can evaluate himself.
From Kab TV’s “Spiritual States” 1/11/22

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