Justice Of The Future

265Question: In the article “The Last Generation,” Baal HaSulam touched upon the topic of justice in the future. I am interested in your opinion on this. I would like to know: will there be justice in the future generation?

Answer: In the future, a person will judge himself by knowing and understanding how to carry out this judgment upon himself. Everything will exist only for the sake of the common, collective good. And the so-called courts will help everyone rise above themselves and connect with each other and with the Creator.

They will allow each one to see at what level he is, what he has yet to correct, and which connections with others can lead to his correction.

Question: If the motivation of a person living in the last generation is to feel closeness to the Creator, to the quality of bestowal, and to become like Him in qualities, then can it happen that it is the respect he receives from society that will fuel him and not the very merging with the Creator?

Answer: It is basically the same thing.

Question: It turns out that I work for respect from society?

Answer: No, that is an absolutely egoistic reward. What is meant here is quite different.

I work for the society and I am ready to do anything for it. But in order to give my egoism the energy to work, I need to get fuel from this society. Therefore, I do everything I can to get a reward from it. And the reward is to receive energy from it so that I can give everything to society beyond my egoism.

Question: It turns out that the courts should not judge but educate a person?

Answer: Of course. They should engage in his spiritual advancement and create the right intention in a person.

Question: Do you think this will happen in the future?

Answer: This can happen even today. Let’s hope so.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/11/22

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