Do You Believe In Life After Birth?

Dr. Michael LaitmanA joke I received:

In the belly of a pregnant woman, two babies are having a conversation. One of them is a believer and the other is an atheist.

The Atheist: Do you believe in life after birth?

The Believer: Of course I do. Everybody knows there is life after birth. We are here in order to grow strong enough and prepared for what awaits us after it.

The Atheist: Nonsense! There can’t be life after birth! Can you imagine how this life would be?

The Believer: I don’t know all the details, but I believe there’s more light, and maybe we will walk and feed ourselves there.

The Atheist: Rubbish! It’s impossible to walk and feed ourselves! Ridiculous! We have the umbilical cord that feeds us. I just want to point this out to you: Life after birth can’t exist because our life, the cord, is already too short.

The Believer: I am sure it’s possible. It will be just a little different. I can envision it.

The Atheist: But there is nobody who has ever returned from it! Life simply ends with birth. And frankly, life is just one big suffering in the dark.

The Believer: No, no! I don’t know how life after birth will be exactly, but in any case, we will meet our mother and she will take care of us!

The Atheist: Mother? You think we have a mother? So, where is she then?

The Believer: She is everywhere around us, and we are in her! We move because of her and thanks to her, we move and live! Without her, we wouldn’t exist.

The Atheist: Baloney! I haven’t seen any such mother; hence, there is none.

The Believer: I can’t agree with you. In fact, sometimes, when everything calms down, we can hear her sing and feel how she caresses our world. I strongly believe that our real life will begin only after birth.

And what about you, dear reader?

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  1. Well, the joke’s as funny as god is believable. I’ll let everyone interpret that whichever way they prefer 🙂

  2. This is lovely!

  3. This Is Lovely… And Truly Profound It YOu Come To Think Of It …. This Is Or COuld Be The Same Kinda Situation We Are In.. I Believe We Are… (A Pattern)

  4. Was there any punishment for the atheist baby after birth? Did the mom (god) torture the non-believer baby (atheists) for it’s whole life (eternity) for it’s lack of faith after he’s born (dies)?

  5. A baby in a whom CAN hear, feel and see(light). You can NOT hear, feel or see god. The logic of this joke is just a floored as religion itself.

  6. Matt, if you want to be a smart**s then if you didn’t notice babies can’t talk especially in the womb, grow up. you are expected to be smart enough to make the correlation of this rather wonderful example and relate it to our lives, you are as floored as your intelligence. Religion is based on faith, just because you cannot prove that something is there does not mean that it does not exist, scientists did not see the big bang theory, which is why it is called a theory, it was never proved right nor wrong which is why you have to accept that it is just there whether you like it or not. if someone screamed in the forest but no one heard him, does that mean he did not scream?

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