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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I change my values? How do I place the importance of the Upper Force which constantly defines and forms me and my world above all material, animate, physical, and even human desires? How do I use the group, the environment, to raise it above everything that is important to the egoistic desire?

Answer: It is specifically the importance that differentiates the egoistic desire from the spiritual desire to bestow. On the corporal level, it is concentrated on the Kli (vessel), while on the spiritual level, it is focused on the Creator.

That is, what matters is where you focus your attention: on what you receive or from Whom you receive it.

Importance can be switched over. For example, from a mother’s perspective, a child is more important than her. However, how do I follow her example regarding other people in such a diverse world? How do I convince myself to transfer the importance from my life to a certain force that paints this world for me?

It’s worth remembering that I reveal this force by making an effort to examine it. I acquire the vessel of revelation. Now, the force is also present, but I am not focused on perceiving it. So, how do I focus my attention on it?

Everything depends on importance. When it is focused on the Creator, I feel Him and live in Him. I can finally discern the things I did not notice before. The Creator Himself does not change. He remains at absolute rest. It is only the constantly operating Reshimot (reminisences, the spiritual genes) that make me make an effort. And later, I myself need to look for a way to focus these efforts on whatever really matters.

This is where the environment comes to the rescue. Like glasses, it focuses my eyes on the essence. We unite, raise the importance of spirituality in our eyes, and focus our common efforts on a tiny point through which I begin to see the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/10, “The Greatness of a Person Depends on His Faith in the Future”

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  1. And what if the environment isn’t ready to approach it in this way?

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