My Spiritual Simulator – 09.28.10

Spiritual Simulator: Questions of the Day

Only The Creator Gives Us The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I relate to my wife to feel the Creator between us?

Answer: Try to make all the interactions between you happen only in order to reveal the Creator between you. This guarantees you absolute peace at home and is useful for every person even out of purely egoistic interests.

This is a very effective means and it correctly orients a person toward his entire life. The group and the friends are still an artificial structure for him, all of humanity is perceived even farther away, and the universe is felt as completely distant. One’s wife is the closest thing to him, as it is written, "A person’s wife is like his body."

On the other hand, you suddenly reveal that you have a partner in every regard! The Creator lets you start to feel that against every movement you make, she also makes a movement. No matter what movement takes place – in the mind, the heart, or a physical one, a synchronous movement takes place against it. It’s as if the Creator glues together two separate parts in all the details and forms as He becomes revealed.

All we have to do is try to reveal the Creator between us, the force that unites us and that we want to attain as a result of living together. Otherwise this entire life will be a mere animalistic existence.

Together the two of us desire to reveal the force of unity between us – the third component which completes us so we will become as one! When He unites us into one whole, we will include Him inside us and will be one whole precisely because He is inside us and fulfills us.

This is called "Husband, wife, and the Creator between them." He is present in everything that exists between them. There is nothing other than that because the desire of each person is aimed at the other. It’s like the relationship between Zeir Anpin and Malchut: He is entirely aimed toward her, and she toward him.

The Creator set apart all the particular Sefirot of Malchut and made Hava (Eve) out of them. That is why there is a precise correspondence between Zeir Anpin and Malchut along the entire height of a spiritual Partzuf; they are on one level, one against the other in eternal, unceasing union.

Neither has any qualities that are not present in the other. However, the only way to attach them to one another is by the Light of AB SAG, which comes and connects them by correcting one of them toward greater bestowal and the other toward greater reception. In order to unite, they both ascend into Bina, which is called Elokim, the Creator, and He gives them the force of unity and then fulfills them.

They don’t fulfill each other, but their shared desires. That is how a "child" is born, being a result of the union. It is the following spiritual Partzuf, a new state, described by the verse, "The father (Aba) gives the white, the mother (Ima) gives the red, and the Creator gives the soul." The Creator is between them, and by fulfilling them He gives a soul to the new level.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/10, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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Stretched Out Into A Line By The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the term “line”?

Answer: A line is a scale inside me where I build all the inclinations, thoughts, desires, and attitudes in a straight manner. Everything that is now being revealed in me, in my Kelim, becomes built in accordance to the Light that comes to me.

If there is a clear, precise agreement between the Light that now shines on me and the vessels I put in order according to the Light, this means I am built according to a line. That’s because inside of me there is a heap of qualities and the Light that comes to me helps me build myself along a line. Previously I was like a sphere, and then I asked the Light that comes in a straight form to shine inside me in the form of a line and to put me into the same order.

The Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) shines all around. When I ask it for corrections that are built as a straight line, the Light becomes “stretched out” into a line, as do I in conformity with it. This transition depends on whether a person is able and willing to demand this structure from the Light. The Light’s action lies above knowledge, but if a person receives the force to overcome, if he bestows and gives himself over to the Light with full agreement, then the Light orders all the components of his soul according to their importance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/28/10, “What is Silver, Gold, Israel, the Nations in Work”

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"And A Wise Wife Is From The Lord"

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Chapter “VeYechi (And Jacob Lived),” Item 401: So the Creator is the one who gives the woman to the man and the couplings come from Him. This is why it is written, “And a wise wife is from the Lord.”

Everything that occurs in all of the worlds should be interpreted solely in relation to the connection between us. This is because all the worlds were created after the breaking of a single Kli (the will to receive, our soul) into multiple parts. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to restore the broken parts to wholeness.

“A woman” or “a wife” is a desire that “the man” or “the husband” has to correct. “Woman” is the broken (egoistic) desire that becomes revealed between me and the friends in the group in its uncorrected state. I have to correct it, find the Light in it, and fill the “woman.” I am the desire to correct, the desire to receive the force of bestowal, the intention. With it, I will be able to correct the intention “to receive for oneself” (“a woman”).

I discover the broken links between myself and the friends. I perceive them as my uncorrected “female” part; I treat these flaws as mine since “one judges according to his flaws”; I intend to correct them; I construct a “corrected woman” from them. Then, in these corrected desires, I attain adhesion with the Creator according to the rule: “Husband and wife, and the Shechina between them.”

The place of the breaking is supplemented by a screen. I perform the adhesion (Zivug) with the Light in this desire that has a screen and thereby reveal the Light within myself. This means that I have already gained a degree of adhesion.

The corrected desire is filled with the Inner Light, and thus I reveal the Creator within myself, the creature. This is what is called the realization of the wisdom of Kabbalah or the revelation of the Creator to the created beings.

What does it mean that “the Creator is performing Zivugim” (couplings, adhesions)? This means that He is setting a person up for desires that will lead him to the revelation of the Upper Light which fills the entire creation. But in order to reach the simple Light, we have to undergo, understand, and know all the kinds of relationships there are in reality. This is similar to how a simple, white color includes into itself all of the others.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/10, The Zohar

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A Time Of Giving And A Time Of Receiving

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to prepare for the revelation of the broken connection between us?

Answer: This is done during the time of preparation. It is the first stage of advancement in the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the method of the revelation of the Upper World and the Upper Force to everyone in our world.

A person comes to Kabbalah, but no matter how much he has read or been told about it, he does not grasp what it is all about. What is required are not efforts to remember or the ability to understand, but the influence of the Light that comes as a result of attempts at uniting rather than efforts in study. Then, he gradually begins hearing, that is, feeling his internal reactions to what he hears and reads. Certain internal sensations arise in him.

Try reading a book to a cat. Why doesn’t it listen? It’s because it lacks the senses that would react to your information. The cat doesn’t have a “place” (desire) to receive, feel, and conceive the information. Similarly, a person that comes to the science of Kabbalah can’t perceive our information. It’s not because he does not know the words, but because he doesn’t yet have the internal models of sensations and thoughts which enable him to react to The Book of Zohar.

This is why the “time of preparation” is required. During this period, we construct different models of sensations, relations, and reactions to spiritual definitions in our desire (matter). Construction of these new sensory cells of spiritual definitions in us occurs only through studying Kabbalah in a group which evokes influence of the Upper Light. It’s this Light that creates in us models, cells of new and previously incomprehensible sensations of the Light, bestowal, and connection and other spiritual discernments.

It takes a lot of time before a person acquires a set of sensory reactions to the main spiritual definitions. This is the essence of upbringing in our world. If you were to place a child in a senior class, you’d see that he does not understand what’s required from him and can’t comprehend anything.

Baal HaSulam writes that there is a time of giving and a time of receiving. Giving initiates the process that leads to receiving. However, giving and receiving can’t happen together. That’s because a “place” needs to be created inside a person to feel the lack of what is being given to you.

All of our advancement on the spiritual path comes down to creating an inner ability to feel the Upper World. It is around us right now, but we do not feel it. The Creator is already giving it to us, but we don’t have a desire for it yet. We don’t feel the need for bestowal and love although that’s precisely the spiritual world.

So, how do we reveal spirituality? There is Light in the Creator’s giving, and it influences and awakens us according to the rule, “Light develops Kelim” (vessels). The Light “plows” desires, and more and more, they understand and want the Light, the quality of bestowal. The time of giving ends, and the time of receiving begins.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/10, The Zohar

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How To Help A Friend

Dr. Michael Laitman with StudentsRabash’s article “They Helped Everyone His Friend,” 1984 (the text in bold)

I am unable to advance without the help of the others since only through unity with them can I discover that the spiritual world is revealed in the connection between us. In our world, sometimes I need assistance from someone who is strong, rich, kind, or intelligent. Likewise, I need the help of a person equal and similar to me regarding the purpose of life.

We must understand how one can help his friend. Is this where there are rich and poor, wise and fools, weak and strong?

In our world, help is needed when there are disparities between people; that is where we discover an opportunity to help. If, however, people are equal, then there is no place for assistance. Help in our world extends from a whole person to the one who lacks.

When all are rich, smart, or strong, etc.? How can one help another?

Generally speaking, we are not excited if we have to turn to someone for help. We feel shame, pride, and envy. We don’t want to admit that we need something or depend on someone, and we strive for separation.

We see that there is one thing that is common to all: the spirit. It is said, “A concern in one’s heart, let him speak of it with others.” This is because with regard to feeling high-spirited, neither wealth nor erudition can be of assistance.

An uplifted mood is the result of confidence in the benevolent future. But if a person knows that he has to save himself and can’t do it alone, he falls into depression.

Rather, it is one person who can help another by seeing that one’s friend is low. It is written, “One does not deliver oneself from imprisonment.”

If the prison is our world, then only a friend who shares the same goal can free me from this prison and help me enter the Upper World.

Rather, it is one’s friend who can uplift his spirit (meaning, to give him confidence in reaching the goal). This means that one’s friend uplifts him from his state into a state of livelihood. Then one begins to acquire confidence and wealth once more in life, and he begins as though his goal is now near him.

I’m desperate because I can’t reach the spiritual goal without external help. I cannot force anyone, but I found a friend who is willing to help me. And he will be able to help me not by way of his knowledge or wealth, but by his desire to reach the common goal.

It turns out that each and every one must pay attention and think, how he can help his friend, uplift his spirit, because regarding one’s spirit, anyone can find a needy place in one’s friend, which he can fulfill.

It doesn’t mean that you have to entertain your friend. We must evoke in each friend a feeling that the goal is reachable. Then he will be filled with the spirit of life and rise above this corporeal life, above this world which looks like a prison to him. When a person has such a friend, he feels certain that he is able to break free from this prison.

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/26/10, "“They Helped Everyone His Friend”

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Kabbalists On The Language Of Kabbalah, Part 8

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

The Law of Root and Branch

Kabbalists have found that the form of the four worlds, named Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, beginning with the first, highest world, called Atzilut, and ending in this corporeal, tangible world called Assiya, is exactly the same in every item and event. This means that everything that eventuates and occurs in the first [highest] world is found unchanged in the next world, below it, too. It is likewise in all the worlds that follow it, down to this tangible world.

There is no difference between them, but only a different degree [quality of desire], perceived in the substance of the elements of reality in each world.
– Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

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A Choice Without Hints

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot imagine what freedom of will is. To a certain extent, we feel free, but, in fact, we are completely governed, which includes our thoughts about freedom. Therefore, we don’t understand what the spiritual world is.

When we face the Creator, we perceive Him to be a vital, defining, and implementing Force. At the same time we have a certain “point of preparation” within which we are able to detach ourselves from Him. This is when our freedom of choice uncovers itself; after this point, we repeat the restriction and begin to shape our freedom.

So far we are similar to a fetus in the mother’s womb. Is it in any way independent? No, it is the one who is being developed. Its reality is a reminder of the future; its freedom is still ahead of it.

In our world a person represents a collection of pre-set qualities. There are no conditions for freedom of choice, but only its illusion in protein matter. The initial condition for freedom is to become similar to the Creator without “hints,” from scratch. If something awakened you in advance, that isn’t freedom.

This is why a special point of the Creator wakes up in us. We develop it in opposition to our egoistic nature. “A point of desire” against “a point of Light,” they both emerge as a result of the breaking. By correcting a connection between them, we independently achieve similarity to the Creator. Without this “tool,” we wouldn’t be born and become equal to the Creator.

GE (Galgalta ve Eynaim), sanctity, is above, AHP (Awzen, Hotem, Peh), wickedness, is below, and Tifferet, the middle third, is in the middle. It is a special state that is called “Klipat Noga.” Above is the property of the Creator, below is the property of the created being, and the middle is my “neutral territory.”

This is where an equal fight between sanctity and wickedness is taking place. I am the one who defines the outcome of the struggle between them. It is the place where I can correctly control these two forces that the Creator made on purpose so that I can build my freedom and independence.

A Choice Without Hints [21913]

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/10, Shamati #97

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The Major Difficulty Of Spiritual Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe celebration of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), like all other holidays, represents spiritual states that every person in the world will have to undergo while ascending in his qualities from our world to the World of Infinity. Ascent is defined as the strengthening of the connection between us and, through it, our greater similarity with the Creator. It could be described as our drawing closer to the Creator rather than “ascending.”

It is not a mechanical ascension, but a qualitative one through the senses and against our egoistic nature. This nature can be overruled solely by the force of the Light.

This is where the difficulty lies. The problem is not in defying egoism and not in struggling with natural idleness; we do this in corporeal life. The challenge of the spiritual path lies in the fact that it isn’t accomplished by our own effort. My nature cannot be changed by my own effort but only by some hidden force that I must ask to perform this action. That’s where the problem lies.

In fact, if I worked against my egoism alone, I would feel as a hero. Many people feel this way, and our very egoism forces us to defy it if the goal is worthwhile. We are willing to go against our egoism and its yearning for rest since we anticipate reward for our envy, lust, and ambition. However, on the spiritual path, it is necessary to annul the self and ask “something” that is opposite to me or “someone” whom I don’t know to come and reverse my nature.

When it is necessary to unite in order to defeat someone, we do so and return as heroes. However, to unite in order to convince the Creator to correct us or unify us is a huge problem. The issue lies in the fact that the Creator is concealed, and we can’t assess what we are working for and against.

The Major Difficulty of the Spiritual Work

Hence, many people start spiritual work and give up. They cannot overcome this concealment and reconcile with that part of our work which is not up to us. A person has trouble accepting that in order to correct himself, he must ask the invisible force for it. That is why the whole problem is not in our laziness, but the Creator’s concealment.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/10, Selected Excerpts For Sukkot

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Waste Of Barn And Winery

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are accustomed to working in agreement with an egoistic mind and heart that together are regarded as the evil inclination (Yetzer HaRa). It is evil because when I discover how it operates, I realize how opposite my mind and heart are to love, eternity, and perfection. This is why I call my nature evil as it is preventing me from attaining good.

Our egoistic nature is defined by our striving to receive for our sake, to fulfill ourselves. However, the good desire or inclination (Yetzer HaTov) is love and bestowal. These two opposing forces of reception and bestowal are revealed to me by the Light which I attract by studying Kabbalah and uniting with the friends.

To ascend from our nature to the upper one is possible solely by switching the importance from reception to bestowal. The unimportant is regarded as waste, and the important as sustenance. According to this principle, we build the Sukkah (booth). My state of existence is regarded as “home” or a solid and reliable dwelling for egoism. Bestowal is regarded as a “temporary dwelling” or Sukkah. So, I choose in what property am I willing to exist: the egoistic home or the altruistic shelter.

There is fulfillment in both of them. In the former, I am fulfilled through receiving and in the latter through the act of bestowal. Hence, the key is what I view as sustenance and what I consider waste. I build my home from what I value the most.

Waste of Barn and Winery
This kind of discernment can be achieved solely by way of studying Kabbalah and through the group. Hence, it is written that the roof of the Sukkah is built from the “waste of barn and winery.” Wine represents the Light of Hochma (Wisdom), and the barn (bread) represents the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). The waste of the barn and winery are not important to us. But if I desire to bestow in order to become similar to the Creator, then they become more important to me than bread and wine.

We need to build our new state of existence from them in particular so that they become our head, roof, and the compass that sets the direction for us. Then, we will attain spirituality. Everything else loses its importance for us. That is what the Sukkah represents.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/24/10, Selected Excerpts For Sukkot

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