Is Shame A Means Of Defeat Or An Ascent?

276.06Remark: Shame is inherent only in the human race and is subdivided according to levels of desire. The more developed a person is, the more often he has a state of shame.

My Comment: Shame is a feeling of imperfection. In animals, the sense of shame is completely absent. But sometimes, even in advanced people, this feeling can be completely suppressed. And people who are close to nature, more finely tuned, can feel shame.

Question: Shame is the most hated feeling for a person. People are willing to commit suicide rather than feel public shame. What is the root of this painful phenomenon for a person?

Answer: The fact that it affects the “I” of a person, his egoism, which is our essence. Therefore, for a selfishly developing person, shame is the biggest defeat. He can’t stand it.

Remark: They say that in the absence of witnesses, the feeling of shame does not arise.

My Comment: Yes. Usually, shame only manifests itself in relation to something or someone. In particular, regarding the specific rules that exist in the surrounding society. We always evaluate ourselves relative to our surroundings.

Question: You write that a person needs shame in front of the Creator. That is, to achieve this is a great means of correction. This feeling is awarded to high souls. What is this about?

Answer: If a person really begins to feel his connection with the Creator, then he already measures himself in relation to Him. This is where he feels shame as a means of ascent to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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