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Kabbalah Isn’t Involved With Predicting The Future

laitman_219_01Question: How does the future of humanity look from the vantage of the spiritual world?

Answer: I cannot say. One can only envy people like Wolf Messing who were able to predict the future and speak about future states of man and humanity, but they do so only on the corporeal level (beastly).

The wisdom of Kabbalah also lets you do that, but the Kabbalists don’t use it.

But what Kabbalah really makes possible is the ability to manage the future, to bring it to a better state. Therefore, I cannot predict it, I don’t know it. I can say only approximately what states await us, but what they really will be depends only on us humans.

The wisdom of Kabbalah isn’t involved with predicting the future but in the improvement of the general situation of mankind. Thus, it is now that it is specifically being revealed in order to raise humanity to the next stage. Ahead of are still many stages of development. We think: “The universe has been in existence for 14 billion years! The Earth has existed for 4 billion years! Humanity has existed for a few thousands of years! And our era has existed for tens of thousands of years.” These measures seem enormous to us.

But in fact, in comparison to other measures, it is in total a very short period of time. It isn’t even measured in seconds since time only flows in relation to us.

Ahead we have many more steps we have to go through: we need to exit our current situation and enter into the next, and from that one to the next one, etc. Kabbalah speaks of a huge cycle that we need to undergo. So we should not dwell too long in this stage, it is not so comfortable.

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Kabbalah – The Method For The Elevation Of Man

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a formula in the wisdom of Kabbalah for successful relationships?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us to reach good relations between us, because it enables man to elevate above his egoism. And although we are all egoistic and we see that we cannot get rid of the ego, Kabbalah enables a person to rise above it and manage it properly.

Therefore, with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is possible to attain correct mutual relations in the family, with children, in a collective, in a nation, in society, between countries, and in the world. This is a great system of corrections, which we need to absorb and adapt to.

Once it is at least partially realized between us, the world will start to look completely different. Even starting the realization of the method of elevation above the ego will rid the world of suffering, and then humanity will rise to the next degree.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is not training, coaching, or a psychology of correct relations between us, it is a method of man’s elevation above his beastly egoistic nature in order to achieve the next degree of his development, the degree in which we are above the limits of life or death, above everything that gives us negative feelings in life.

Question: What will happen with those that don’t feel the need to change?

Answer: It’s not important. People come to the wisdom of Kabbalah with different intentions. Some want to gain something in this life; others want to know how they can be more successful and happy. There are many people that think that with the help of Kabbalah they can broaden their understanding of their world, and in this manner succeed in science, art, and culture. Some think they can expand their view of the world, their mind and perception, and that it will help them to write better, to invent, and compose. And there are people that are truly asking the question: “What am I living for? I want to decipher the meaning of life, the secret of the existence of creation. Stars, endless universe, galaxies—what are all of these for, and me inside it? It couldn’t be that all of it exists for nothing.”

Once this question was hanging in the air. I remember that they taught us that the universe itself is endless; today when they talk about new revelations, scientists understand that the universe is not endless. So comes the simple question: “If it started at some point, then what will be after it is over? Does the universe have boundaries, then what exists beyond the boundaries?” Humanity does not have answers to these questions. But if those questions are formed in us, then it is possible to find answers for them.
From Kabbalah for the Nation

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Being Filled With Love

laitman_569_01Egoistic desires run the world. We try to absorb into ourselves as much as we can, and we see that these desires cannot be fulfilled. All attempts to satisfy them lead us towards death.

No matter how much we fill ourselves with all kinds of: food, sex, family joys, discoveries, knowledge, and so on, we still come to the fact that from them nothing remains. On the contrary, even greater emptiness comes and adds to the disappointment.

We think that the pleasure we will get is equal to the desire for it, but when the pleasure enters the desire, it grows twice as much and we are left doubly empty. This is because Light and desire cancel each other out leaving us with twice as much emptiness.

To this day this was how life has been for all of us. A person enters the world naked, and leaves life doubly naked. We go through a lot of incarnations until we begin to understand that it is not worthwhile for us to pursue anything; it gives nothing.

Gradually humanity is becoming aware of this, and we are beginning to search for the truth. It brings us to a method with whose help it is truly possible to be fulfilled. But this fulfillment doesn’t enter directly into the desire to receive; rather, it is realized through the fulfillment of others. So here love for others is vital, and so we have an infinite possibility for enjoying, while they enjoy themselves, we enjoy fulfilling those we love.

In our world there are examples of how this works on the instinctive animal level of nature, when we fulfill our children and those that we love. And in the spiritual world everything is much more powerful, because there we fulfill each other, not because we love someone from the start, but we give birth to love within us for absolute strangers and even people who repulse us. This love doesn’t just appear that way; rather, it comes with the help of the Upper Light. When a person obligates himself to serve others, he begins to give birth within himself to a feeling of love for them, because they become dear to him, like an adopted child in a family, because of their investment in him, the parents begin to love him even more than their biological children.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to bestow to others and be fulfilled with this. But we are not talking about bestowing in order to receive. The main thing is receiving for the purpose of bestowal.

Then I fulfill myself and simultaneously fulfill others. My goal is to fulfill them! But ultimately the fulfillment remains within me. Here appears the “branching out” that is incomprehensible to us today, which a person gradually begins to attain when he is involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/10/15

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A Flood Of Questions About The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_281_02Question: Is the wisdom of Kabbalah a secret wisdom or a practical study?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah is a practical study. It is secret for those who are not involved in it and revealed to those who engage in it.

Question: Why does a person need the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If a person believes that he doesn’t need it, it is a sign that he doesn’t need it, or vice versa. There also can be a third option. Find out, and you will discover what it is, and then you will understand whether you need it or not.

Question: Is a discussion circle the new form of studying?

Answer: A circle is the oldest form of studying for those who wish to resemble the Creator. Abraham used it in his days when he taught his followers. This is the reason that this is the only way the wisdom of Kabbalah is attained and studied.

Question: How many worlds are there?

Answer: There are an infinite number of worlds! Every spiritual state is called a world.

Question: What is the ladder of desires?

Answer: Our desires grow continuously, and we must arrange them as a ladder that we can only climb up and thus feel that we ascend.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 5/13/15

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A Home Experiment In Changing Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does the solution that the wisdom of Kabbalah offers have a scientific basis or is it simply in feelings?

Answer: Certainly this solution is realized in a person in feelings, for we were created from the substance of the desire to receive. And so we feel everything through this desire and evaluate things only through that, both the good and the bad.

But it is absolutely a wisdom, it is science. The wisdom of Kabbalah precisely describes all of the systems in which we exist, our connections with each other, and the levels of ascent, meaning increasing and strengthening the connection between us according to 125 levels. The wisdom of Kabbalah uses scientific terminology, such as, five worlds, Partzufim, Aviut (level of desire), Masach (screen), and Ohr Hozer (Returning Light).

Through his correction, the Kabbalist corrects the whole world. As it is said in Proverbs 10:25: “…the righteous is an everlasting foundation.” Throughout all generations, the Kabbalists through their tried actions to “sweeten” our world. But now we have reached such a state in which not a Tzadik (a righteous person), but the whole of Israel, and after them the entire world, must reach conscious connection.

We must invite people to home workshops (home circles), for discussions around a “roundtable.” We are ready to simultaneously organize thousands of home roundtables like these in Israel, and attain positive results in this way.

We will immediately begin to feel very great changes in the Israeli society, and we will happily take part in meetings of this kind that will establish a good atmosphere throughout the nation. These meetings must be dedicated only to connection and unity between us and only for good attitudes. This will have a positive effect on health, familial relationships, and the well-being of each individual and all people in general.

This is an experiment at home that we can actively carry out and see good results.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/16/14

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Who Is To Blame For The Arab Turmoil?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, Israeli Arabs to some extent feel that they are second-class citizens. How exactly does the union among all Jewish citizens of Israel and the correct relationships between them help the Arabs get rid of the sensation of being harassed?

Answer: At the end of the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar”, Baal HaSulam writes that if the people of Israel correctly unite on the basis of mutual guarantee, in accordance with “do not do to others what you hate for yourself,” and “love thy neighbor as thyself,” then the force of unity will overflow from them as water from a full vessel and will spread to all the nations of the world. They will feel where the force of perfection comes from and will join the people of Israel.

We have to understand that it is about the only feasible influence of one part of the system upon the other and the impact of the people of Israel upon the nations of the world as a result of which they will stop considering themselves as “second-class” nations.

Every nation has certain needs and desires. We see people’s actions, but their feelings are much more important.

Many people want to be as Einstein, but I do not. I am not fascinated by him. However, I want to be as strong as my neighbor and not a titan of thought or power.

It’s not about internal sensations, nor whether or not other nations will be jealous of the fact that we have a special task in this world. No, they won’t. Will Arabs continue feeling that they are disadvantaged? Not any longer.

Today, they feel discriminated against because they don’t receive from us what they are supposed to. By blaming us for all their troubles, they in essence confirm that they depend on us, since we are entitled to do things which they are incapable of. However, we don’t play our role, and  thus we rob the world of benevolence.

All nations reproach us for the same reasons. Will we really be so surprised when a United Nations Organization Assembly comes to a consensus that Israel is guilty of all world problems, is a source of numerous international disasters, and has no more right to exist? In their eyes, the state of Israel is a wound that poisons the existence of the whole of humanity.

Our enemies feel the same way when they oppose our having weapons, such as machine guns, knives, and other armaments. In their minds, there is no other way out except to fight us. They think we have to be murdered and that only then, will all disasters stop.

At the same time, they don’t know that their whole future depends on us. They are not aware that we are the ones who can guarantee successful prospects to them. Nobody teaches them these things; we never convey this information to them since we are not aware of it ourselves.

So, we have to correct ourselves.

Let me reiterate. The nations of the world will consent to our actions when we start taking care of the general process of world correction. They will immediately agree to this fact.

Let’s fantasize that if today the Jews of Israel launch a good, benevolent connection among us, all disasters will immediately disappear. By connecting, we’ll involve the general system of humanity and will neutralize the evil forces inside it.

Then, those who are currently planning to run over innocent people at bus-stops will suddenly feel that everything is just fine with them, that something has changed, that they feel benevolence, and that good forces are acting within society.

Accordingly, they would suddenly feel a desire to make friends with the Jews: it happens that it is quite possible to have peaceful interactions with those people. Besides, aren’t we cousins? Why can’t we get along with them?

Question: From where will potential terrorists receive these thoughts?

Answer: The new approach will come from the same source from which an idea to murder the Jews showed up. It will emerge because of the overall unbalance in the world that we (the Jews) cause in the general system. The people of Israel don’t synchronize the two opposite forces, the plus and the minus. However, this nation is the only one that is capable of achieving stability.

To begin with, all Jews have to unite with each other until they become friends as it is stated in the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Then, the intensity of our unity will overflow, just as water spills out of an overly full vessel. They will accept this fact naturally and won’t feel that they are second class citizens any longer. In a wholesome, perfect, healthy system, it’s not possible to have more or less important or more or less dignified parts. An ankle cell is equal to a brain cell.

Question: So, how will this appeal penetrate the hearts of those who are ready to commit acts of terrorism?

Answer: All humanity is interconnected through their hearts, and thus, we are united with each other. That’s why there is nothing we need except unity. We won’t even have to explain this idea to them. The same system that now demonstrates that we are the ones who bring the evil to others will also serve the purpose and convey the sensation that we have started bringing them benevolence instead of evil.

These impulses cannot be stopped. They are the ones that influence humans and not the other way around, since these impulses flow from the head to the body.

Let’s turn into a unity named Israel (ישראל), meaning the head for me (Li Rosh – לי ראש), directly to the Upper (Yashar-El). This means directly to perfection in which we have to live together with the rest of humanity and the entire reality, as the whole universe in unity with the Creator, the general upper force.

Let’s exert ourselves to achieve this state. Then, the entire world will follow us. As soon as we begin acting as a head, the rest of the world will support us.

Stop blaming others. The Torah and other Kabbalistic books and all original sources state that we are the only ones who have the ability to really make changes. Only we are entitled to translate the overall human development from the bad path to the good one.

In the end, this is what we actually are obligated to do. This is something the nations of the world are expecting from us. Let’s fulfill our duty.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/13/14

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Get Out Of The Black Box And Enter The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the force of bestowal?

Answer: We do not know what it is in our world. My entire “I” is the ego or the force of reception. I do not know what it is to “bestow,” and I do not know what “neighbor” means. I can only feel my neighbor do good or bad things to me; I can express my solidarity with him, but I do not feel anything outside of me.

In other words, I represent a certain black box, and I only live through the things that go inside it and that make an impression on me.

I do not know what is happening around me. All I know is the impressions that the things around me make on me. This is why we say that we experience the entire perception of reality inside us.

I am not able to come out of myself and feel what is happening around me, as if my senses were a mile away from me. I think that I see something a mile away, but this is not true. My imagination paints everything for me.

The property that helps me feel the things outside of me (whether they exist or not) is called the property of bestowal. We do not have even the slightest degree of it.

However, when we begin to work on mutual bestowal in the group, according to the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” we begin to acquire a certain need for obtaining the property of bestowal.

Only after this do I begin to read, let us say, The Book of Zohar together with the group. Through this, we evoke the influence of the force of bestowal over us.


So far, I do not know what bestowal is, but Kabbalists tell me that it is a wonderful force.

Since this book speaks of phenomena that happen outside of you, you need to read it together with the group, and, if you really want to attain the property of bestowal and you are connected with your friends above your ego, then the Light that Reforms, the force contained in the Torah, will come during the reading of The Zohar, and you will begin to acquire the property of bestowal against your ego.

As it is written, “I have created the evil inclination; I have created for it the Torah as a spice, for the Light in it reforms.”

Once you acquire the property of bestowal, you will begin to perceive things outside of you, that is, the upper world. The exit into the spiritual word has levels. You will be able to attain infinity to the extent of your entrance into the spiritual world.
From the Lecture at the Study Center, Kabbalah for the Nation, “Perception of Reality” 11/23/10

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Sin in Order to Rise Towards the Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: On your shelf you have a disc called “The Tower of Babel, the Last Level.” Do you mean that this is the last level before the Source of Light?

Answer: The last level of the Tower of Babel is the biggest ego that exists in us. And you must reach it in order to rise to the world of Infinity, because you can only rise there through a big ego.

Question: But the model of the Tower of Babel is the model of sin. How can you use the human sin to arrive at the biggest Light?

Answer: This can be done because they are connected. When you reach the biggest sins, you merit the biggest Light.

Question: So I need to sin in order to come to the biggest Light?

Answer: That is right.

Question: So, you are pushing people to sin?

Answer: Right now I exist in a small point of this world and I want to attain a higher degree. But I am unable to do anything with the ego that I have now, because my ego is small, there is just enough to use in this world. This is why I need to reveal a big ego, let us say -100 kg (the minus is there to show that this refers to ego). Then I correct it into +100 kg of bestowal, and this way I attain correction.

 Sin in Order to Rise Towards the Light

And on a higher degree, I will have one ton of ego, which I will correct into one ton of bestowal.

And this will continue forever: one against the other. You sin, correct it, and arrive at the Light. Again you enter the ego, correct it, and again you attain the Light. This is how one advances in the spiritual world.

You must reveal your ego, because ego is the material where the spiritual world becomes revealed under the condition that you correct it from reception to bestowal. It is written that: “There is no righteous person in the world, who has done good deeds without having sinned.” This is why we need the revelation of the ego.

But we never work on revealing a big ego, evil, in us; on the contrary, we aspire towards the property of love and bestowal above and in spite our egoism. But when we succeed in this and acquire the property of bestowal, the egoism immediately grows, so we will rise above it once again. And this way we move ahead on two legs, the right line, bestowal, and the left line, reception.
From the Kabbalah for the Nation Lecture 11/23/10

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Launch Your “Inner Collider”

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the purpose of creation? What are we living for? What is the purpose of life on earth? Mankind was interested in these questions at all times, but it especially concerns our generation, and even though we often hear about different forms of the existence of life in the universe, in reality, we see that we are alone.

We really are alone in this entire, enormous system of the universe, and we do not understand at all that we exist on earth in special conditions that made life possible, and this is a very complicated thing.

Just to originate the material form of life requires a collection of forces and a formation of conditions that enable its creation, not to mention the state that will be the origin of the development of life in the spiritual world.

All these things always have astonished the great human minds in all generations. How and why did it happen? What is the need in nature or the upper force that has created everything in this exact form?

Additionally, if not for the Kabbalists who actually have revealed the spiritual world and attained that exact point where life originated, we would not have known anything.

We know that the physicists who tested the collider in Switzerland wanted to attain the point of origin of the so-called “Big Bang.” In other words, they were trying to simulate the spark of light that burst into this world and brought with it all of the matter that has formed in this world following this burst.

However, Kabbalists already have gone beyond the limits of our world in their attainments, and they have completed the entire journey from the beginning of creation in the spiritual world to its final correction, and they have told us everything that happened there. We can find out about it from the Tree of Life by the Ari.

Kabbalists who have attained the spiritual world tell us that the upper force that made and created all of reality operated on the basis of a program and decision, and that all of that is called the “thought of creation.”

They explain to us that there is an Atzmuto (the essence of the Creator) of which we do not speak because we cannot attain Him. We only attain the actions that come from Him. They are called the “thought of creation,” a thought or program. This program goes through us and constantly manifests in us since we are its derived action.

On one hand, Kabbalists tell us that this program is directly carried out by us. However, on the other hand, we are not just parts regulated by it, but also can come to understand it, feel it, join it, and even participate in it, since that force unattainable by us wants us to become its partners.

This is why you launch your “inner collider,” which brings you directly to the beginning of the universe, and you return to the spiritual world through the beginning of the universe, and rise from the lowest spiritual world of Assiya to the worlds of Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, Adam Kadmon, and the world of Infinity. In addition, when you tune into the world of Infinity, you acquire infinite attainment, perception, and understanding outside of time and space.

We will be able to attain this only by uniting together as one man with one desire.
From the Lecture, “Kabbalah for the Nation” 11/16/10

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Darkness Will Shine Like The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator is called Bore (“come and see”). What does “come and see” mean? What does He want us to see?

Answer: When I was a student, I also asked Rabash, “What does a person see who attains the spiritual world?” He responded that if one were to gather all the pleasure that mankind has experienced over the course of its existence into one enormous pleasure, this will only be a tiny glow—that is, a tiny spark—in comparison to the pleasure that exists on the first spiritual degree.

Imagine that you are enjoying yourself like all of mankind in all the generations! This would be a kind of pleasure that we would not be able to even hold onto! This is why, when we attain the spiritual world, our desire acquires an intention for the sake of bestowal and we become able to hold onto the pleasure that is a billion times greater than the pleasure of this world.

Where does this pleasure come from? In order to convey my sensations, I was not able to find a better word than “harmony” or “balance,” or “a union of opposite properties and processes.” This gives us the sensation of perfection, the greatest pleasure.

It is written that “There is no greater joy than the resolution of doubts.” This is exactly what we feel. All the things that are considered to be opposite in our world begin to connect and complete each other in the spiritual world because one cannot exist without the other, like darkness and light.

In this way, the desire to receive pleasure and the Light begin to complete one another and work together through the screen.

As it is written, “Even darkness will not obscure [anything] from You, and the night will light up like day; as darkness so is the light.” Before the entrance into the spiritual world, we feel a great darkness that suddenly begins to shine like light, and this is the first, small sensation that comes from meeting it.

However, gradually, we will see how all the problems and suffering, failures and wrongdoings, suddenly begin to bring us satisfaction and understanding of their need and purpose.
Excerpt from the “Kabbalah for the Nation” Lecture 11.21.2010

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