What Does Kabbalah Predict?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Kabbalah predicts absolutely everything in the development of human history. What does it say about the current millennium?

Answer: Kabbalah predicts everything if I know in advance the general system, its motion, because everything occurs deterministically in it; that is, there are forces that interact according to a particular program, and I study this program.

The program exists; it is perfect, complete. And while I do not even know it completely because I have not reached this level to see it entirely, I can already foresee something, predict.

So it is in our world. If I have learned some laws of nature, for example, certain weather conditions, then I can calculate all the weather conditions and say with some degree of probability that during this week it might rain, or snow, or be sunny, or cloudy. Can I predict this? Yes. That is, on the basis of previous studies and the current state, I can predict the future state. This is already the knowledge of laws. Of course, this is not the knowledge of the absolute law, when there is a formula before me and I clearly see what and how, but I can forecast something approximately. It is the same thing with Kabbalah. We deal with the system.

Once I studied Bio-cybernetics; it is absolutely the same. This is the same system. I also work with the forces that affect our world. If I know these forces, know the nature of this world, then I can predict ahead of time, that is, calculate in advance how they come into contact with each other over time, and what the result would be. There is no surprise.

When we turn something on or off for a young child, it is a miracle to him, that is, we show him something he does not understand, but for us it is not a miracle because we know what we’re doing. So it is with Kabbalah.

Rising to the next level of understanding, knowledge, you see what happens, and it becomes work for you because in principle a Kabbalist is a person who is engaged not only in study but in the practical application of the management systems, the practical implementation of the program of development of the world.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1 

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