The Role Of Kabbalists In Each Generation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What was the role of Kabbalists before the revelation of Kabbalah in our day? Or was it simply the transfer of information from one generation to the next?

Answer: The role of Kabbalists was to develop Kabbalah further and further in each generation down to our time. There was no other use in practice. There were different Kabbalists in each generation who had to continue developing it in their generation.

A Kabbalist is a person who is interested in the system of management of our world: why, what for, and how to work with it. He reveals this system, studies it, and describes it based on the level that he is at.

A Kabbalist of the next generation is on a different level than the Kabbalist of the past one. Just like all other people, he evolves with other needs according to which he develops Kabbalah further. That is, the development of humanity and Kabbalah are parallel, until people begin to need it, and then Kabbalah is revealed.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1

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