What Can Help The Economy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can Kabbalah and Kabbalah books help the economy get out of the global crisis?

Answer: There is nothing that can help the economy except the restructuring of human society. Today, society cannot provide everyone with work and a good income that everyone dreams about. For this, there are not enough natural resources, energy, anything. Humanity must be restructured so that everyone has everything at the so-called level of reasonable consumption. The economy has to be changed according to this principle.

I have many students that are economists, and very serious ones, who are trying with great efforts to create the economy or reasonable consumption. It is not easy because we need to change the approach to life: to see everyone equal, to see everyone dependent; this is what nature requires from us today.

But how can we become like this? The first thing is to re-educate a person so he can see others in this way; otherwise he will be forced by immense suffering, a global nuclear war, etc.

What is happening in America now is only a small part of what we are shown. Yesterday on television, I saw mile-long lines of people standing to get water or a bowl of soup. And this is in New York!

This can happen all over the world and many times worse. At least in America, they can quickly clean the effects of the hurricane, although it will cost them $200 billion, if not more. They will find money, print it, and you will pay for it. But if it happens here, who will pay for us? This is a problem.

That is why Kabbalah advises how to prevent all this.
From the Georgia Convention 11/05/12, Lesson 1

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  1. I so strongly believe that what can save us is a return to the simple traditional ways of doing things.Leading a simple life of love.Seeing others as self.Not puting self first above and before others.
    As a child in my traditional set-up in Dibombari in Cameroon, all the children belonged to the community. Children knew that all the elders were their parents and they could be taken care of by any person in the community.It was all love.In our vocabulary, we hadn’t discriminative words such as “my father, mother, my sister, brother, my aunt or uncle” etc.We were all children of the community and of the one God.
    Life such as this brought love and harmony. No greed.Nobody thought of being very high up there and others low down there.A return to this life will serve and save us.
    A community life as was led by the first christians. Not the pseudo socialist and communist life-style and worst still the present western so called democratic system of extortion of the masses to the enrichment of the few who have made themselves world masters. The shame of the present system, imposed to the world, which is now crumbling.

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