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Light Of Life

laitman_212Question: Can the work on translating a text or other dissemination work help me go through spiritual descents?

Answer: Working with texts is the basis of our activities. The book does not go anywhere. It has an upper spiritual root. Even if it is on a computer, it is still a book, a text. Twenty-two Hebrew letters form a spiritual Kli (vessel).

By reading and simultaneously preparing the text for others, you become a channel of communication between the Creator and them. Then the upper Light passes through you. Otherwise, you block yourself and do not get anything from above.

Everything is arranged so that there is the upper one (the Creator), you, and a third person. You must conduct the Light from the Creator through yourself to the lower one.

Baal HaSulam writes in the “Foreword to the Book The Tree of Life”: Each of us is connected with the entire chain of souls and generations. From this we see that in fact the person lives for the sake of satisfying the needs of all the souls, when each of the links conducts the light to the entire chain.”

When a person conducts the Light through himself to the others, he is not restricted by anything. This is a wondrous feature because then he becomes the receptacle for all the infinite Light. He does not stop it, but conducts it through himself and therefore all the Light becomes his.

At the same time, he enjoys the fact that he adheres to the Creator, connects Him with all the others, and fills others with the equivalence with the Creator. What can be more powerful than this state? Nothing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/29/17

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In The Circuit Of Souls

laitman_214In the “Introduction to the Book From the Mouth of a Sage,” Baal HaSulam writes: “It is known from books and from authors that the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah is an absolute must for any person from Israel. … if one studies … but has not learned the wisdom of Kabbalah, he must reincarnate into this world to study the secrets of Torah and wisdom of truth. ..

“You can therefore see the utter necessity for anyone from Israel, whoever he may be, to engage in the internality of the Torah and in its secrets. Without it, the intention of Creation will not be completed in him.

“This is the reason why we reincarnate, generation-by-generation through our current generation, which is the residue of the souls upon which the intention of Creation has not been completed, as they did not attain the secrets of the Torah in the past generations.”

It is our duty to make this last effort and spread the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method of correction of the souls that descend into our world at this time. These are the smallest, lowest, and most insignificant souls. But because of their insignificance, they will give out the greatest Light after correction.

Here, the law of inverse relation of desire and Light operates. That is why it is the lowest desires that exist in our world that should give out the greatest Light, which will correct all souls, connect them, and give them one common Light impulse from which they will all unite.

Question: Are the souls that recirculate in our world all the time the same souls?

Answer: No. Sometimes there are also renewals and conjugations of souls, their mutual merging and division. It is very complicated. Just as in a living organism: cells, liquids, and systems are constantly mutually replaced and transformed.

This can only be grasped in feelings. When one reveals the whole system, he begins to see what happens in it. And it can be revealed only if a person constantly tries to imagine that everything that happens in it comes from the Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/29/17

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What Is The Secret Of Kabbalah?

laitman_216.03Question: If today Kabbalah is open for everyone, then what is its secret?

Answer: There are no secrets in Kabbalah and never have been. The entire problem is only in society’s  possibility of correctly accepting it, adapting to it, tasting it, and using it correctly for its development. There is nothing else.

For example, it is written in The Book of Zohar that of the great Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon’s ten disciples, only Rabbi Aba could correctly expound upon it so that it would be accessible, smooth, correct, and at the same time hidden.

And the measure of concealment must be so special that when you read the Kabbalistic text, it reveals itself to you, and maybe not to your neighbor.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/12/17

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Susceptibility To Spirituality

laitman_214Question: Since 1995, Kabbalah has begun its disclosure to the masses. Does this mean that children born after 1995 are at a higher spiritual level than we are, and that they are more susceptible to spirituality? Or are they more egoistic, which makes it more difficult for them to correct themselves?

Answer: It does not matter what egoism they bear, whether it is bigger, smaller, or whatever kind it is. However, each forthcoming generation is more susceptible to abstract concepts than its previous one.

Lower and lower souls constantly descend into our world. But on the other hand, by working on themselves, they reach even greater peaks.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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The Period Of Concealment In The History Of Kabbalah

Laitman_138Question: If Kabbalah is the method to discover the Creator, why was it concealed for two thousand years, preventing people from using it?

Answer: It was a latent period in the history of Kabbalah, like the Middle Ages.

To us, it seems like nothing happened during the Middle Ages. Development in Europe appeared to freeze, but this was not so. Experts will tell you it was a period of rapid development, but it was internal, hidden. It prepared Europe for all the subsequent progress. Without this preparation, there would have been no cultural or industrial revolution. no Renaissance, nothing.

Question: If our development were not technological, what would it be?

Answer: Our development had to be technological because it was the result of our egoistic development.

Today, this period is coming to an end. The next stage will be spiritual development. We are gradually entering it now. Our recognition of the evil of our current development will lead us to it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/23/17

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The True Origins Of Kabbalah

laitman_527.07Question: What is the difference between the school of the Baal Shem Tov and that of the Vilna Gaon?

Answer: This is a very complex system of two trends in the wisdom of Kabbalah. In general there are four streams in the wisdom of Kabbalah:

1. The Eastern wisdom of Kabbalah,

2. Kabbalah of Baal HaSulam, which is a continuation of the wisdom of the Kabbalah of the Baal Shem Tov,

3. Kabbalah of the Vilna Gaon, which is a continuation of the wisdom of Kabbalah of the Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto), and

4. The wisdom of Kabbalah of the Ramak (Rabbi Moshe Cordovero).

Today, however, there are no more unique streams. They are all studied mixed together and different Kabbalistic sources are used. Today you can’t even understand which of them are true and which are not.

I believe that the true sources are The Book of Zohar with the Sulam Commentary, the writings of Ari, and the writings of Baal HaSulam and Rabash. We study according to them.

There are streams that study according to other streams, with other sources. I cannot say anything about them, nor do I want to say anything about them. Each person will choose according to his interests.

Our main task is to make the wisdom of Kabbalah accessible to everyone in all languages and in the simplest way so that every person in the world can use it and discover how to correct himself and discover the system of higher management.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/1/17

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The Last Revelation Of Kabbalah

254.02Question: In the history of Kabbalah, this knowledge has been deprecated many times. Will humanity come to the time when people will stop devaluing Kabbalah as a science?

Answer: Kabbalah was revealed 5,778 years ago and gradually broke out first in Ancient Babylon, then in Ancient Egypt, and 3,000 years ago in Ancient Israel. Then, for 2,000 years it was in hiding, and now is starting to emerge again.

We all participate in the revelation of this knowledge that studies the management system of our world. Throughout the years, Kabbalah needed to go into exile repeatedly, but today we begin our last campaign. It is written in the Kabbalistic books that there will be no more concealment of Kabbalah.

Of course, we still feel today that we have a lot of ill-wishers, but the general tendency is to open Kabbalah. The whole world assists with it, all its progress and emerging problems without solution at the level of our world through other sciences.

We must constantly reveal that the Kabbalistic approach to the world is special: nothing negative exists, everything is given only to balance each force that is opposite to it and move forward this way.

The prohibition from above to refrain from the open study of Kabbalah was for a limited period until the end of 1,490. From this year onward, this decree has been lifted and it is permitted to study The Book of Zohar openly.

And since the year 1,540, it is considered to be the higher purpose for the masses to study, old and young, as it is written in “Reya Meemna.” [Abraham Azulai, Preface to the book Ohr HaChama]

This is a gradual process, and we are in the beginning of it. Until now, only small groups of people have engaged in studying Kabbalah. Today, we are beginning to spread it to the masses and to absolutely all without restrictions. Similarly, it happened only with Abraham in Ancient Babylon, 3,500 years ago. And now we repeat his path practically.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/29/17

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A Noble Cause

laitman_588.03Question: How do you benefit from passing on knowledge? Don’t you think it is an ignoble thing to teach others?

Answer: Teaching others is a very ungrateful thing. But I do not think it is ignoble.

It is very noble because by this I bring people closer to their soul. The soul is not in the person. It is a property of bestowal and love that is around us, and we have to attain it. I guide people to such attainment, trying to get them into their soul.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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How To Awaken Humanity


Question: We say that the wisdom of Kabbalah awakens people. Maybe we shouldn’t disturb their sleep?

Answer: This is exactly what Pharaoh said to Moses and Aaron in Egypt: “What are you awakening the people for? Let the people work peacefully and quietly. What do you want from them? See how good they feel and how comfortable they live. I created a paradise on Earth for them.”

Egypt truly was an egoistic paradise for them. Suddenly Moses came along and started bothering them, telling them they must leave and go into the wilderness!

Question: So we can’t touch people prematurely? We need to leave everything to the Creator? He is the law of nature and He will awaken everyone? Will the time come and people will be awakened?

Answer: We don’t touch anyone. We just disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to those who need it.

The freedom of man is in the ascent above our world. There are completely different conceptual bases. By changing the system of measurement, we look at life differently and change the value system.

Therefore, the concept of freedom is specifically in an elevation above our egoistic world where only the characteristic of bestowal and love exists, which is the characteristic of the Creator. That is what we must achieve and then we will talk, investigate, and discuss things correctly.

In contrast to this, all of the materialistic philosophies no longer provide any benefit. They are limited to the framework of human nature. For some time, philosophy has already exhausted itself there. Moreover, all the sciences are rounding out and gradually ending their development because humanity has achieved the final state of its development and later the attainment of freedom will be waiting for it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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The Time When Kabbalah Is Revealed

254.02Remark: Until the 17th and 18th centuries, Western civilization lived with a sense that there is some kind of cosmic order in society and in nature, that there is an upper force.

My Comment: Man in Western civilization walked, as they said , under the grace of God, a God they invented for themselves. This was useful for kings, clergy, and other controlling structures. It gave a king legitimacy that he was God’s representative on Earth.

But then everything turned upside down because egoism grew and it was no longer possible to reign over people. Various movements appeared: Calvinism, Lutheranism, and so on, which gave a powerful push for future development.

Very quickly those movements started to transform religion into new social forms because the old ones were already useless for the development of the population. In its social, economic, and political relationships, the population outgrew the framework of the old religion; it needed a different religion. So various faith-based movements appeared.

The Middle Ages were distinguished by rapid development. It only seems to us that it was somewhat slow. But serious processes were taking place that gave significant impetus for new possibilities in the development of the sciences and arts, and the birth of a new freedom. The individual started to emerge from the control of the clergy.

And then the question of how to keep the individual reined in arose. All sorts of nationalistic movements appeared, and opposing them, socialistic and communistic movements.

Question: What was the goal of leaving ordinary religion? To prepare humanity for a more enlightened perspective?

Answer: The goal of nature is giving people the opportunity to understand their own destiny and to find the means of solving the most important question of life: “Why do I exist?”

During those years, even if such a question arose, it was suppressed by the fears and opinions of society. But after the Middle Ages, it began to manifest more forcefully according to the inner development of people who no longer feared calling themselves atheist, not connected to the Creator. Theism is connection with the Creator, atheism is the absence of this connection.

Question: Didn’t the atheists also try to build a social system based on morality, but without the control of the upper force?

Answer: Yes. They tried to figure out how a government could be structured if there is no upper power, not in the form of God and not in the form of a king. This was a very serious leap forward, when the individual comes first.

But the individual is not capable of controlling himself, he cannot do anything “without the king at the head” and without God at the head. That is why all kinds of terrorist movements appeared: fascism, Nazism, etc. People were searching for how to control themselves, to hold the system in order, and saw they could not succeed. And so they went, from blow to blow.

Therefore, in the beginning of the 20th century, after rapid development of science, culture, and self-consciousness, the science of Kabbalah began to be revealed. When the era of scientific discovery and arts ended, it became clear they did not provide an answer to the question about the meaning of life, which appeared even before the Middle Ages. Even the Age of Enlightenment did not give us this answer.

Then, Kabbalah was revealed. It began explaining that it had the solution to these problems. But since it is irrational to humanity’s way of thinking, it is as if taking the theory of relativity and trying to apply it to daily life.

In our world it is not understood, and even if it is understood, then only by a few people. So what is there to talk about with the simple person? But according to Kabbalah, everyone must be raised to a new level.

Therefore, even though Kabbalah is being revealed, it is apparent that a great deal of time is needed before people understand that society must exist on its principles and will otherwise not have the ability to sustain itself.

Humanity is gradually approaching this state, but it does not yet exist in it. Right now our Kabbalistic group is engaged with modeling these principles, analyzing them, and developing them internally, like in a laboratory. But, eventually, this will be the realization of the basic law of nature in humanity.

Kabbalists are obligated to demonstrate to humanity that their methodology is the only one that has the answers to the future structure of nature, society, humanity, family, and upbringing. And without it, the world will not be able hold itself in any kind of a framework.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation,” 7/3/17

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