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New Times – New Attainment

laitman_234Question: What is the difference between today’s attainment and attainment at the time of Baal HaSulam?

Answer: Each year attainment becomes easier. People who come to Kabbalah today are more prepared to comprehend it.

Their egoism is more productive and prepared for the rapid adaptation of spiritual states. Due to this, their path is much shorter; hence, many students who have been with me for ten years are at the level I reached in twenty years.

Question: Have the means of attainment remained the same or did something change in the methodology?

Answer: It is hard to say because the spiritual attainment of my students is different. For example, after two years of studying, under the influence of the materials of Baal HaSulam, I wrote books and none of them did so. Nevertheless, today they are at the level of twenty years of my studies of Kabbalah, although they have only been studying for ten years. It is impossible to explain. Such things can’t be measured in the years of our world.

Question: Does the current quality of attainment differ from the past quality?

Answer: Of course, today it is more concrete.

All those who come to Kabbalah today live in a completely different world, at a completely different time, and the previous generations can already envy them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

Fate Of The High Souls

laitman_938_01Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Building the Future Society”: There is an allegory about friends who were lost in the desert, hungry and thirsty. One of them had found a settlement filled abundantly with every delight. He remembered his poor brothers, but he had already drawn far off from them and did not know their place. What did he do? He began to shout out loud and blow the horn; perhaps his poor hungry friends would hear his voice, approach and come to that abundant settlement filled with every delight.

Question: How do we build such a path so people will feel that it leads to this “settlement filled with every delight”?

Answer: This transition is very difficult and far from popular. The fact is that not many people can move to the new state with their mind, powers, thoughts, and spiritual work.

“With their mind” means with the help of study and practical application of the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only a small fraction of people can do this. All the others will come to the same state precisely because of the influence of the group. The masses won’t have a choice; they will feel miserable, useless, and jobless.

And their suffering will become more internal rather than external. If once a person had no clothes and food, today he doesn’t have internal fulfillment, and this is much worse than hunger or cold. We see how people suffer from depression.

Therefore, the most important thing for us is to assemble a group of people that really can master the new stage of development, and then they will be able to pull the rest of humanity after them.

Comment: It is written that he “began to shout out loud and blow the horn; perhaps his poor hungry friends would hear his voice.”

My Comment: It doesn’t mean that he addressed the broad masses; they can’t hear the spiritual appeal.

They will be able to hear his cry if they feel miserable and hungry; otherwise, they will continue to play with their “toys,” especially since governments are interested in filling their lives with them.

Therefore, the spiritual appeal is directed to a few, and the rest will browse the Internet filled with entertainment and services created especially for them. It is possible to control the masses through the Internet without problems. They will give them free computers, only to keep everyone in an inter-tension.

Question: Is it only in order for them to not feel hunger and start to shout?

Answer: They won’t be able to. After all, the manifestation of hunger for the next state, for the meaning of life, is a fate of the high souls.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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An Appeal To Readers

laitman_531_01There has recently been a flood of Russian-speaking religious people on my Facebook page.

These readers come with two complaints:

1. That what I teach is my system and has no connection to the wisdom of Kabbalah or Judaism

Answer: Everything that I teach is taken from the writings of Baal HaSulam and Rabash as well as from the Kabbalists of all times. They should study the wisdom of Kabbalah and then make their case with specifically what things they think I am saying of my own.

2. Why do you appeal to non-Jews?

Answer: This is because we are in the generation of the Messiah about whom it is said, “And all the nations shall stream to it” (Isaiah 2:2), and “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7) and similar things.

I am asking you to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and then disagree about things. Or not to say anything initially if it is not your area. Please refrain from pointlessly arguing with my words! Thank you.

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At The Entrance To The Last Generation

laitman_941Life’s direction is to attain adhesion with Him, strictly to benefit the Creator (Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Writings of the Last Generation”).

Question: Can we, the ones who started this movement be called “the last generation?”

Answer: To act for the benefit of the connections between us means to act for the benefit of the Creator.

The last generation is just beginning its correction and it wants to change its nature. We started the movement, but practically, we are at the entrance to this state.

Question: Don’t you see our generation that lives on Earth in the frame of time? Do you see this in a more general perspective?

Answer: I don’t take into account either the Earth or humanity, but only those people who at least somehow aspire to change their nature. Nothing more than that.

The last generation starts from the small group of people who understand the goal correctly and want to change themselves.

As for our group, we already can almost be called the last generation. We must undergo some more pretty serious tests under the influence of various external and internal stresses in order to get rid of the remnants of egoism (I call them remnants, but they are very big) and firmly decide what exactly this metamorphosis is that we have to undergo.

Question: What is the difference between the group that has one foot in the last generation and the group that will already be at the final stage of the last generation?

Answer: The nature of the people at the last stage of the last generation will be completely different from our nature. They will no longer be people, but “angels” who are guided and act only according to the desire to bestow, to delight, to be connected with others for the benefit of others, and through them to the Creator. This is a completely different state!

Therefore, we are at the very beginning and must decide whether we will change ourselves to become the last generation.
From the KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/22/17

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Is It Possible To Influence A Person’s Perception?

Laitman_049_01Question: The more I listen to you, the more I understand that Kabbalah is Light. Through love of others, can people who are on a high spiritual level have an influence on a normal person’s emotional perception when he does not understand his spiritual state himself but only feels some kind of inner spiritual enthusiasm?

Answer: In fact, it is impossible to influence a person’s emotional perception because his spiritual state does not depend on his desire, but on his ability to rise above his ego.

Many people want spirituality, but are not ready to convince themselves that the meaning of a desire for spirituality is to rise above ourselves, above our ego. They are ready for anything except that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Why Doesn’t Humanity Know Anything About Kabbalah?

laitman_251Question: Kabbalah is a method of how to properly communicate between people. Humanity has been developing for thousands of years. Why doesn’t humanity know anything about this method at the beginning of the 21st century?

Answer: This has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence, but depends on whether the need to discover the reason for his existence, the question of what he is living for, has emerged in him. If he has a need for that, he arrives at the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: But why doesn’t a person know that? We have discovered so many things in our world, we have invented so many technological innovations, but we do not have any basic knowledge about the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Answer: A person does not need to know what he is not supposed to know yet. Therefore, Kabbalah was not revealed to the people until the 20th century, except to individual Kabbalists.

Even today, many people have no need to know about it yet. Only those who want to will be able to reach the wisdom of Kabbalah. The next intermediate phase will be when everyone aspires for Kabbalistic knowledge.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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Ethics And Kabbalah

laitman_265Question: Why is Kabbalah not human ethics and philosophy at the same time if its main postulate is “love your neighbor”?

Answer: Kabbalah should become like that, and it will become like that. However, today humanity is not ready for this yet.

Currently, we undergo certain stages of the realization of the evil nature of man, and we learn through all the troubles that constantly haunt us. It leads us to the fact that we do not know what to do with ourselves and our world.

Therefore, we are already beginning to realize that we require knowledge about our world, about the depths of the actions of the forces in it. Gradually we will understand that without the knowledge of Kabbalah, we are just a lost generation.

When we discover Kabbalah for ourselves, that is already ready for use, we will enter into a very rapid, easy, and pleasant development, up to our final, absolutely good state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Do You Help People Find Out About The Wisdom Of Kabbalah?

laitman_565_01.jpgQuestion: I have been studying the wisdom of Kabbalah for three years. I often feel guilty about not being able to talk about the wisdom of Kabbalah with those people who are trying to find themselves. How can I do this, how can I help them?

Answer: Give them a book as a gift or invite them to a lecture, but no more than this. Don’t force a person. If it interests him, he will find out about everything.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/22/17

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Instructions Of “The Last Generation”

laitman_533_01Question: When reading Baal HaSulam manuscript The Last Generation, we feel that there is a treasure in them—instructions how to build the future society. How can we understand it correctly to study and present it to other people?

Answer: The problem is that Baal HaSulam these manuscripts wrote for himself; they are not systematized enough and repeat themselves in many respects. He was making sketches from time to time, but didn’t bring them to any order.

Rabash said that Baal HaSulam considered his generation still not ready for correction, and therefore he stopped writing. After all, his newspaper was closed and it was forbidden to print his writings.

I understand your desire, but you should also understand me. It is based on Kabbalah; I can say that this is an absolutely practical science! Although it seems like mysticism where some Sefirot, Partzufim, and worlds are supposedly spinning, this is the most practical science! It completely depends on the inner state of the people studying it.

Therefore, I don’t know to what extent we can develop the topic of “The Last Generation.” Perhaps, we can do it in a very limited form since we need to reach this individually by ourselves. We’ll try to do this.

I understand your enthusiasm. Perhaps it can help us. But you need to understand that I get up every morning, which starts for me at midnight, and I begin to study. I come to the audience without knowing at what level the lesson, the discussion, or the questions will be; it doesn’t depend on me.

I can’t reveal more than how I feel the desire of the people, their needs, and their ability to at least partially absorb the material. If they can absorb at least ten percent of what I am saying among them, it means that I can already speak and I invest a hundred percent. Otherwise, I can’t.

Therefore, despite your strong desire to describe the instruction of “The Last Generation,” if the audience doesn’t have such a desire, I find it difficult to do so.

So far we haven’t reached this. But I am an optimist, I am always ready.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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The Path Of The Future Correction Is For All

laitman_229Question: Baal HaSulam, a man of an extraordinary height, wrote in his manuscripts about the last generation: “I have seen all that, and I can no longer restrain myself. I have resolved to disclose of my observations and of what I have found written in those books, regarding the conducts of correction of our definite future.”

What does The Last Generation mean to you? Why did you turn precisely to these manuscripts?

Answer: Because it is a vital realization of what is happening today in our generation.

We are at a critical stage of development; the previous egoistic history of humanity is coming to an end and the time has come when humanity must rise to the next level and thereby change itself and the surrounding world. In fact, our entire world is what we represent: what we see and what exists in our sense organs. When we rise to a new level, we will see a completely different world.

The material world will gradually disappear from our senses. It is even called an imaginary world. We will start to exist in the next dimension that we will imagine just as we imagine the present one.

The “spiritual special forces” will be the first to enter the upper world. The others will follow them. Moreover, the “special forces” will develop themselves in a directed, forceful way, working on their adaptation to the new degrees of nature, and all others will be pulled after them.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/15/17

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