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The Situation In Israel: The End Of The Infitada

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will the Intifada stop?

Answer: It cannot stop by itself without our involvement; it is up to us to bring the positive force, the force of unity, among the people of Israel, and in this way, we will disseminate this good force throughout the world, since we influence everything.

If we don’t do this and assume that the situation will calm down, then after some time, a much worse negative force will be revealed to us. Clearly, we would like the Intifada to stop immediately. But we must understand that the situation will become more severe if we don’t help reveal the positive force in our world.

Question: What can the Israeli society do today to solve this problem at its root?

Answer: First of all, the Israeli society must know what its good future depends on. It depends only on us, not on any other people or any negotiations between politicians. We don’t depend on anyone, only on ourselves. It is apparently a very good thing that the ball is in our hands and we determine everything. But specifically because the ball is in our hands, the eyes of the whole world are turned towards us and other peoples are demanding us to bring good to the world, instead of bad. They talk about this very seriously, claiming that Israel determines the entire state of the world, and if it is bad, Israel is to blame.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the people of Israel are found at the center of creation, and we possess a method that makes it possible to correctly organize connections in all of humanity, all of nature, and in an ideal way, calm down all levels of nature: the still, vegetative, animate and human. We have this knowledge and the ability to realize it. You don’t want there to be terrorist acts? Invest effort and do what depends on you! Don’t just sit at home in front of the television and count how many acts of terrorism there were today. If it depends upon each one of us, let’s begin to approach each other and ask, “How is this possible?  If we don’t do something, then this will continue.”

You ask, “Will the Intifada stop?” It won’t stop as long as the right connection between us hasn’t been found, especially among the people of Israel. And then everyone will understand how they need to organize themselves—all over the world, with everything that is happening in Europe, America, and in other nations. They will suddenly begin to understand how to establish relationships with each other.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/18/15

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“Capitalism Is Devouring Its Own Tail”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (inosmi.ru): “The world may soon enter an era in which it will be possible to be rich only because of one’s birth. Modern capitalism is increasingly resembling feudalism. 

“According to the calculations of the British charity Oxfam, in the next year 1% of the richest people on earth are to amass more money than the remaining 99%. 

” If the average growth of world production is 1-1.5%, while income from capital investment comes to 4-5%. Speculating on the market, you can earn much more than producing something useful for the economy. The greatest chance of enrichment are for those who have sufficient capital and can afford to indulge in financial speculation. So they accumulate more and more money and are more and more alienated in property terms from the rest of society and its problems.

“‘Therefore, the circumstances of birth are more important than talent and effort,’ – wrote American economist and Nobel laureate, Paul Krugman.

“The new aristocracy – is not so much the aristocracy of industry, as it is a circle of people holding money. Many economists have long pointed to financial speculation as a source of growing stratification.

“Much of this paper wealth can evaporate as a result of the financial turmoil, just as in a few weeks in June and July 2015 2.8 trillion (the amount is close to the nominal GDP of France) evaporated with the Chinese exchanges. The problem is that the large financial speculators did not become poor from the collapse. It is the small punters who, losing their life savings in the markets, can not count on any support. Banks in these situations also can count on assistance from the state.

“Increased stratification also leads to a decrease in social mobility, limited access to education. In the long term, the less ‘equal’ economy also suffers from the greater likelihood of senior positions being taken by not really talented people, but by those who compensate for the lack of talent by birth in a rich family or acquaintances in high places.

“Growth of the disparity in income in the long term may also lead to dire political consequences. On the one hand, it leads to oligarchic mode, on the other hand, increases sympathy for the radical movements that seek to eliminate the existing socio-political order.

“It is possible to observe a harbinger of countries lying in the periphery of the eurozone. There is growing a generation that has never had a chance at a normal job. “The level of financial stratification in Europe have threatened social equilibrium. When the unemployment rate, which among youth in Greece and Spain, more than 50% of the younger generation has no prospects,” – indicates Janusz Shevchak.

“‘Piketty writes in his book that if the level of return on capital will consistently exceed the level of economic growth (which he predicts in his works), this can lead to the destruction of the foundations on which to build democratic capitalism, that is, the idea that work allows one to get rich, and its material effect depends on individual skills and effort. As a result, a phenomenon exacerbated delegitimization of capital and that this is followed, activated movement “angry” and start coming to power of populist parties (both left and right), cleverly finding access to public discontent, “- recalls Sobochinsky.

“…in Europe support formed for radical formation during the Great Depression of the 30’s: the Communist Party, the German Nazi Party, fascist, radical socialist and national-radical movements. History shows that the radicalization of society can be accelerated if an economic crisis imposed an identity crisis of the nation and the immigration crisis.

“‘The response to the crisis 30s was the introduction of very high taxes in the framework of the policy New Deal, so that in the post-war period managed to establish relative balance between labor and capital, as a result, income inequality decreased significantly.'”

My Comment: Capitalists are not brave enough to raise their own taxes. Today there is no longer a clear and accurate correlation between hard work and the outcome of labor. Countries are not locked within their borders and business has become global.

Therefore, people don’t feel that they depend on capital within their country and international corporations don’t feel that they depend on it. In order to feel it, they have to feel the environment, the attitude towards others. The world has come to an economic dead end and the only way out is through new social relationships. See “The Last Generation.”

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Terrorism In Israel Is Leading Us To Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (svoboda.org): “To carry out attacks in Israel, 13-year-old children are organized through social media networks. The main reason – the Palestinians are desperate due to not being the central focus of the media in the Arab nations.

“All of the Arab nations are in conflicts, with many of them beginning to look at Israel as an ally in their struggle with Iran, paying less and less attention to the Palestinian question that they became fed up with long ago.

“The Palestinian leadership wants to attract attention to itself somehow, since the Palestinian security forces aren’t participating in the campaign of violence against Israel and are cooperating with Israel. And that is how the game continues.

“The position of the United States matches their position. The Secretary of State blames Israel for the Palestinian oppression because Israel is building settlements in the West Bank and is trying to change the status quo on the Temple mount.

“Peace is imperative, but the maximum concessions that Israel is ready to make are far from the minimal demands of the Palestinians. Netanyahu is concerned about the presence of Hezbollah and more, the Iranian army within our borders. This is because Iranian military forces have already entered Syria to fight alongside Assad. Netanyahu has a better relationship with Putin than with Obama, even though there is no doubt that America is still our main ally.”

My Comment: We can rely only upon ourselves. We have no allies. But we have the most powerful weapon in the world, which is our unity, and if we attain it, we are invincible and can lead the whole world to that same state in which the Creator will be revealed.

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He Who Is Merciful To The Wicked

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (russian-bazaar): “Europe has in fact accepted its fate and doesn’t try to stop the Islamic wave that threatens to drown it. The borders between the European states are like torn down fences. Closing the borders would be considered an act of racism and asking the Muslims to become part of their new homeland will lead to growing xenophobia towards them. When we speak about numbers, probably many thousands are terrorists according to foreign media sources.

“This is the start of the fulfillment of the prophecy of Egyptian cleric Salem Abu El-Puticha: ‘the Islamic nation will return to power despite the West’s arrogance. The West will undoubtedly be destroyed. Allah destroyed the Byzantine and Persian empires and he will also destroy the West through the Muslims. These countries will convert to Islam, Islam will reach them.’

“The Muslims see themselves as those who have the absolute knowledge that enables them to rule the ‘heretics.’ Therefore everything the Arabs conquered in the 7th and 8th centuries belongs to Islam, including Spain, Sicily, the land of Israel and more. This isn’t only the view of the fundamentalists, but also of the level-headed Muslims. The main message of Islam is ‘the Muslims need to believe that Islam will eventually win and will replace the constitution of Sharia.’

“One of the problems of the modern world is the hatred that radical Islam feels towards the West. There is no sustainable solution to this problem. The world prefers to engage more in Israel, thinking that all of the modern world’s problems stem from Israel. Rabi Yohushua Ben Levi said: ‘He who is merciful to the wicked will eventually become wicked to the merciful.'”

My Comment: According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, Islam will flood the whole world except for Israel, and when it swallows the world, it will turn everyone against Israel, but this will be its end. It is impossible to blame Europe of turning a blind eye to the current Islamic wave that is flooding it. Everything evolves according to the plan that is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Only the unity of the nation of Israel into one whole will help the world attain its greatest, most sublime future without any bloodshed.

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The Situation In Israel: From Ancient Babylon To Present Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Last weekend was relatively quiet, we thought that it was about to end, and here on Sunday we came back with a terrorist at the central bus station in Beer Sheva. When will all of this end?

Answer: The situation will not improve and will even become worse. The problem is that the cause for all these events has not been resolved. A few days ago Ynet  published my article, “Who’s Behind The Situation in Israel?” in which I again explained how we can deal with this situation, rise above all the events, begin to calm the situation, and gain control over it.

The reason for everything that is happening is still the same: the lack of connection and unity among us influences the stability of all parts of nature. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we affect all of nature; whether it is a tsunami, a volcanic eruption, or a hurricane, we are forming all of this volatility.

After all, only through our unity can we have an influence over all the levels of nature —still, vegetative, animate and human—encouraging people to unite themselves and to connect through mutual participation and concern for one another. And the people of Israel provide all of this.

Many articles and books have been written about this. And this is what I have tried to explain in my article with sayings by Rabbi Abraham Issac HaCohen Kook, Baal HaSulam, quotations from the Babylonian Talmud and other sources that are familiar to all the people of Israel in all generations. They all speak unanimously that it is only unity between us that will bring goodness to all of the people of Israel, and the lack of unity invokes all evil.

Question: What is the connection between unity among the people of Israel and goodness or evil all over the world?

Answer: In the sources, it is written that the moment problems, unrest, riots, and conflicts appeared in ancient Babylon, Abraham began to think: “What has happened to these people who were relatively peaceful until now?” From a desire to understand what was happening in human nature and the world, he discovered that there is only one reason for everything— our ego, which was growing in each person and in everyone all together. It is possible to calm all problems down only through connection and unity above the ego.

The ego is constantly growing, keeping us apart and creating more and more tension between us. This is a law and it is impossible to stop it.

We see that this is truly so, and throughout the history of humanity, for thousands of years, our ego has been growing more and more; people have become more and more distant from each other, even though we became much smarter, more understanding and sensitive, and have developed our lives through technology, commerce, and industry. But at the same time, we have become worse and worse in our nature.

The solution to all problems is only the creation of good and wonderful connections between people. Abraham started this, and as Maimonides wrote, a multitude of people joined him and from whom he created a group that would specifically be involved with connection and union between them.

This group became the people of Israel, a people founded on an ideological principle and born from a social agreement of many people who were strangers to each other. So we now feel ourselves to be relatively alien and divided from each other as long as we don’t work on unity between us.

Abraham determined that if we began to connect with each other, we would influence all the rest of the Babylonians. But they didn’t succeed in this because Nimrod, the King of Babylon, was against it. He thought that the inhabitants of Babylon should disperse and settle all over the face of the Earth to calm down the unrest, but this problem still exists today. However, the wisdom, the method that our father Abraham discovered of how to calm humanity down, still exists and is called the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/18/15

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How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Guerrilla Warfare

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Throughout the history of the Jewish people, there have been continuous wars, terrorist attacks, etc. These events don’t complement one another and accumulate, but are constantly moving in different directions. Operation Protective Edge ended not too long ago and suddenly we are faced with individual terrorist attacks, which is a much more serious problem. You don’t know where to run to because they come unexpectedly.

Answer: We are facing what is often called guerrilla warfare, which is much worse than ordinary war, because you are weaker against it. You cannot fight against it with a regular army and the police too are powerless. Although they try to be everywhere, it is impossible to foresee where an individual terrorist will show up with a knife, a hammer, an ax, or stones in his pocket.

The terrorists main aim is to spread fear and thus assert power over us. This is a clearly verified ideology that includes careful preparation of young people who can be easily lured into an ideological trap and quickly sent to carry out their mission. What is more, these are not single, anarchistic individuals but young people who carry out the plan of ISIS.

ISIS is a very strong and serious ideological movement with billions of dollars. They have a huge army, a lot of armed soldiers equipped with all kinds of weapons.

They have teams of computer experts, ideologists, economists, and lawyers. The fact that this organization has no state structure is working to their advantage.

The supranational structure, which today, like cancer, is seeping into many countries of the world. We can see how it is gradually penetrating Europe and is beginning to quietly and indirectly express seemingly innocent demands: “Give us food, an allowance, a place where we can pray.” Their main objective is to increase the number of refugees among the local population. The moment their number grows to more than 10% of the population, they will begin to demand that the whole country obey them, and if not, they will use force.

But these are all invasive actions and are the reason that they are so feared, like in Russia for example. It is because the unique psychology of the Russian people will be attracted to it, especially where there are vast areas like Tatarstan, Chechnya and others that are very influential and penetrate every sector of society.

I think this compelled the Russians intervene in the situation in Syria. Not so much as their desire to occupy their bases to confront the Americans, but from the fear is that this ideology will begin to sprout in Russia.

But there will certainly be problems here in Israel as a result of Russia’s involvement in Iraq and Syria because the immigrants are already starting to flow from there. Russia will force them to spread worldwide, thus bringing them closer to our borders. What is happening on our streets now is a result of this political process.

If we look at the more internal layers, the root where the problem stems from, we will delve into the fine and delicate structures of the world that tell us why humans are controlled by nature to such a great extent, why we are in such psychological and ideological conflicts, and why this is the way we solve our problems. It is our job to find this out.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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The Coming Redivision In The Middle East

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (www.pravda.ru): “The Islamic state [ISIS] is a threat to Saudi Arabia. ISIS has already established a state within certain borders. It says that after the ascent of Jerusalem there will be the fall of the hawk. The hawk is Medina (the Muslim city).

“The ‘Islamic state’ is aspiring to hasten the coming of the day of judgment. One of the goals the Islamic state has declared is the conquering of Mecca and Medina and the destruction of the idols, which means the black stone.

“The leaders of Saudi Arabia recognize the impending threat. A direct clash with ISIS would lead to many negative outcomes for the Sunni states in the Middle East. The reporting of many Western media channels about the actions of Russia is a classic example of double standard and a propaganda war.

“There is a counter attack, not against Assad personally, but against Assad as the Shi’ite Iranian representative in the Middle East, because Iran and Hezbollah are building a Shi’ite belt through Syria. This is a threat to the Sunni hegemony of  Saudi Arabia in the region.”

My Comment: All over the world is a common march on Jerusalem. …

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 6 “Tunnels Under The Whole World”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If the third intifada arises, does this indicate that there are bad relationships among the Jewish people?

Answer: Our relationships with each other remain bad and tension is accumulating all the time until it overflows its banks and hits us. After that it again begins to accumulate until the next time, until it again overflows its banks. How long can this go on?

The Kabbalists say that it will only be for a limited time, and after that we will need to leave this country if we haven’t adapted to it. In the land of Israel we must live like the people of Israel, meaning with love and unity. The moment that we become closer to each other, we will immediately see changes in the world and in the air itself. Even the sun will begin to shine in a special way, the birds will sing, and everyone will begin to relate to us with love, for this is relevant to the entire system of nature. We won’t feel any negative influences, even in the nature of the still, as the rain, wind and sun will only be pleasant and gentle.

Question: Suppose that I now begin to create relationships with my closest neighbors who are Jews like me. How do people in an Arab village who are preparing for the next attack know about this?

Answer: It’s very simple. After all, we are  in a single system in which all of its parts are mutually connected. You are at the peak of the system, so you are carrying out the key function. And everyone is pointing at you because you are not meeting your obligations and are harming everyone with this. If you act correctly, meaning that you unite, then everything will be okay. It is enough for connection and unity between two Jews for the whole world to calm down.

Question: But how will they know about this in the Arab village?

Answer: They don’t need to know about it since they will be influenced by the system, the structure that connects us inside and makes us dependent on each other. It is like a root system that is deep underground connecting all the plants. And an identical root system exists that connects all people.

Question: Does it connect us now with the terrorists?

Answer: It connects us with all of humanity. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us. It explains how the world works and how it is up to us to integrate into this system to manage it. All troubles occur in order to require us to manage the world correctly.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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Western Values Are Losing Their Influence In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Steven Erlanger, NY Times): “The West is suddenly suffused with self-doubt.

“Centuries of superiority and global influence appeared to reach a new summit with the collapse of the Soviet Union, as the countries, values and civilization of the West appeared to have won the dark, difficult battle with Communism.

That victory seemed especially sweet after the turn of China toward capitalism, which many thought presaged a slow evolution to middle-class demands for individual rights and transparent justice — toward a form of democracy. But is the embrace of Western values inevitable? Are Western values, essentially Judeo-Christian ones, truly universal?

“The history of the last decade is a bracing antidote to such easy thinking. The rise of authoritarian capitalism has been a blow to assumptions, made popular by Francis Fukuyama, that liberal democracy has proved to be the most reliable and lasting political system.

“With the collapse of Communism, ‘what we may be witnessing,’ Mr. Fukuyama wrote hopefully in 1989, ‘is the end point of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.’

“But couple the tightening of Chinese authoritarianism with Russia’s turn toward revanchism and dictatorship, and then add the rise of radical Islam, and the grand victory of Western liberalism can seem hollow, its values under threat even within its own societies.

“The recent flood of migrants and Syrian asylum seekers were welcomed in much of Europe, especially Germany and Austria. But it also prompted criticism from a number of less prosperous European countries, a backlash from the far right and new anxieties about the growing influence of Islam, and radical Islamists, in Europe. …

“’Nineteen-eighty-nine was perceived as the victory of universalism, the end of history, but for all the others in the world it wasn’t a post-Cold War world but a post-colonial one,’ said Ivan Krastev, director of the Center for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a contributing opinion writer for The Times.

“It seemed to many in Asia and Africa to be the end of Western ideological supremacy, given that liberalism and Communism are both Western creations with universal ambitions.”

My Comment: It is now impossible to stop the flow of immigrants to the EU. The new values are neither European nor American, but above this world, and they will be born to a new world.

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The Transition Of Society To A New Quality

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (worldcrisis.ru): “Changing the phases of development in the chain, “Archaic Tradition, Modern, Postmodern” means the transition of society to a new quality. It occurs when a new phase ripens in the depths of the old one. That is, the story is an ongoing process, just from time to time, we note that the world has a fundamentally different.

“You should also be aware that there is a change in the phase of development in the world simultaneously. Some countries – ahead of others are drawn to them. Because the lagging have only three choices: become slaves to the leaders, somehow keep up with the leaders to preserve a certain independence, throw a challenge to the leader on the basis of an alternative model of the future.

“In each country different people and social groups ‘enter’ a new phase at different times. Someone is still in the old system cost, while others – mentally. The recognition of the changes lags behind the changes. …

“Currently there is a transition from the industrial phase to the next. It is called ‘post-industrial.’ But some argue that the post-industrial phase, has already passed, and moved to another. And they bring dozens of different names for it. You could say that it is – a question of terminology. …

“The term ‘industrialization’ does not imply ambiguity. That is – most people move from rural to urban areas for mass industrial production. Regardless of whether you personally like the results of this production or not.

“What do we see today? Developed countries have destroyed their industry, and transferred production to poor countries, industrialization is not yet past. In the backward agrarian countries are unspent resources for modernization. These are people who are willing to work for pennies in the city only for the opportunity to not live in a traditional village, with its hellish work. …

“The West led the production in poor countries, leaving behind control through financial and technological superiority

“In the transition from industrialism to post-industrialism many in manufacturing will simply will not be needed. And many others require renovation. Then we have to release people from outdated industries and retrain them for a new part of the economy, and some will have to adapt to a different type of existence. The automated economy needs a few highly qualified specialists. The rest will be unemployed.

“In this scheme, financial capitalism is not working. As has been explained many times by Mikhail Khazin. You can not control the people with money, when some people work, while others receive benefits free of charge. As a consequence, there is no need to build consumer and release huge amounts of unnecessary goods. …

“This post-industrialism will come when financial capitalism is eliminated. When it collapses. Then power over people will be on the senses:  things with  cultural, religious, and  ideological significance. There will be a key factor in the change of domination – it will mean a real transition to a new phase of development. …

“Soon after the financial collapse, moderation and temperance in all things, as regards consumption will become the mainstream propaganda. People will consume only what they really need.”

My Comment: Everything fits the Kabbalistic model of the future society, with the exception of the social structure and control; there will be a society of people who are mutually connected through good relationships and the commitment to continuously improve the connections between them. In this way, they will discover the upper world between them under the leadership and guidance of the Kabbalistic method.

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