The Second Day Of The 2009 International Kabbalah Congress


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No One At The World Economic Forum Wants To Admit That They Have No Solution To The Financial Crisis

realityIn the News (from The Guardian): Shaken survivors of economic blast ask: what went wrong? The mood in Davos, Switzerland [the site of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum] has been broken as badly as the banks. Few people here will admit to have done anything personally wrong. The failures have gone into hiding, and the biggest absentees are the Americans. There is no real sense of collective guilt, or serious consideration of what to do next, other than rebuild the world that has just been lost. What no one wants to admit is that perhaps there is no solution – only decline.

My Comment: The only way we will be able come out of the crisis is through the recognition of evil and the true reason for the crisis. We will not be able to come out of the crisis by restoring the past, but rather by collectively building the future – a future that’s global and integral. When we realize that we are absolutely interdependent, we will be able to understand how to accomplish this. Until we come to this realization, we will have to learn from the blows that are driving us towards happiness.

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One Who Sways Himself To The Scale Of Merit Sways The Whole World

swayTwo questions I received on what conditions are necessary for one’s spiritual advancement:

Question: I am 18 years old. I live in Brazil, far away from any group, so I am studying online and my only contact with the group is through the Internet. Since my point in the heart woke up, I keep on the path as much as I can, but sometimes I feel alone here, not being able to attend the Congress or to be part of a physical group. What’s your advice: is it enough for me to be connected with others through the Internet? What else can I do to accelerate my correction?

My Answer: Staying virtually connected suffices in order to advance. Watching the lessons, keeping a virtual connection with the entire worldwide group of students, and participating in Kabbalah dissemination are the sufficient conditions for revealing the Creator!

Question: It seems to me some people live in conditions (socially, financially, physically, mentally, etc.) that are simply not conducive to entering spirituality, even though they may have a point in the heart and even though they may want to study Kabbalah. Can they cross the Machsom?

My Answer: If a person has received knowledge about this opportunity, it means that the Creator has given him a freedom of will, and after that everything depends on the person. Every Reshimo that emerges in a person contains all the data about his inner and outer Kli (that is, about him and his surroundings). This gives him the feeling that there is “him” and “the world,” including everything necessary for his advancement and free choice (including the group, whether virtual or physical). This is why it is written, “A person should always say, ‘The world was created for me’ (for him to realize his inner Reshimo at every given moment). If one sways oneself to the scale of merit, he sways the whole world to the scale of merit. And if one sways oneself to the scale of evil, he sways the whole world to the scale of evil.”

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In The Spiritual World, Women Don’t Get Carried Around By Men

goodThree questions I received on women’s spiritual development:

Question: Can the men of Bnei Baruch who are above this world “carry” a woman over the Machsom if she is ready for it? Or do we women have to wait for a certain number of corrected male souls, and if so, then what is this number?

My Answer: Maybe in our world there are men who carry women around, but there’s no such thing in the spiritual world! If a woman is ready for it, she absorbs the force of the men’s group and participates in the crossing of the Machsom together with everyone.

Question: How important is it for a woman to study in a group? My egoism doesn’t let me get over my dislike of the group members in my city. Is it possible to grow spiritually in a group of people who are still so alien to me that I feel repelled by them?

My Answer: There is no such thing as a women’s group. A woman and a group are incompatible.

Question: If my essence as a woman is to provide the lack, then wouldn’t developing the quality of bestowal (instead of the desire to receive) make me similar to a man? And then whom will the men give to?

My Answer: Within each one of us there are male and female parts: the Kli (our desires) and the Light (our intentions to bestow). You should look for the right combination between the two.

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Only The Creator Controls The World

Don't Starve Yourself - Use the Upper Light InsteadQuestions I received on Kabbalah’s relation to various things in this world:

Question: During the talk about men and women, you answered the question of what can make a man happy when he’s with a woman. But you did not answer the question of what can make a man happy in general?

My Answer: Being with the Creator.

Question: How does Kabbalah explain deja vu?

My Answer: It’s psychological.

Question: Can the deaf, dumb and blind study Kabbalah? What kind of an effect does lacking one of the five senses have in general?

My Answer: It doesn’t affect studying. They should study.

Question: What does the World Wisdom Council that you are a part of do?

My Answer: They chitchat. This is why I am no longer with them.

Question cont’d: But don’t they control the world through different institutions?

My Answer: Only the Creator controls the world.

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How To Handle Relatives Who Are Opposed To Kabbalah

dealA question I received: My husband and I are both students of Kabbalah. We have created a family together; my husband has a practical profession that affords us a “normal” position in this world. We are happy! However, our extended family (parents and siblings) that desire to remain inside their egoism, insist that we must make greater efforts to gather excess. How should we respond to them and restrain their aim to disconnect us?

My Answer: Gently but firmly, tell them that you and your husband are a separate family and they have no right to tell you how to live your life. Let them see who’s right and who’s wrong in the developing conditions of crisis.

However, you also have to understand them, as they were raised with the principle, “you have to work hard in order to provide a good future for you and your children.”

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The World Bank Brings Attention To The Global Food Crisis

crisisNews Report (from Media Release of the World Bank):Call for Greater Focus to Help the Hungry” The Bank’s Managing Director, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said with the food crisis still affecting millions of people around the globe, the international community needs to boost its effort to help the poor and vulnerable feed themselves. “Food prices are now volatile and that factor, combined with the impact of the financial crisis, only serves to heighten the challenges confronting the developing world, ”Okonjo-Iweala said.

My Comment: Since “love and hunger rule the world,” it’s possible that hunger will lead us to love (for our neighbor). However, we’ll be better off if we listen to Kabbalah’s advice and circumvent the hunger, going straight to love.

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Drug Mafia Is Becoming The Only Source Of Credit To Banks

highNews Report (from La Rouche Pac):UNODC’s Costa Warned on Mafia Being Only Source of Cash for Banks in November” United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime director Antonio Maria Costa already warned that the world’s organized crime had become the “only sources of credit” to banks, in his personal blog on the UNODC website back in 2008.

In his entry for Nov. 19, 2008, Costa wrote:
“Today, the financial crisis is providing an extraordinary opportunity for even greater mafia penetration of cash-strapped financial houses: with the banking crisis choking lending, these cash-rich criminal groups have emerged as the only sources of credit.”

My Comment: This is how the egoistic world dies, while “getting high.”

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More Lessons From The First Day Of The International Kabbalah Congress


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The Global Crisis Is The Labor Pains Of Birthing A New World

Contradictions Bring UnderstandingOur world is now at the end of its intrauterine development. The current crisis is like labor pains – the last stages of our egoistic development. And the way out of this state is the birth.

Baal HaSulam explains that “coming out of Egypt” is a spiritual birth. The whole of humanity is now completing its development as an embryo, and the global crisis is the labor pains preceding humanity’s spiritual birth. These labor pains can last for a long time, like it often happens in our world when the labor pain suddenly lets go of the woman, comes back again, decreases and again increases.

Therefore, we cannot relax when the crisis suddenly diminishes and stabilizes for a period of time, as if things were returning to the regular routine. Everyone may be laughing at Kabbalists, saying: “Why were you trying to scare us by saying that something awful is coming and that this will last forever until we reject our egoism? Now everything is returning to normal and we are back to the celebration of life.” The fact is, we need to be patient, because a second and a third wave are on the way, like labor contractions that will result in the birth – our exit out of our egoism and entrance into the quality of bestowal.

However, we would like to reduce the duration of these pains as much as possible, so the birth will happen quickly, even immediately – in one push. This is possible; the time between the contractions can be significantly reduced, as well as the number of contractions. This is how we can accelerate the process of the birth.

A baby is born when the contractions accelerate so much that they merge into a single contraction, instead of coming one after another. They no longer come little by little, but become concentrated in one effort. So let us make our birth happen quickly, because it’s an unpleasant process and the best way to go through it is in one push – in the current crisis, rather than in recurring crises.

This is how the spiritual process works. In the spiritual birth, the contractions signify that the birth is taking place. It’s not like in our corporeal world, which is corrupted by egoism, where a woman may feel contractions even a month before the birth. In a corrected spiritual object, the contractions quickly concentrate around the embryo and push it out. The labor pains are meant to open the “doors” through which the newborn will come into the new world.
(Excerpt from the lesson on 01.29.2009, from 34:08 – 37:59)

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