The Crisis Will Wash Everyone Clean

we-cannotA question I received: One of the principles of Kabbalah for inner work is the “recognition of evil.” Should there not also be a recognition of evil in the collective? You wrote,

“There is only one single opportunity in our world for us to influence the events: by continuously creating a better and better environment (society) that will influence every person. This environment will change everyone’s priorities from corporeal (receiving and using others) to spiritual (bestowal and love).”

Very true. However, the sound principles of Kabbalah will never be institutionalized because all education, economics, media, government, etc. are controlled by the Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank and Bank of International Settlements that have taken over every segment of society with the exponential power created by the issuance of fiat currencies.

My Answer: The crisis will wash everyone clean, and then everyone will turn into “good boys and girls.” It’s because we are nothing but a desire to enjoy, and when we feel bad, we can become anything and anyone. We will do anything to feel good, without hesitating to give up all our principles. This is why it’s easy to control us, or our egoism.

You will see something happen that has never happened before: suddenly everyone will turn into “good boys and girls.” People will become altruistic in order to survive. And then everyone will start to understand the higher value of love for one’s neighbor. But people won’t just value it because it gives them comfort and safety; they will value it in and of itself. In fact, people will value it so much that even if you offer them all the riches in the world, they will take them only in order to use them for the benefit of others.

But there is another, quicker and easier path to the same result: we can reveal the Creator, the Upper World, and the connection between us by studying Kabbalah. When people see the interdependence of everything in nature and of all people, they will immediately start to act correctly – and then the crisis will disappear.

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The World’s Sorrows Are the Creator’s Invitation To Unite With Him

venture1Two questions I received about how we sense the  Creator:

Question: When I take part in feeling the world’s sorrows, don’t I accuse the Creator?

My Answer: No, not if you interpret the world’s sorrows as being the Creator’s invitation to unite with Him. If you are willing to help the world do the same, and if you understand that perfection is attained only from its absence, then you will justify the Creator, and in that case, all that remains for you to do is to help the world.

Question: Today during the lesson you said that the lower a person’s level, the more pleasure the Creator feels from the efforts that person makes. To me, this sounds like a groundless assertion. How can I verify this in order to check whether you’re right or wrong?

My Answer: First of all, this is what Kabbalists tell us, those who have already traversed this path. Secondly, even in our world we can see that parents receive the biggest pleasure from the tiniest baby, and the more the child grows, the less delight he evokes in his parents.

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Inquisition In The 21st Century?

relativeIn the News (from AFP):Afghan editor arrested for alleged blasphemy” An Afghan news editor has been arrested for publishing a newspaper article rejecting that religions, including Islam, were passed to humans through divine revelations. If found guilty under Afghanistan’s law, he could face a sentence ranging from a reprimand to the death penalty.

My Comment: All religions are the same in that they are intolerant of anyone who repudiates them. After all, religion is founded upon stories and interpretations about things that ordinary people have never seen and have to believe in. And the belief is not really in God, but in the people who tell them about Him, in the way they describe Him and the conclusions they make. This is how all the religions emerged. Therefore, if we let religion be our authority, we’ll end up with laws similar to those in Afghanistan practiced everywhere.

Religions would have liked to dictate their rules to the society for all time, and the only reason this ended was that egoism developed and the public was given a new, scientific education. As a result, today religions and their rules are there to supplement the laws of the state and the society.

This is why the religions are so afraid of Kabbalah – because Kabbalah reveals the Creator to people, leaving no room for religious speculation about a divine reward and punishment for man’s actions, which is done to intimidate the masses and extort things from them.

However, religion is still in power in some places in the world, and there we can see the true essence of religion.

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Men And Women Are Satisfied By Different Things

law5A question I received: Why do women feel depressed more than men? And is it really so, or do people just think so because women are quicker to turn to a psychologist than men? And is it true that a woman needs a man?

My Answer: Men, like children, have more opportunities in this world to “play” than a woman does. This is why women are depressed more often than men. A man feels more satisfied with the superficial aspects of a relationship, whereas a woman feels more satisfaction from feelings. This also makes men less dependent.

The Talmud says that a woman would give up 90% of her wealth for a heartfelt connection with a man, but a man would only give up 10%. In other words, a woman is 90% satisfied through feelings and a man is 90% satisfied through the body.

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Where Did We Come From?

who-are-weIn the News (from The Guardian): “Rescuing Darwinism” According to a Theos/ComRes research study, over half of Britons are skeptical about Darwinian evolution. Roughly a quarter of people were consistent and convinced Darwinians, while slightly fewer were equally consistent and convinced opponents (split between “young earth” creationism and Intelligent Design). The remaining 50% were somewhere in between, mixing different ideas and showing a distinct inclination to hedge their bets.

My Comment: Life will make us figure this out. The question, “Where did we come from?” is related to the questions, “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” These questions emerge along with the question about the meaning of our suffering, and soon enough, no one will be able to stay indifferent to this question or its answer.

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