The Israeli Elections Are Characterized By Despair

electEditorial in the News (translated from TheMarker): If you ask me, I suppose that the grayish anemia of this electoral system comes mostly from despair – national, individual, collective, personal, and general. It is a perfect, Godly despair. This despair is now our greatest, most real enemy; in fact, it is the only thing that really threatens our existence.

My Comment: Truly, despair is the most distinctive quality in the general mood of our society. In addition to all of Israel’s other “eternal” problems, we now have a long-term financial crisis, providing a backdrop for the reemergence of the old crises, such as the crisis in upbringing, education, the family unit, safety, absorption, lack of a single culture for this nation, and so on.

There is only one solution: to discover that we are a “special, chosen nation,” obligated to bring the revelation of the Creator into our world. We must master the wisdom of Kabbalah and, using it, clearly reveal the Creator to the whole world. This is the only way that we and the whole world will come out of the crisis. This is the path we must choose.

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The Crisis Will Free Us From Unnecessary Expenses

freeIn the News (from The New York Times):Data Show College Endowments Loss Is Worst Drop Since ’70s” Battered by the markets… the drop found by the reports is the biggest in the value of college and university endowments since the mid-1970s.

In the News (from The New York Times):Brandeis Says It Plans to Sell Art Collection to Raise Cash” The trustees of Brandeis University voted unanimously on Monday to close the Rose Art Museum and sell its collection to help shore up the university’s finances.

My Comment: The crisis will free the universities of excessive expenses and programs, and of unneeded specializations and specialists, leaving only what is necessary. And the same will happen in the day-to-day lives of all people.

In the News (from France24):Number of Internet users tops one billion” The global number of Internet users has surpassed one billion. The digital research firm comScore Inc. reported that China had nearly 180 million people going online in December, followed by the United States with 163 million, Japan with 60 million, Germany and Britain with nearly 37 million each and France with 34 million. India was next with 32 million Internet users followed by Russia (29 million), Brazil (28 million), South Korea (27 million), Canada (22 million) and Italy (21 million).

My Comment: Based on this, we have to create a system of global education. This is what the web was created for!

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What Countries Were In Attendance At The 2009 Congress?

logoA question I received: Where can I see a list of the countries from which the participants of the 2009 Congress came? Was there anyone there from my country, Bulgaria?

The list of congress participants (by country, listed alphabetically): Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Yugoslavia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Minor Outlying Islands, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Zaire.

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When Will People Realize That They Are The Ones To Blame For The Crisis?

In all life situations, your behavior should be determined only by the spiritual goalIn the News (from Mail Online):One family kicked out of their home every 10 minutes as repossessions rocket 92%” One family is being kicked out of their home every ten minutes [in England]. The economic crisis has got dramatically worse since September, which means even more families will now be losing their battle to keep their home. With 85 firms going bust every day, unemployment is rising, which is one of the most common triggers for losing your home.

My Comment: When will people start looking for those responsible, and find that they are the ones to blame – and then correct themselves!?

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Israel’s “Aggression”

This is a cartoon called “Israel’s Aggression” from 1956. Not much has changed…


Pictures From The 2009 International Kabbalah Congress

America Will Not Save The World From The Financial Crisis

worldIn the News (from The New York Times): Despite the pledges to encourage international trade and economic cooperation that accompanied the closing sessions of the gathering, the World Economic Forum on Sunday, there were clear signs that deep divisions between the United States and the rest of the world remained. …foreign officials warned that any move toward protectionism would have serious consequences for Washington and the rest of the world.

For all the global affection for Mr. Obama, Washington sent a relatively low-profile contingent to Davos, with Valerie Jarrett, a White House advisor, serving as the administration’s headliner here… “The irony of the situation,” said Mr. Haass, of the Council on Foreign Relations, “is that everyone is still looking to the U.S. for leadership to fix things or at least make things better.”

My Comment: America will not save the world, because it doesn’t know how. It’s just that others will run out of money before the US will.

Diagnosis: an aggravation of egoism, which has evolved into a global form of egoistic connection between people.

Course of the illness: it’s getting worse.

Treatment: since egoism is the basis of life and is the nature of our world, it’s impossible to get rid of it. We must only find the method of using it correctly, so that instead of harming others it will benefit them. Then we will restore the proper connections between all people and the crisis will disappear, since it is a consequence of the wrong connections between us.

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NASA Warns Of Catastrophic Sun Storm

israelIn the News (from Nine News): “’Catastrophic’ sun storm possible, NASA warns” A once-in-a-century solar storm would threaten catastrophic destruction if a worst-case scenario event transpired, a new NASA report has found… Governments would be powerless to curb the loss of crucial infrastructure, potentially crippling our way of life … scientists warn the consequences would be far more serious because modern technologies have made our infrastructure more inter-reliant.

My Comment: Because we disturb Nature’s balance, we should expect all kinds of negative influences from It – consequences of the imbalanced state. Our lives and well-being on the planet depend on us bringing Nature into balance. Kabbalah explains how to do this: by changing man’s consciousness from egoistic to altruistic. Kabbalah gives us the means to make the transition to the new state quickly and easily.

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