Will It Help Moving From A City To A Suburb?

cityIn the News (from The New York Times): A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that most city dwellers would rather live in a suburb, small town or rural area.

My Comment: Egoism searches for a place where there is less suffering. However, people won’t be able to “hide their head in the sand.” They will have to become corrected to become like nature. And the Creator cautions that He will “get” us anywhere. In other words, Nature is leading all of Its parts to the state of complete balance with It).

You are still thinking of the world the way it was decades ago. But even though there are places that externally look like nothing has changed, in fact, all the connections have been renewed: they have become global (absolutely interdependent). And today you will discover this in any suburb or village.

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We Are Approaching The State Of Full Revelation

noA question I received: I just came across Pulsa d’Nura which is supposedly a Kabbalistic practice to curse someone and apparently they have used it in Israel to curse Ariel Sharon and others, and it worked every time. This is horrible! Is this true? Can someone use Kabbalah to hurt another person?

My Answer: Usually this happens the way it happened to Rasputin: He cut the chandelier in the lounge and warned that something horrible would if a prince were to enter. Then when the chandelier actually fell, everyone said he was a prophet. So it’s the same here: the moment something happens, hundreds of charlatans appear and shout, “We told you so!” So calm down – there are no miracles in this world!

The world is what we perceive. We call that which is revealed to us “this world” or “our world,” and that which isn’t yet revealed to us, “the concealed world.” And we constantly reveal the world to a greater extent. Therefore, “the hidden” and “the revealed” are constantly changing, since the boundaries of “the revealed” expand.

We are now approaching the stage of the full revelation of the world, where nothing will remain concealed. The Creator (all of Nature) will become revealed to us because we will become equivalent to the Creator’s nature by changing our common egoism to the quality of bestowal. Then, we will all reveal Him, as it is written, “Everyone will know Me, from the greatest to the smallest.”

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Will The Medicine Of The Future Be Able To Make Everyone Happy?

me1In the News (from Times Online):Dawn of the superhumans?
Tipu Aziz is the Oxford neurosurgeon best known for his work with movement disorders… He implants an electrode in a specific part of the brain. When this area is electrically stimulated, the patient’s tremor stops instantly. Many thousands of people now have these implants for controlling Parkinson’s and they are now also being used to control pain and, significantly, depression and other mood disorders.

My Comment: Everyone’s holding hands as they blissfully wander through sunny green pastures, happy and smiling… and fiddling with their electric simulators from time to time. What a touching scene!

However, Nature will never let this happen, because Its plan is for people to develop their feelings and minds so as to attain the Creator’s level.

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