Thinking Ahead About The Next G20 Meeting

high1In the News (from Canadian Business Online): German Chancellor Angela Merkel is calling for a new international charter as a way to get out of the global financial crisis. “We want to make sure that in the future there are no gaps in the world regarding financial products, market participants or instruments,” Merkel said. Among the solutions Merkel is pushing is the idea of a global “risk atlas” that would give an overview of where risks might occur, in an effort to swiftly intervene and prevent them from escalating.

My Comment: The crisis can make us unite, or it can make us become isolated from one another. It’s very dangerous for the latter to take place, since this will be opposite to the tendency of our development as humanity!

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Focus On The Upper World, Not On How Much Money You Make

moneyA question I received: I came across an interesting article, “It’s Every Man for Himself,” depicting the scene on Wall Street this year. Is it correct to assume that the heart of Wall Street, the heart of American politics, the heart of American business – with this “every man for himself” attitude – is what you describe as the complete growth of egoism to the critical point? I work on Wall Street, but in a technical capacity. Should I try to change careers, so that I am not subject to this punishment? To be honest, the idea of working as a laborer / road builder / carpenter seems to be more aligned with the principles of Kabbalah than a career on Wall Street.

My Answer: You’re right: Kabbalists always preferred simpler trades because working there lets your mind be free to think about the Upper World, instead of about how much you’re earning. However, if your specialty is technical, it shouldn’t interfere with your spiritual path. In this case it doesn’t matter where you work, as long as you work in a legal organization. My advice for you is to keep your job.

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Don’t Be Surprised By People’s New Attitudes Of “We” Instead Of “I”

musicHere is a letter I received from my student, Tasha:

I forwarded my article from your blog to my coworkers. Afterward, one of them came to me and asked, “Do you really think it’s possible for people to work without money, just out of the goodness of their hearts?”

I answered, “It will be when we won’t have any other choice: when we’ll have to change our ways or starve to death.” He replied, “And when will that happen?”

It’s really interesting how everything’s changing. A mere six months ago, if you started telling people about the idea of integrating different processes into one, everyone would hear you out politely and then start arguing about who’ll be “calling the shots.” But today – take a look at what’s happening! Everyone’s starting to be friendly and rushing to be the first to be integrated and cooperative. God forbid you get a reputation of being non-compliant or uncooperative – you’ll be the first candidate for dismissal.

You’d think that people would be clinging to what’s theirs with everything they’ve got, without any regard for others, but what’s happening is just the opposite: everyone has discovered that no one will survive without mutual help and support.

So the system seems to be regulating itself, after all?

My Answer: What’s happening is that the desire (feeling) and the thought (information) are flowing inside the system that’s now global, going from those who are aware of the process to everyone else.

Thus, without even realizing it, people are beginning to think in new ways: We instead of I.

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