Even Biofuels Are Out Of Balance With Nature

bio1In the News (from The Guardian):Biofuels more harmful to humans than petrol and diesel, warn scientists” The study shows that corn-based bioethanol, which is produced extensively in the US, has a higher combined environmental and health burden than conventional fuels… With biofuels, the problems are caused by particles given off during their growth and manufacture… Before we dedicate major resources to new biofuels, we should be trying to quantify other likely impacts to society – water quality, biodiversity and so on – and put all of those into our analysis.

My Comment: There is only one way to avoid harm, which is to aspire toward similarity with Nature. The knowledge we will gain when we aspire toward bestowal and love will enable us to change correctly. We will understand how to change our social relations, how to build our trade and financial systems, which industries to develop, and so on.

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Why Religion Is Against Kabbalah

textsIn the News (translated from Elementy): Research done on followers of the six major religions shows that people who regularly attend services are more prone to religious fanaticism and hatred for followers of other faiths, and are more likely to justify suicide bombers.

Collective worship is a powerful way to strengthen people’s devotion to “their own kind” and hatred for “outsiders.” The phenomenon of suicide bombers is an extreme form of parochial altruism: people sacrifice themselves for the sake of “benefiting their own kind” (altruism), and their attempts to annihilate the outsiders (parochialism) are seen as “good deeds.”

My Comment: Religion is opposite to Kabbalah in every way (there is a verse that says, “The opinion of the Torah is opposite to the opinion of the egoists.”) Kabbalah directs everyone to attain love for all people. It explains that everyone is “of the same kind” – we are all cells of one body.

Religion, on the other hand, generates hatred for “outsiders,” even to the point of self-sacrifice, which is done for the sake of killing those who are not “of your kind.” This is why religion will disappear when people will reveal the quality of “love for one’s neighbor.” Religions will then be reduced to folk culture or popular tradition.

In other words, religion will let go of all the aspects that regard the Creator, the Upper World, the after-life, and reward and punishment. This will happen because the revelation of the Creator will expose religion’s emptiness and lies about these questions.

This explains religion’s strong hatred of Kabbalah. However, Kabbalah tells people that they can keep their religion as their tradition, and in addition, supplement it with the revelation of the Creator. Still, the religious leaders will then lose their main bargain chip, “reward in the afterlife,” and will become leaders of folk culture and popular tradition.

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The Vatican Accepts Darwin’s Theory, But Kabbalah Does Not

there-are-no-creatures-on-other-planets1In the News: (from Times Online): The Vatican has admitted that Charles Darwin was on the right track when he claimed that Man descended from apes. A leading official declared yesterday that Darwin’s theory of evolution was compatible with Christian faith, and could even be traced to St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas. “In fact, what we mean by evolution is the world as created by God,” said Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

My Comment: No one originated from anything other than from their own Reshimot – informational genes. The Reshimot unravel like a chain, from small to big, giving rise to everything that exists.

However, since we do not see the chain of Reshimot, we see a picture where the species originate “one from another,” whereas in reality they originate “one after another.” Kabbalists have already explained this thousands of years ago – see Part 3 of Talmud Eser Sefirot.

The world was created by the Creator, and every creature was created by the Creator or Nature as well. The only matter of creation is the desire, which develops and expresses itself by creating an outward appearance (a bodily shell) according to its qualities. However, we do not perceive the forces of the desire and only see the external shells. This is why we think that they come from one another.

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Obama’s New Stimulus Plan Is A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen

profit1In the News (from Newser):Obama tells Congress economic crisis will become catastrophe if rescue bill isn’t passed” Warning that a failure to act “could turn a crisis into a catastrophe…,” Mr. Obama said in an eight-minute speech before taking reporters’ questions, “I can’t tell you for sure that everything in this [stimulus] plan will work exactly as we hope, but I can tell you with complete confidence that a failure to act will only deepen this crisis.”

My Comment: These actions won’t produce any results other than waste the last resources. The catastrophe is inevitable.

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Great Britain Is Raising A Generation Of Bums

bums1In the News (from The Telegraph):Britain has produced unteachable ‘uber-chavs‘” Britain has produced a generation of “uber-chavs” who are unteachable and unemployable, a senior teaching official has claimed. Ralph Surman, a national executive member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, said a significant number of young people … are now doing nothing with their lives, have no work ethic, few social skills and cause higher crime rates… They are not doing anything productive and are costing taxpayers a fortune. “It is very difficult, almost impossible, to take these people now and provide basic social and work ethic skills… Unemployment rates among 20-year-olds alone have rocketed by almost 50 per cent since 2003… The rise is vivid evidence of the deep problems in our education and training system.”

My Comment: These young people have big desires, but not for anything that the consumer society, created by the past generation, can offer to them. They don’t want to live just to work. They have greater needs, and when they don’t see a way to fulfill them, they prefer to do nothing.

The only thing that can cause them to become active is an explanation of how they can fulfill their specific desires. Therefore, when Kabbalah will be revealed to them, they will acquire a meaning in life.

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