We Must Recognize The Reality Of Our Complete Interconnectedness

laitman_2009-02-03_3Two questions I received on how to overcome the financial crisis:

Question: Can you suggest the most economical way to overcome the current financial crisis?

My Answer: We have to start following nature’s law of correct distribution, where every person will realize himself to the maximum and divide everything he earns into what he needs and consumes, and all the rest. He will contribute the latter to the society, to be distributed to everyone according to their need. We can learn all about this from the human body, because this is how all of its parts are interconnected.

Let each person earn for everyone’s sake according to his ability. Let every person make millions – society will only benefit from it! If we begin to create these kinds of contracts and agreements, if people will use their talents in business and management to attain the maximum benefit for the society, then they will be compensated by the social and spiritual reward – the sensation of the Creator. And then any business we open is guaranteed to succeed!

Question: What can help the affected countries come out of the financial crisis?

My Answer: The only thing that can help everyone is to recognize the reality we have now (unwillingly) found ourselves in – a reality of complete interconnectedness and interdependence.

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Israel Now India’s Top Arms Supplier

the-present-crisis-is-a-crisis-of-peoples-trust-in-the-egoistic-system-of-relationshipsIn the News (from The Jerusalem Post): Israel has overtaken Russia as the main defense supplier to India after breaking the $1 billion mark in new contracts signed annually over the past two years. According to news reports, Russia had averaged sales of $875 million annually to India for the past 40 years.

My Comment: A few days ago Russia was bragging about its record-breaking arms sales in 2008. Now Israel is joining the chorus of those with the record for being barbaric. I’m definitely not proud. Actually, I’m very ashamed!

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The Evolution Of Ecosystems Submits To The “Law Of The Weakest,” And So Should We

munichIn the News (from LMU):The Law of the Weakest” LMU (University of Munich) researchers have now simulated the progression of a cyclic competition of three species. “In this kind of cyclical concurrence, the weakest species proves the winner almost without exception,” reports Professor Erwin Frey, who headed the study. This “law of the weakest” even held true when the difference between the competing species was slight. “Incidentally, in experiments that were conducted a couple of years ago on bacterial colonies, there was one clear result: The weakest of the three species emerged victorious from the competition,” said Prof. Frey.

My Comment: With these examples, nature shows us that the real power lies in the entire system, and the system’s priority is the survival of the weakest. The main objective in the struggle for survival that takes place in all of creation is to take care of every part of creation. So until we begin to care for everyone, equally and in inverse proportion to one’s ability to survive, we will remain “losers” in our development. By thinking and acting as if we’re above nature, we end up being stupid.

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Kabbalah For Kids

Dr. Michael LaitmanA baby starts learning about the world the moment it’s born. One’s purpose for coming into this world is to attain the Upper World, to live in both worlds – physical and spiritual. One then gains control over himself and his life, and sees everything from an infinite perspective. Children can use games, songs, and lessons to reveal the Creator and the vast Upper World.

This is what our children did at the 2009 International Kabbalah Congress

How To Become A Kabbalah Teacher

timeThree questions I received about how to start studying Kabbalah:

Question: I recently discovered Kabbalah and I’m developing a big interest in it. I was wondering, how is it possible for me to learn as much as possible, and what should I do to eventually be able to teach Kabbalah? Are there any schools where I can apply to? Do you take on apprentices? Or do I have to try and find everything myself? And also, if there are things I don’t really understand, how can I get help to understand them?

My Answer: We have the Learning Center Online courses for beginners. If you successfully complete them, then you can advance further and even become a teacher – we have a real need for more teachers!

Question: I started studying Kabbalah three weeks ago and I have a question. When you say, “There is nothing in existence besides what is described by Kabbalah,” doesn’t that close off one’s infinite possibilities?

My Answer (and a question for you): But doesn’t Kabbalah talk about the entire creation, including the roots and nature of creation, from which all things follow?

Question: Lately I’ve been listening to your lessons and studying The Science of Kabbalah. The unfilled desires are the qualities or seeds (roots) of Kelim, aren’t they? Is the desire to fill these unfilled desires with the Light (bestowal) a conclusion of the Kelim’s creation? If yes, do I correct myself in equivalence of qualities through my desire?

My Answer: You are assessing and evaluating your state correctly. Keep going – that’s how you will create your Kelim!

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Ritalin Is More Dangerous Than Cocaine

s_racheliIn the News (from National Institute of Drug Abuse):Similarities and Differences [of Ritalin] Compared to Cocaine were Found” Investigators funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse have shown that the medication Ritalin),which is commonly prescribed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), can cause physical changes in neurons – in some cases, these effects overlapped with those of cocaine.

My Comment: Everything in nature is a desire to be fulfilled. In humans, this desire undergoes constant development and determines all our progress.

Our children have new, global desires, which we suppress because we don’t know what to do with them or how to develop them correctly. As a result, we are ending up with a generation that has been mutilated by us, whose lives are full of suffering, and who are very inclined to drug use.

The solution is to institute a global, Kabbalistic education from the earliest childhood. This education is specifically intended for the new global demands that our children have. We at Bnei Baruch have been working with our children this way for several years now, and we see the wonderful results of this kind of education. Starting next year, we will be opening our own school for four hundred children.

My younger daughter (shown with me on the photo above) was brought up with a Kabbalistic education, and she went on to receive a PhD in Philosophy and Kabbalah. My eldest daughter holds a PhD in Biology and Genetics. My son is a publisher.

Educating kids about the laws of nature, giving them a Kabbalistic education that reveals these laws to them, helps them to grow up to become people who are in harmony with nature.

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